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audacity - vinyl scratch

Man, vinyl makes this SO much cooler than the original icon, which is one of the lamest program icons.
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Nevermind. I got it fix. Yay!
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fucking audacity refuses to use the icon! I replaced the old icon with this one and now it's just showing a stupid sketch paper with a pencil, ruler, and brush. That's worse than the old one! >:( ugh, any idea how to fix it?
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other than it looking like the line from the headphones is running over the horn a bit, this is perf :D
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Think you could do something like this to the google music icon?
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I'm so making this my Audacity icon :P
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stare into the eyes of fire!
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so replacing my audacity icon
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when i open up the properties for audacity, there is no Shortcut tab, only General, Compatibility, Security, Details, ASUS Web Storage, and Previous Version. none of these gives me the option to change my icon, so what im asking is, HOW DO?!?!?!
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In the general tab, there should be a Change Icon button near the bottom.
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this is easily my favorite of your Icons, Vinyl just fits so well!
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Well I guess I'm getting Audacity again...
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Confound These ponies, They drive me to download icons for programs I don't have.
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Heh, good thing I have to use Audacity daily. :D
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*Gets Audacity*
*Completley forgets about icon*
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Yeah, someone in my class wandered over.
"Why do you have a pony as your background?" I.E. Vinyl.
"Because, ponies."
"Why do you have a pony as your audacity icon?"
"Because she's awesome!"
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"Because she's awesome!"

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Well, it's true. Can't deny it!
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I saw this, my jaw dropped, i fainted, i regained consciousness, i redownloaded Audacity, i got this and set it as an icon.

I love you
I love you so much
Audacity is back in my dock now.
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