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I came up with an idea to switch out Hero Returns and Coolo Eclipso every month on my web page but that plan did not work out, so instead I've decided that I'm going to upload the episodes on deviant art, but not on this account, it's on this account:

I know they're not all uploaded yet, but this is where they will be from now on.
This is my repost of the fake friends bulletin.


No offense, but ... There are some people who are getting too fake on dA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Re-post this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "Fake Friends"

I hate them myself.

CrystalDragon123 I know what you mean.


this isn't from me, but I do agree with the statement above, I have my own things to say about this subject:

people that are on deviant art/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube/ whatever else there is, and you're online 24/7 trying to get more subscribers or comments to make you feel superior to everyone stop it, there's no point, if you want to be friends with people that's fine, but when you turn it into just wanting attention and praise then it's not fine.
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*deep breath* ok here we go

1.What does your deviantart name mean and why?
Spiker+Man= good volley ball player, 87 is 1987, my date of birth

2.What fandom were you obsessed with when you joined and what are you into now?
Zelda...and anything that is fun within good reason

3. How many watchers do you have now?
I dunno...I think I have 1,004 and a half, but they just watch, they're not called watchers.

4.Name 3 of your favorite artists on DA.
None...sorry I don't play favorites.

5.Do you comment, fav, or both?
eh...I don't really fav or comment much because...I'm not obsessive, I just do what I want

6.Do you participate in clubs' contests here on DA?
Nope, I never win.

7.What is your most popular submission?
Bleach Flash

8.What are your favorite non-anime TV shows?

9.What are the things you wish you could draw better?
The human body

10. Summer or winter?
Winter! Cold! No bugs or allergies! and if I'm cold I have sweaters and heaters.

11. Rain or Sun?

12.What's your favorite type of music?
Video game, rock, and most music you can't understand the lyrics

13.PC or Mac?
PC...I can use a mac but I prefer PC

14.Anime or Manga?
Depends because some Anime is better than the Manga, but most times the Manga's better.

15. Coke or Pepsi?
Can't drink either, I'm a sprite man

16. Read or TV?
I hate TV, Reading's underrated.

17.How many hours a day do you spend on DA?
I usually leave a window open and not realize...does that count?

18. Name a hidden talent.
Well if I did all the ladies would gasp

19.Flash or traditional cartoons?
Dude really? I've used Flash since I was 12

20.What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

21.What are your top 3 favorite books?(not mangas)
  Silver Chalice
  Great Expectations

22.Wii or PlayStation?

23. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers.

Rob zombie
Michael Jackson

24. Are you a fast, slow, or medium typist?
Faster than you.

25.Do you like Denny's?

26.What is your favorite smiley?

27.What is your favorite type of pie?
I don't like pie

28.Have you ever stayed up for 24 hours?
Yes...and I made people hate me >=D

29.Do you go on YouTube a lot

30.Are you a member on any other sites besides DA?
Youtube and Newgrounds.

31.Do you cosplay?
Pfff of course not.

32.Fruits or sweets?

33.Buttered, plain, or salted popcorn?

34. Have you skipped school?
Yes, for good and bad reasons

35.Have you been on a plane?

36. Have you swam in an ocean?
Yes, the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico

37.Have you been ice skating?
Yes, for 2 seconds.

38.Favorite vacation spot?
My house

39.Ever been on TV?
Yeah but you've never seen me

40.Favorite salad and dressing?

41.What do you do to relax?
Lay on my bed and sleep

42.What is the last film you saw in the theater?
Sherlock Holmes

43.Favorite Sandwich?

44.If you could go anywhere in the world...
Japan, christmas island, paris, Italy, Normandy and Iceland

45.Favorite time of the day?

46.What did you want to be when you were little?
My mom says I wanted to be a fire-breathing kitty with a spiked tail and could shoot lazers out of my eyes. Oh yeah, and I could fly.

47.What do you want to be now?
Computer Animator...or some kind of artist

48.If you could eat with one person, who would it be?
I dunno...Moses?

49.What character would you hate to be stuck in a room with?
Barney the Dinosaur...he wouldn't last long.

50.When is your birthday?
the important people say I shouldn't share that information.

51.Favorite type of ice cream?

52.Last book you read?
The's bad, only read the first page

53.Which store would you max out a credit card at?
Hot Topic

54.Do you buy / sell / both on eBay?
Nope, unless it's really rare

55.What is the most annoying thing people ask you?
Where are you from...cause I don't know.

