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Zelda Seven Dark Sorcerers Episode 21

Link confronts Onox and they fight to the death, meanwhile Eclipso tries to find Raph.
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XaiosSilverStorm21's avatar
This is my favorite web comic now...
daysand123's avatar
This is pretty brutal being a comic coming from you
zathraya's avatar
Not really. Have you watched Coolo Eclipso? That got pretty brutal too.
daysand123's avatar
Yes, and compared to that the imagery I saw in this comic was far more brutal, though spike has also greatly improved his art style since then as well.
zathraya's avatar
I guess that's true. The improved art style probably allows him to be more graphic. This is the finale series so I kinda expected this a little, climax and all. His climaxes are very brutal to begin with.
daysand123's avatar
Hoping for a more happy ending and not pulling a Kohta Hirano and killing off all but like three main characters
zathraya's avatar
I think it will be a happy ending knowing how Spikes stories usually end. But I can't be sure this time.
spikerman87's avatar
Don't worry I won't do that ;)
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