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Cyber Zelda Episode2 Demo

Ok so after a lot of reprograming, and...lots of play testing, I got this to work. :)

Lots of things I've added to the game play. The enemies take more than one hit to kill, there's now a combo meter, new weapons you can select with the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 buttons. You can also click the icons.

Only buttons you can use now are "A" and "S" also "Space" to jump and Arrow keys to move naturally.

I removed the blocking and special attacks for this demo due to lag issues.

I did program a max combo result, but again because of lag I had to remove it, so you'll have to keep track of your highest combo.

I hope you have fun! :)
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very cool dude love the game. the only thing that i want to suggest is the shot gun. it work great but i can cheat and skip the reload and just push it again t ofire. it a cheap way to kill the large armor knights i guess you call dark nut i think. i may be wrong. just want to help get this game up and running right for you man
Shilohkai's avatar!! I am having so much fun playing this game :D :D
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Thank you. I worked really hard to make it just function so I'm glad you enjoy it.
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Very nice dude!