56.Favorite all time movie?
Die Hard

57.What was your favorite show when you were a kid?

58.What are you listening to right now?
Don't Fear the Reaper

59.What is the last thing you ate?

60.If you were a crayon what color would you be?

61.What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

62.Favorite sport to play?
Volleyball or Soccer

63.Favorite Day of the Year?
February 29th

64.Hugs or Kisses?
Well sure...if I could ever get any.

65.Vanilla or Chocolate?

66.Favorite Board Game?

67.Favorite smells?

68.What inspires you?
Gurren Laggan

69.Do you have any piercings?

70.How many siblings do you have?
1 brother

71.Bacon Bits or croutons?
Bacon bits.

72.Favorite Day of the Week?

73.Favorite phrase?
I gotta re-read that manual

74.Favorite Restaurant?
A Clean non smoking restraunt

75.Favorite animal?
Foxes and Wolves

76.Favorite thing to do outside.
Smell the fresh air- ACK! pollen!

77.Favorite thing to do when it's raining?
sing "I'm singing in the Rain."

78.Favorite Disney character?
Merlin from Sword in the Stone

79.Do you like coffee? If so, what is your favorite brand?
It made me sick once, and I never drank again
If you have an idea of what you'd like to see me do on here or if I should draw old characters from my show I'll take them
I'm going to give some advice, take it however you choose.

I'm going into another semester of college, and I found out some important information...information so important that it will bring most of you to tears.

I'm an art student, and guess what? I'm not allowed to draw, create, paint, or build anything that has to do with Nintendo, Comic book characters, anything having to do with video games or movies.

So what does that leave me? Well I'll tell you something, none of that phases me very much...why? Because now drawing anything mentioned above is not challenging for me anymore, that MegaMan Zero picture? I made that in about 2 hours...It looks great but it wasn't difficult.

I want to tell you all how you can become the best artists that you can and push your limits over what you think you're capable of.

If you can find a still life of anything, cups, apples, cloths, and draw it to make it look like it's a realistic're off to a good start. And don't expect to do it right away, it took me 4 drawings to get the results I desired.

If you want to be a Graphic can't work just on the computer, it's not that way for me at all, I'm on the computer the least when I work on projects.

I think you all need to one day realize that art is not limited to Nintendo or comics or video games, it's so much larger than that.

Try to make art without the computer and see what happens...I have a long way to go, but I think I'm on my way to something more.
Ok Christmas day has past, and by now we've all opened our what did you all get?

The two things I wanted were:

Metroid Prime Trilogy


Red realistic lightsaber

and I got them :p
Alot of my friends that I've talked to are down, angry or...I dunno just not happy's Christmas, Christmas is the time where everything else should not matter, and what matters most is family.

Well I guess I needed to say this because...I failed my Graphic Design Exam...something I've been trying to pass since 2006 and I'm not in a foul mood.

So I ask you-if there's something bothering you or making you angry...let it go, it's Christmas.
Episode 8's animation is a few whiskers from completion, I still lack some sound effects and music selections and a few lines, but other than that it is imminent, I'll continue to work and hopefully finish it within a week.
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So here I go with the ZLG characters:

1. Fill in all the blanks with 10 of your OC's. Put their names by the numbers, too.
2. Answer the questions, or at least try to.
3. TAG 3 people.

----- ----- -----
1) Link
2) John Coolo
3) Dark Link
4) Eclipso
5) Rigalo
6) Zelda
7) Marina
8) Young Link
9) Raph
10) Koromaru
----- ----- -----

1. What if 7 (Marina) and 4 (Eclipso) kissed?
Eclipso would kiss and Marina would kill him...again

2. Where would 2 (John Coolo) bury a treasure?
In Marina's Cleavage

3. 6 (Zelda) and 10 (Koromaru) get into a fight. Who resorts to violence first?
Koromaru...and Zelda wins (See Hero Returns Episode 42)

4. 1 (Link) is kidnapped and their kidnapper demands a ransom of 1,000 dollars from 4 (Eclipso). Do they help?

I highly doubt it

5. Who is stronger? 6 (Zelda) or 8 (Young Link)?

I would bet the farm on Young Link...sorry Zelda but he does have that transformation thing

6. Who is 3 (Dark Link)'s secret love?

Marina's boobs...I mean Marina

7. Can 8 (Young Link) juggle?

Nope, but he can convince young girls they're beautiful

8. 1 (Link) is asked on a date by their favorite actor/actress. Do they accept the date?

