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The Immortality of Daphnes

Are you watching closely?

This is kinda my apology for the next episode taking so long. I actually started working on this at the beginning of the year and I've been saving it for story purposes. I'm sorry Episode 30 isn't out yet…still working on that.

This is the last planned comic for Seven Dark Sorcerers. I hope this is a good substitute until the last bits of the story are revealed.

Incase you're not sure, this story takes place before Tragedy of Eclipso. Hope you enjoy.
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When you think you've found the puppetmaster...there's always someone else pulling their strings.
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Are we supposed to know who was defeated and sealed in a crystal, and who is controlling Impa?
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Well I'd like to answer that, but I think it's better if I leave that for the next episode. ;)
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I assumed it was Ganondorf but now that you put it like that...
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he is pathetic i don't want to die ether but i'd sooner kill myself then ever do what he did! 
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Wow that was unexpected.   Thanks for putting it out. :)
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