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A group dedicated to Spike and all possible pairings that are/will be/can be associated with him.
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Mother's Day


April Fools!

..wait, we're late?

Er, ehm, H-Happy Mother's day! I hope we can at least make that!

We here at SpikeShipping HQ want to keep things classy and remind you that even though there is a dignified date on the calender in which you should love your mother, you should really show how much you appreciate her all of the time.

There really is nothing to report for this group blog and to be honest we're just trying to be witty, so you can expect even more monthly updates, albeit a few hits and misses!


Image: Mother's Day
Artist: The Surprisingly Suave Nyarmarr
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I. Our Mission:

We are aiming to be, if not already are, the central hub of all deviations, projects, and works relating to Spike the Dragon and any number of relationships he may eventually be a part of, be they possible or non.

II. Membership:

Can I Join The Group?

Of course you can. Membership is without conditions or responsibilities. If you wish to apply for a position as a Contributor however, certain responsibilities will be given, and will be expected to be fulfilled. We recommend this position to those who either have time to offer, or enjoy the group's purpose and mission to the extent of wanting to be a part of it more in-depth.

III. Can I Submit Any Deviation To The Group?

As stated before, we strive to present any and all material relating to Spike the Dragon in a relationship to the members and watchers of this group. While we have no 'official' censor, we do suggest sending deviations to their appropriate folders. Any deviations deemed.

What About Mature Deviations?

Respectfully referring to Deviant Art's own rules on what constitutes as 'Mature' or not, any deviation that "may not be suitable for some audiences, such as nudity, excessive violence, blood, and other mature themes" MUST be sent to the 'Mature Content' folder. Do not attempt to submit these deviations to other folders.

IV. I Don't Really Draw Shipping, Or Spike. Can I Still Submit My Picture Somewhere?

While we focus on making ourselves the number-one source of finding Spike Shipping(g) material on deviant art, we do take into consideration the needs of many artists to get word of their deviations and appropriate skills out into the world or, first and foremost, to the eyes and minds of other deviants. If you are such an artist, we recommend sending your deviations to the 'Honorable Mentions' folder found below. If it's good enough, we'll feature it there!

The 'Honorable Mentions' folder will NOT be accepting deviations that do not meet a certain standard of quality.


Navigation And Folder Advice

➤ Featured
Reserved for only the best of what SpikeShipping has encountered. Only the Founder can send a deviation here directly. Contributors can submit a deviation for review. Members can contact the Founder to direct him towards a deviation they believe deserves to be featured.

➤ Sorting Folder
The most deviant-friendly folder there is, this folder serves only as a hub for all members to send deviations they are otherwise too busy to sort into appropriate folders themselves. Otherwise unremarkable, you may find some deviations here we have yet to sort.

➤ Sparity, Spilight, Spike - Applejack, Spike - Applebloom, etc...
Generalized folders; these folders serve as the main holdings of major pairings that you will find an abundance for. If you have a pairing you may constitute as a major one, feel free to search our list. You may find yourself in for a surprise. If not however, do not worry. Given enough deviations and projects, your favorite pairing may grow a following large enough to warrant its own folder someday.

➤ Vector Art
The Vector Art folders hold any image or gif using scenes from the official show, as well as user-made vectors that share similarities with those of the show. Vectors of exemplary quality may be found in the Pics folders of their respective shippings.

➤ Spike - OC/Spike - Other
These folders are not to be confused. Spike - OC refers to Spike the Dragon being paired with an original character (one who was made up, a.k.a. not in the show) whereas Spike - Other refers to Spike the Dragon being paired with a secondary or background character from the show (a.k.a. someone who IS in the show)

➤ Spike - Harem/Spike - Ambiguous
Although confusion has ever been a case when defining the difference in these two folders, it would be of no harm for a friendly tip or explanation. Spike - Harem refers to Spike being in multiple relationships at the same time or in a situation where it can be assumed, whereas Spike - Ambiguous refers to Spike being seen with two or more characters in which it can be inferred that he is or could be in a relationship with at least one of them.

➤ Children
Simply put, this folder is reserved for images showing the offspring of Spike and his significant other, biological or otherwise.

➤ Mature Content
The group's official 18+ folder, this file contains some of the more raunchy of deviations including Spike and his significant other. As the maturity factor oversteps every other factor in any deviation or assigned pairing, all deviations that meet the 'Mature' rating, regardless of content and pairing, will be sent here.

➤ Slash
This folder contains deviations where Spike could be or is in a relationship with another male. As with the 'Other' folder, if one certain pairing receives enough deviations, a dedicated folder will be made for that one pairing.

➤ Honorable Mentions (June 21, 2014)
A folder more 'out of touch' with the groups mission and purpose, the 'Honorable Mentions' folder is reserved only for deviations that meet a certain standard of quality and do not necessarily have to include Spike or any of his many possible relationships. Truly an lion amongst sheep, this folder serves to display deviations that can only be considered worthy of praise and attention.


That concludes our Introduction and Directory services. Without further delay, "Welcome to SpikeShipping"

- Founder 'n Friends~







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Nightmare-Hare Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2020
I wish steven magnet x rarity was a thing, i also wish garbledash was more popular, i also love fluttercord, applespike and cheesepie, pinkieford,and twipan/scorlight, what about you?
Spike and Rarity sittin' in a tree.  K-I-S-S-I-N-G!Sparity Kiss icon Sparity Deep First Kiss Rarity Licks Spikey Sparity Kiss + Rub Sparity Fishing Kiss 
hvgtd Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018
I know this will probably sound weird, but why is there no fan art of Spike and Daring Do as a couple, I haven't even seen fanfoals of the pairing. Heck, the only fanfic that focuses on them as a couple is this story that I started writing a few months ago…

And yes, it is a clop story, but the clop only shows up in two chapters at the moment. Although, there is also quite a bit of suggestive material in it. If that's not your sort of thing, fine, but at the very least you should know there is one fan work that actually makes a go at setting the two up as a couple.

But seriously, I have found zero fanworks by other creators even pretending to explore this pairing, I'm a little disappointed in the fanbase over that.
megabottons Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018
Spike The Young Dragon BTW - Capitulo 1 Parte 1 by megabottons

check this Fic... please.. .ñ.ñ.
megabottons Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018
Generacion 5 - Fluttershy x Spike x Applejack by megabottons
check this picture!!! ñ.ñ
DylanCArt Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Student General Artist
Do you People think That Spike and rarity will be to together in The show ?
zzwolf Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018
No I think he either end ups with one of the CMC or Applejack.
DylanCArt Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Student General Artist
Ok I find that to be sad.
zzwolf Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2018
Why? So far we've saw Rarity chase after Blueblood, then Fancy Pants, then Trenderhoof and maybe later in season eight Capper, while she kept Spike in the friend zone and after all the things he had done for her.
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