I don't think Zelda would approve

9. What is 7 (Marina)'s biggest fear?


10. A meteor is about to hit the planet. Can 7 (Marina), 2 (John Coolo), and 10 (Koromaru) stop it?

No they're completely screwed
Link is dead
Zelda is dead
Dark Link is dead
all their familes are dead
Puffy is skinned alive
they're all dead

Game over

11. Is 9 (Raph) single?

As far as he knows...>_>

13. Does 1 (Link) wish this meme was over?

Nah this is fun

14. 8 (Young Link) and 7 (Marina) are dancing to the waltz. 2 (John Coolo) comes in and sees them dancing. What's 2 (John Coolo)'s reaction?

...well they're mother and son so they're...just dancing

15. 9 (Raph) and 5 (Rigalo) go to the movies. What movie do they see?

Porno Holocaust (actual movie)

16. You are attacked by 1 (Link) 3 (Dark Link), and 9 (Raph). Can you survive?

...I guess the girls would protect me?...nah they'd probably kill me alot

17. What is 4 (Eclipso)'s favorite color?


18. Can 7 (Marina) sing?

Yes, she has a lovely singing voice

19. A vampire bites 2 (John Coolo). 4 (Eclipso) sees this, what do they do?

Eclipso says "Oh sorry, good luck with that." and walks away

20. All the OC's get into a Battle Royal. Who will win?

Marina...I don't think there needs to be an explanation why ;)

Ok now I need to tag 3 people....Well here they be: :iconscootwhookos: :iconson23: and :iconlinkxsheikluver:
I'm going to bring SDS back

so...happy faces =)
Something interesting happened today, an individual who I've known for about a year and have had classes with said

"Can I ask you a personal question."

I said yeah, and he asked:

"Are you happy?"

And I couldn't answer for a few seconds...Because I didn't know the answer, it wasn't an immediate yes or no...I felt there was a week were I was just bummed out but I dunno,  I can't say I am happy, I don't feel like I'm unsatisfied with what I'm doing

It was just fasinating to me because it's the first time someone could see that there was something wrong with my well being that's all, I wasn't angry at him or anything, I thought it was amazing that he could see something that no-one else could, I think I'm pretty good at disgusing my feelings but to him it was clear as a bell.

So am I happy?....


I don't know.
I'm out of ideas for the moment =/ so I need ideas to bounce off of, anyone have some requests of what they would like me to draw?
This is a huge topic for Zelda fans, absolutely huge, so I'll start off with my opinion:

Majora's Mask is better.

Take a look at this right quick…

Ok now hold your pants a put down the tomatoes please.

I have a few good reasons why I believe Majora's Mask is better so have a open mind now.

Ocarina of Time was extraordinary, it was unbelievable when it came out, people loved the game even people who hated Zelda.

Ocarina of time was classic, it had most well known characters in it, you fight Dragons and water monsters, witches and the big man Ganondorf at the end, it was great.

Now...Majora's Mask took a different approach than Ocarina of Time, I suppose they didn't just want the same game over again. Majora's Mask is one of the only games I know of that had just this one thing and it made it special: The human element.

Ocarina of Time's characters had problems, and some didn't but Malon and Talon had one of the more unique elements to it, the fact that their entire ordeal involved getting a horse. If you think about it that ordeal is very similar to what happens after you defeat one of the temples, after you do that, everyone around you is happy.....right?

now what's the difference between that in Ocarina and Majora? Well in Majora's Mask that happens a whole lot more since you have the Bomber's notebook where people's lives need Link to be fixed.

Also the fact that most the characters are never in one location for long, the mail man, the Gorman man, Anjun, and others move around from day to night, and when you do something for them...something changes, they say thank you and they still recognize you for what you did until time is up.

Now the biggest complaint people have about Majora's Mask is the fact that adult Link isn't in the game.....yeah....but you know what? If Adult Link (Not fierce Diety) Was in the game it wouldn't make any sense, and hey, Ganondorf's not in the game either, instead we have Skull kid who wants to destroy the world because he doesn't have any friends........

