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Mane Six Cocktails - ponytails?

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Published: November 15, 2011
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I love making drinks and watching ponies. Therefore, pony drinks!

Each mane pony has a drink invented to match her personality and coloration.

They are all delicious, except the rainbow dash drink which is more of an um.... novelty.
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Taste the Rainboom it is!!!

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Also if possible I would appreciate if you could make some non alcoholic drinks since I happen to be alergic to alcohol, preferably the Lyra one since I ove the taste of mint
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The Lyra:
1 Creme de Menthe
2 Bailey's Irish Cream
Serve this pastel green cocktail in a martini glass with a mint leaf and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream instead of an ice cube.
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Related, the Colgate:
2 Blue curacao
1 Creme de menthe
4 Bailey's.
Make sure to brush your teeth afterwards.
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Thanks man, is either of them non-alchoholic by any chance?
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DarkestSunsetHobbyist General Artist
Great. Alcohol.
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Hahahahah! Five hour energy. Man I loved those things during my freshman year.
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Strictly speaking, there's an error in the Applejack recipe - applejack is made by "jacking" cider. By which it is meant to cool the cider to sub-zero temperatures and start fishing out the ice, which consists mostly of the nonalcoholic parts. Not a technique that can be described as "distilling", which separates substances based on different boiling points.

Still looks mighty tasty, though. :D

Also, take this opportunity in this very community... ;)
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The Flutterdrink is basically a Dark and Stormy, which sounds great.
As for the Twilight, I've never had absinthe in the context of a mixed drink. Just straight. Good stuff, though.
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chipples19Hobbyist General Artist
Try ALL the drinks!
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PonyLyraHobbyist Digital Artist
must try!
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IcyPheonixStudent General Artist
What is a 'simple stirrup'? You keep mentioning it in the drinks, but I've no idea what you're talking about.
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Simple syrup - regular sugar dissolved in near-boiling water
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And then allowed to cool until it's like clear maple syrup (or you can buy it)
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elphieofkiamokoHobbyist General Artist
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I run a synchtube group that plays drinking games to MLP episodes and I am totally using these sometime!
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SylvanioHobbyist General Artist
One question - what is "simple stirrup"? Link,please,if you can,because translating that gave me nothing,and google didn't help - it points me to "simple syrup" instead. Thanks in advance.
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SylvanioHobbyist General Artist
Looks very interesting. Will have to wait for my scholarship,but definitely will try them.
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GeneralRexStudent Digital Artist
Wow I'll have to have my friend mix these up for me 1 day, thanks =)
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RandomFoxFanStudent Artist
cool i may try one some day :D
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These sound really tasty.
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Damn - now I need only to convince my local pub to sell these... or, the legal ones at any rate.
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