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Spidey Concept
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Published: May 18, 2012
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Little concept made for my digital art class. I've always wondered how Peter Parker would actually dress up as Spiderman, presuming he's just a teenager and not a costume designer with impressive sewing skills. I personally think he would come up with nothing better than a ski suit, protective pads, martial arts gears, a hoodie, a ski mask and some kind of goggles...

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AmirDrawsStuff|Hobbyist Filmographer
Looks like the one in the MCU but 10 times better
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I quite like this
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jaycostner|Professional General Artist
Crazy good
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ATOMONEY|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sick!! Actually isn't this the design that people thought was real because it was so good? Awesome!!😉
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I like this design. It'd be a nice elseworlds style Spider-Man costume.
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ChaV99|Student Digital Artist
It looks like the one in a photo of captain america civil war. Does it have something to do about it?
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This is totally practical and more viable for Peter rather than in the movie. Good work man !
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whoviananddrawing|Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know this picture's gone viral, right?
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the real amazing spiderman
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ID-Comic|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Esto es.... simplemente sorprendente... el traje de Spidy más coherente (que se adapta a la realidad) que han dibujado... buen trabajo.
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lynzinitus|Hobbyist General Artist
That's neat!
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reneastorga15|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing job, now that really looks like a homemade costum a 15 year old would make, if Spider-Man is introduced in Civil War wearing something like that, it'll be EPIC!!!
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BlueRobin2304's avatar
BlueRobin2304|Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there!! I really really loved your concept and wanted to cosplay it for comic con 2016. But I need your help with some things:
1. The feet are unusable unless you are a wall crawler, so what do you reccomend for them? Sneakers or something, please help
2. The back can't really be seen, so would it be cool to put a small backpack or something?
3. What exactly is the mask made of? I couldn't understand it exacly, but it looks really good so I want to recreate it.
Again, the design is awesome and I loved some details you payed attention to. Please help, and say if you would like any recognition on the outfit that leads back to you.
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ThePumpkinKing14|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How do you feel that this has been going around the Internet being cited as close to the look for the new film
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More realistic...NICE!
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JosephBlakeParker|Professional Writer
Finally! A Spidey costume that makes sense! I miss the blue, but the black works surprisingly well.

I would read this comic, haha.
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Denahi04|Student General Artist
Awesome design!
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just want to say you did an awesome job with this design it answers that one question people have about how spider man sticks to walls, the fingerless gloves and the toeless shoes is a cool and new twist to the traditional spider man concept. For me this concept works, good job and the rendering and colors are great.  
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DwaynePinkney's avatar
DwaynePinkney|Professional Traditional Artist
I'm going to be honest. It's well rendered but I think the design itself is terrible. 

1. It is not instantly recognizable as Spider-Man. Could easily be mistaken for Deadpool.
2. Despite attempting to be simple, it's unnecessarily detailed and overly complicated visually.
3. The colors are too muted.
4. The design itself doesn't make sense. Wearing knee pads but shins and feet are unprotected. Mask and goggles are pointless since without gloves he will leave fingerprints.
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AARONASAURUS|Student Digital Artist
i respectfully disagree with you pinkney. i think its a great thought out design. 
my little rebuttal is this
1. deadpool and spider man have always looked similar. but the obvious spider logo on his chest does create the only difference you need to differentiate the two.
2. i think it is a fresh new approach to the spiderman design. he is definitely drawn in a comic book style so yes, it's detailed and busy; i love detail and i think as far as his clothing goes. it's not too intense. he gives off this jumpsuit-esque feel. which is fun because its far more practical then a some leggings lol.
3. the colors arent as bright as the original spiderman's costumes no but again im glad to see a different style and dimension to spiderman. this one is truly personal opinion....well i guess all of this is but you understand. 
4. The design for his gear is unique and actually he has done some things ive wondered about all my spiderman loving life.....how the hell does spiderman cling to walls with gloves and socks on... :l . the knee guards and elbow guards are about all a college student might have the ability to get access to. its helpful because im sure spiderman would need them because of all the falling and rough swinging he does. i could agree with maybe some shin guards for the poor guy. but as far as hands and feet...i like the idea (like i said) of him being barefoot and gloveless for more realistic crawling. and yes at the end of the day finger prints would be left around....but let's be honest...if this was more realistic...the police could find the fabric of his suit and his blood that he leaves around after a fight with his enemies. and they probably have a thousand other ways to find out all our favorite super heroes identities, but that is beside the point. 

none of this is a personal jab or ill-intended. but i do think you should give him more credit. there will be designs we dont like as much as others. that is just the way things are. so i guess long story short....i like it :3
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DwaynePinkney's avatar
DwaynePinkney|Professional Traditional Artist
No problem...we agree to disagree. I think his art is well rendered from a technical standpoint. 
I simply don't care for the design. I'm not of fan of all these dulled-down "realistic" super hero designs. That does not, however, reflect on the quality of his work.

There have been very few costume redesigns over the years I have liked. In fact, I chalk many of them up to artistic vanity. I view many of the classic designs as masterpieces that can't really be improved on.  It's like trying to improve the Mona Lisa, you know what I mean?
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Pirangunter21|Hobbyist Interface Designer
This is suppose to be official spidey custome on marvel universe
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SpikeSDM|Professional Digital Artist
It's just a rumor from the internet, so far...
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spiritfoxarts|Hobbyist Artist
Nice one. I'm impressed. :) (Smile) Clap
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