That makes MUCH more sense that Ganondorf's know why? Because Ganondorf doesn't know what he wants...he wants to be king but after that he's like...

duhh.....I dunno

when he should realize there's so much more than being a king of a country that are idiots...I mean really, the people of Hyrule are dumber than corn wood, even the people who killed king Lewie were smarter, they stormed the castle because he was a crappy ruler and cut his head off.

I'm just saying the Skull kid's impulse to destroy the world makes more sense because he's hurt, he's alone, and people do things when they're in that state, and he so happened to have a Mask that can bring the Moon out of Orbit.

Ganondorf is a horrible villain, he's like the Doctor Evil of Fantasy.

and as for adult Link not being in the game...look, the game's not rubbish because it doesn't have Link in it, that's exactly what people said about Lord of the Rings if they didn't include this ____ like Tom Bombadil...he didn't do anything for the story why would he be in the film? people bashed Watchmen so hard about it not staying true to the comic when it's one of the most faithful adaptaions I've seen...I've read the comic and it's almost EXACTLY like it give or take minor details...except for the squid.

Watchmen wasn't bad, Lord of the Rings wasn't bad, Majora's Mask wasn't bad, so let it go, stop complaining about every single little detail.

Now let me talk about impressions, Anjun was a girl that was planning to be married in Majora's Mask, they recycled this character from the Cuckoo lady....Tell me....what was her name?


Seriously, what was her name?


She didn't have a name, her name was Cuckoo lady, also Anjun had a very interesting story in Majora's Mask, and the task was complicated and to some people it was they're favorite story. Now do I really have to say that she was a much better character than the Cuckoo lady...who didn't even have a real NAME?!

Also yeah Malon/ Cremia and Romani in all honesty I prefer Malon over Romaini's story, but I much prefer Cremia over Malon, and don't forget that there were two Malons, the young and adult Malon. Cremias and Romainis stories were very complex because you had to get a Powder Keg to even reach them the first day....then aliens come to steal the cows which...........I dunno I'm not going to comment on that, but Cremia's protecting the milk bottles part was my favorite part because Cremia is the only person who plain and simple cares about Link...not really because he hugs Link...I mean there is that, but...well ok it's just the hug that really did it, because Link has never been hugged, it shows that Cremia has a heart at least.

I think I've typed enough, this is just my opinion, feel free to tell me I'm totally wrong, I get that a lot nowdays
Recently I got into getting Wii points cards and using them to get games on the virtual console...and yeah I know that's been doable since 2007, but I wasn't interested back then, so far I have

Super Mario Bros.
and Star Fox 64

You know what I realized? I have more enjoyment playing older games than new ones.


I think is says something about me when I have four good NES games and a 64 game in my library, but I've played those more than the Wii titles I have, so I guess I'm turning into an old man or something, I dunno, I thought it was worth mentioning that the older games left so much more impact than the newer ones...I guess that's obvious to most of you. I don't know, does anyone else feel this way? in this year, people have come to me and saying that they're bored.

And I usually tell them what keeps me entertained...but since I've been getting it even more this week, I'm going to share everything with you that I believe should keep you from being bored

And before you read this list keep in mind that it's up to you to actually view what I have to actually watch or play whatever and give it more than two minutes.

Let's start with T.V. shows

First up is Lost

Lost has just finished it's fifth season, and quite frankly it's the best show I've seen on T.V. in a long time, the plot is a plane crashes on a island and the survivors must find a way to survive...and by survive I mean survive the monsters, polar bears, and a group of natives who kidnap and some of them.

next I have House

Dr. House is a medical genius who thinks everyone else is an idiot, he manipulates people and treats the real sick people as interesting puzzles to solve. Now personally I don't watch House for all the medical stuff, watching the character House by himself is enjoyable and funny.


Mythbusters is about taking myths such as "can a penny kill you" or "can you break out of prison with salsa?" and actually trying those out in experiments, they have alot of explosions and some interesting you can't actually curve a bullet.

And I have my last show: Whose line is it anyway

This show is a little old but it's still hilarious, a group of four men play games and improvise scenes right off the fly and make it work, it's a great show for laughs and I think everyone should watch it.

Now I'll move on to websites

First I have

this website has alot of people who review things whether it be games, movies, comic books ect. But it is mostly known for the Nostalgia Critic who does hilarious reviews of nostalgic movies, if you haven't been here please go pay a visit right now!

