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Cyber Zelda Alpha

I pretty much cancelled Cyber Zelda as a Flash game; however while cleaning up some of my files I came across this demo that I made 2 years ago. It's a disastrous mess of bugs and glitches, but surprisingly there's 3 bosses that are fully functional that I forgot I made. If any screen says "Unfinished" at the top that means what you're seeing is all there is.

I even remember that the plot twist at the end was "Error" was behind everything which explains why this world is so wrong.

Now it's a curiosity more than anything. Feel free to poke around and…yes…this is probably the last thing related to Cyber Zelda I'll release. Who knows? Maybe there's some fun to be had in here?
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He is eternal, unwavering, the darkest of any pure evil, he is Error.

I'll be honest it was fun and some of the music tracks were catchy, but it began lagging up really easily.
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Yeah that's mostly why it was never released. I used old code to get it to work, but that code can't be used for Flash games because memory leak is unavoidable and that's why it lags. I had spent so much time using that code to get it to work that I scrapped Cyber Zelda.