The Spoony Experiment is another website where Noah reviews movies and games that he grew up with, most are uncommon games you've never heard of though, Spoony is awesome at his reviews and I recommend paying him a visit as well.

Alright now I'll go through some Anime...for the anime seekers out there:

Death Note

Death Note is considered the best anime of all time, and it probably is, it's about a guy that finds a notebook, and if you write someone's name in the book they die, this becomes a detective type story where the world's best detective tries to find the one responsible for killing people with this notebook. The anime is a little dark so some may enjoy it but others won't.

Code Geass

Code Geass is similar to Death Note, a guy is given the power to command people and they must obey, and he tries to use this power to destroy an empire that has taken over the world.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

This is a unique anime really, it seems average for the first few episodes where a guy and girl become friends at their highschool, but they put together a club with 3 other members, but those 3 members work for a higher authority because the main girl is a god and subconsciously changes the world depending on her attitude and if she's bored.


I've talked about Bleach before, but I think you should give it a chance, I liked it when I first started watching it, i have a love/hate relationship with this anime, but maybe you'll enjoy it more. It's similar to Dragon Ball Z but it has more to do with death gods and the after life with powerful captains and an unlikely group of 5 kids against 13 captains and 11 lieutenants

Full Metal Alchemist

I haven't decided if I liked this anime or not, it's about two boys who try to bring back they're dead mother using alchemy, but instead they're bodies become lost or ripped apart, and they instead try to find a way to return they're bodies to normal.


this one is probably the easiest to follow, there's not really that much plot to it and there's a lot of episodes but it's nice, I like it. A girl falls down a well and is sent 500 years into the past to feudal Japan, she and a half demon named Inuyasha must fight demons to regain the Shikon jewel.

I guess I could list more but Emma showed me this:

This site has a long list of anime and even episodes to watch so I gave some suggestions, but it'll probably be best to see for yourself.

What about games? Well for right now I can recommend one game:…

And I'll say again, you actually have to go and see for yourself, if you've read all this and said "meh" then...well I can't help you!
I came up with an idea a few days ago that I think is interesting, just something I'd like to throw out there.

Take a famous piece of artwork, divide it up into sections, and let a different artist draw in they're own style that section of the work.

So for example I'd take something like the Mona Lisa, divide it up into 12 squares and I draw one square, then have 11 other friends or volunteers draw each individual square

well...just an idea.
I'll be honest, I thought E3 this year was pretty good. I could write about all the games I look forward to and all that, but honestly you probably know more about what happened than I do, there was only one real section I was looking at and that was Nintendo. I guess my Nintendo cravings will never die when E3 comes along, they almost did when Nintendo was pulling Mario sports games out the back door every few months, but thankfully that's over.

I know just like you and everyone else that there was huge disappointments because the new Zelda Wii wasn't shown or anything released except for one picture...which that's not bad, but just like you I don't understand how and why and what takes them so long to make a new Zelda game...I know it's alot of work but Metroid and Mario Wii games were not that far behind Zelda, and if anything Zelda should have been next in line, but Metroid and Mario pretty much lapped it again, and honestly it seems Nintendo doesn't trust itself to make a Metroid game by itself anymore...Retro studios was the lead of the Metroid Prime ok...why doesn't Nintendo ask for help with Zelda? 0_o have multiple teams work on multiple games? I dunno, it seems there's something about Zelda games they haven't told us yet.

Even the people that were at the show, broadcasting the show and ect. were disappointed that they didn't get to play a Zelda for the Wii, I think that says just how powerful Zelda really is, Zelda seems to make the difference for a good E3 and a bad E3

Well anyways, I didn't expect any of the new games that came out were going to come out, especially not Metroid other M, I was thinking maybe they had worked real hard on a new Star Fox for the Wii, and maybe a Captain Falcon racer game, I'd play that.

I can safely say that when some of these games come out I'll be buying and playing them like no-one's business, my Wii is still missing somewhere ever since Christmas, so I'll have to find that first before playing the new games.

As for Sony and Microsoft I don't have either of their new systems, but their games look like alot of fun, I think the one I liked the most was God of War 3 because I am a fan of that series, I don't have a Playstation 3 but after the price goes down alot, I'll think about getting one...I'm patient :p

So E3 wasn't nearly as bad this year as last year, and I honestly thought Nintendo wasn't going to have anything this year again, but I was wrong, so E3 was good, take a look if you haven't yet.

And now we play the waiting game for the new Zelda Wii
Before I start, I'm going to get into stuff that are huge spoilers for those who have not read the manga, or watch the japanese version of the anime, so if you don't want to be spoiled...don't read, just stop right here and come back another day.

Ok I'll be honest, I love Bleach, it's a great show, it has great characters, a good plot, great villains and it's fun to watch/read.


But after watching the most recent episode in the Japanese version...I can safely say I've given up on it.

Why you ask? Well because in the first half of that entire episode...Episode 221, they do absolutely nothing but stare at each other.

Really? Is that even possible? Ok the episode is 24 minutes long...the characters are now in the final final somewhat almost final battle...and they stare at the bad guys for 12 minutes talking about which enemy is stronger, which one they want to fight, which one they don't want to fight, how much strength they should use, should they use Ban Kai-


I don't want to watch them talk about what they COULD be doing, it's a waste of animation and time...why must we watch that?

Ok I'm sure I'll get comments such as "They have to build the suspense"

No they friggn don't. Not after putting us through 2 filler arcs, each of them the most boring and bland stories of all no no no no.....We've waited long enough, we've waited so long we don't know what we're even waiting for anymore.

Now calm down a second ok? I was a huge fan of bleach, heck look at some of my artwork here, I drew alot of bleach stuff cause I'm a fan.

I dunno I guess I could go on for days about the anime and how it's so crippled I can't stand to watch it anymore, so if you want to enjoy bleach to the fullest, read the manga, that's all I can say, because as most should know the book is better than the movie right? Well...The Manga is better than the anime by 10 Million.

Bleach is far from perfect, and since I'm on the subject I want to talk about other things that just tick me off like the Vizards...They don't do anything. The Vizards helped Ichigo control his vizard powers...and one of them restored Inoue's powers...That's it. That has been their only purpose so far, and yes I saw the pendalum flash back where they turn into Vizards...but that just made me more confused...for example HOW does it work? HOW were they infected? Why didn't Urahara get infected? Why is Aizen, Gin, and Tousen immune to it too? I dunno they don't explain that. Also this is the best part, Aizen's grand master plan is to use the orb thing to become a Vizard...that's kinda what he wants to why didn't he infect himself like the other captains.............???? That's how it works dude, that is what you wanted to do...and it worked, he saw it work...Also making people Vizards makes them much more powerful right? So why did he pick captains to turn into Vizards? Now they have the strength of a captain PLUS the Vizard powers...why not pick weaker subjects? Aizen's stupid if you ask me.

And here's another thing I don't like....Nel and her minions Pesche and Dodondcaka or however you spell it. The story makes it this huge surprise that Nel and her friends were apart of Aizen's army and Nel was an Espada right? So here's the situation, Ichigo and all his friends are getting beaten, or almost dead. But Nel and her two friends save the day as Nel changes back into her adult form and fights Nnitora...and guess what? Pesche and the other guy unleash this powerful attack on Apporo...and that doesn't work...and then Nel turns back into a child and now she's powerless.........


So the whole point of revealing those three people's past so they can fight get defeated...Was absolutely pointless.


WHY?! Why would you do that to these characters? Don't get me wrong I like them, except for Pesche and Dondochakka, but why would you introduce them, reveal their secrets and then have them accomplish nothing?!'s a waste of story! It would be no different if you just left that part out wouldn't it?!

Oh and I have to mention this: Ichigo has too many freking awakenings

Can you name one fight where Ichigo doesn't look inside himself and then magically get stronger than the guy he's fighting? You want a list??

First fight with Renji
Second fight with Renji
Fight with Kempachi
Fight with Byakuya turning into a Hollow
Fight against the Bount he turns into a hollow....really? Even there?
Fighting his inner hollow he fights Byakuya, Kempachi, and Kayria
And in one of his most recent fights...with someone (not Grimjow) he transforms and wins again.

It's like we can't think of a way for Ichigo to actually defeat the person who's a thousand times stronger than you are and wait...if I look inside myself...BAM your PWND

one other thing that makes no sense is his last fight with Grimmjow, before Ichigo even enters Hueco Muendo he can't hold the Vizard form for more than 11 seconds...ELEVEN SECONDS but after fighting a reserved Espada, and getting massacred by Ulquiorra...after he's healed and all better he can now become a Vizard for like 3 episodes straight? What the mess happened? Did we miss the part where he figured out how to hold it longer? Don't get me wrong it would have been horrible if he couldn't because that was the best fight in the whole series so far.

Ok I could go on for days and days, I like Bleach, but I'm starting to like it less and less as time goes on, I look forward to the Manga more than the anime, but anyways, Bleach is far from perfect, the parts that are good are good, the parts that are bad are bad, that's all.
(I know this is going to sound cheesy, but give it a chance? ;D )

Hey, hey you, let me ask you positive are you? Do you give people compliments? How about gifts? hugs?...ok well maybe not just hug some random person.

Where I live people like to be around me...I wasn't that sure why, but my mom said it has something to do with positive energy, sometimes they are around me too much and want too much for me to do for them...I can get swamped sometimes with that, but despite that, I don't consider myself a negative person, and by negative I mean putting people down or not being productive or helpful, maybe just something that can make another person unhappy. makes me unhappy that sometimes the people I like to talk to are unhappy...infact most the people I know have some kind of unhappiness right now, and I'm not pointing any fingers, I'm just typing this to remind some have to be happy, you should find something that truly makes you happy and open your heart to it.

You may ask what makes me happy? Well I'll tell you; I think what makes me happy as an artist or creating anything is positive feedback, also puppies, kittens, good food, things that can make me laugh hysterically. I saw some kittens today, they were all meowing X3

I think if you find something that makes you happy it will make everything else go better, I understand that bad things happen, I know because my car died the other day and I got stuck on a bridge in the dark of night with no battery left in the was scary, but I had a flash light, my brother helped me get home, and my car's fine now, I got pulled over twice by the police, but even all that didn't get me down, I was happy to be home and to keep working on episodes and artwork.

If you can find something that makes you happy, please do so, and please be happy! :D
Lost is getting more interesting with each episode, this season is pretty much all about the time travel.

When Ben moved the island, the people that were still on it jumped through time, and every few minutes or hours the island would light up in a white flash and then they would be in a different time for example:

30 B.C.

and that sounds cool and all, but with every flash they would get nose bleeds, time sickness if you want to call it that, one of them dies because of the stress of time traveling so much.

In the begining it was made clear by the scientist of the group that nothing can be changed, you can't change the past because whatever happened...happened. For example if one guy killed another...and they were from the future...that already happened because it happened in the past.

I know it's confusing but basically comes down to whatever decisions or events you were going to make...or made in the future cannot change in the time line.

This has been debated through so many forums and theories that the past cannot be changed...although in the movie Back to the Future they changed the space time continuom alot (spelled wrong)

But here's something interesting.....Now they can change the past.....


Wha? was my reaction. So here's the deal:

The heroes are stuck in 1977 there's a really really really big electro magnet on the island, and the DHARMA scientists drill a hole in the ground which releases the magnet...and that's very bad, so they build a station over it, and program a button that needs to be pushed every 108 minutes or the world ends.....

But that's not the relevant part

The important part is one day someone forgets to push the button...and that magnet brings down a plane that crashes on the island, and in that plane are the main characters of the whole story.

Well it turns out there's a hydrogen bomb on the island no-one is using, and the group wants to use that bomb to blow up the magnet so that none of that ever happens.

So no magnet, no button, no plane crash, everything that happens to the main heroes doesn't happen.


Um...yeah...that makes sense......Oh wait no it doesn't!

First of all, let's say they succeed...let's say they get the bomb and blow up the magnet.....


So....what happens to them? The heroes that blow up the magnet in 1977?....Do they just instantly go back to 2004 and land the plane safely? I think it'd be hilarious if they did blow it up and they were still stuck in 1977.

I mean how can that work? I can tell you: TIME PARADOX

a time paradox is when...let's say there's a guy that lives from 1970 to 2000, and you go back to 1990 and kill yourself...hmmm...sooo does that mean he just disappears when you kill yourself? It's pretty much when you change something so drastically that the universe explodes as Doc Brown puts it.

There's actually an interesting plot element in Dragon Ball Z of all places, Trunks tries to change history but instead he creates a parallel universe instead...In one universe Goku is alive, in another he's dead in the same year.

I figure if anything that should be what happens if they blow up the magnet, that they create a parallel Universe where themselves back in 2004 did land the plane...but they're present time (2007) is still stuck in 1977

Ok you got that head-ace? Great! Your such a good reader ^_^ I'm a going sleep.