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Why didn't Spike end up with a Significant Other? Hello there fellow Bronies, Any of you who still remain on DA after all this time. I don’t know if any of my watchers remain, but I haven’t posted anything in about half a decade. The last thing I posted was the hopes and expectations for season five of My Little Pony. Honest, I intended to post a review of the season when the season was finished, but never finished a satisfactory note. Then season six came and went, as did seven, eight, and nine, and the My Little Pony feature movie. I never left the fandom, as many of my real friends more or less did. However for the past five years I have been working on a PHD degree, swamped with academic papers, lectures, and conferences, and unfortunately I couldn’t seem to make time for my beloved DeviantArt account. However, now I have finally found some time to dedicate back to this account. If this note gets an adequate response. I may return to writing again, I have many ideas not just for My Little Pony related things, but also commentary on other TV shows I watch, namely Gravity Falls, Adventure time, and Supernatural. In any event, I’d like to kick my DA career back up by writing about the one main issue that bothered me about the end of G4. Spike didn’t wind up with a Significant other. Pinkie got cheese sandwich, Applejack and Rainbow dash are all but confirmed as a couple, as are Fluttershy and Discord. Twilight does not have a lover, yet neither did Celestia or Luna, which seems to indicate that Equestria has a tradition of a celebate monarch. Neither Rarity nor Spike found a “very special somepony.” Truly, Spike would have worked well with either Rarity or Ember. Some time ago, I wrote a deviation on why I believed that Spike would end up with Rarity. Given that Spike had maintained a devotion to her throughout the series, and there were signs that Rarity deep down, might have had some feelings for him, even though she didn’t admit it to herself. Namely, Secret of my excess, where she kisses Spike on the cheek, not one, but twice. Spike, at least till the ninth season, still seemed infatuated with Rarity. Given that Spike was my favorite character, I wanted nothing more than for Spike and Rarity to wind up together at the end of the show. Personally, I love pairings of guys who are with women who are well out of their league, and Sparity certainly met this criteria. Also, I love to see men with older women in fiction, as I feel like society unfairly stigmatises younger men with older women. That was until our introduction to Princess Ember. When I first heard of them introducing a female dragon, I was gravely disappointed. Many fans since season one had long insisted that Spike would meet a “nice” female Dragon. This rubbed me the wrong way for many reasons, namely that it would perpetuate the idea that people should only date “within” their league, or worse, within their race or culture. However, Ember’s appearance and subsequent reappearances completely changed my mind. She was a solid strong and three dimensional character. Also, she met all my personal qualifications for a good ship, she was taller and older than Spike, and far more out his league than Rarity. Despite this, Spike never appeared to trade his crush for Rarity for a Crush on Ember, even if by season 9 he had outgrown Rarity. After Ember’s introduction, I hoped that Spike would outgrow his crush on Rarity and bond with Ember, realizing that he was in love with her. Yet, we saw no signs of love for Spike at the end of the series. Why? How could the writers pair up nearly every character with someone they hinted at for a long time, and were fan-favorites? Appledash, CheesePie, and Fluttercord were among the biggest hits in the brony community going back to the early season, even though I always preferred Celestia with Discord. Sparity and Ember/Spike were among the most beloved ships to the entire fandom, A simple search on Deviantart for fanart on the various ships reveals that “Sparity” has more hits than Appledash, CheesePie, and Fluttercord combined. For Sparity yields over 50,000 deviations, whereas the former three all yield less than 10,000 a pop. While Spike and Ember yield significantly less as well, just like all of these ships, it did appear to be a fan favorite. While the show was good till the very end, and I quite enjoyed the final, and wish I had kept up with my reviews, the fact Spike is left single, as far as we know, is one sore point. I can only hope that with this upcoming MLP movie for 2021, they resolve this issue and pair Spike with either Ember or Rarity. While personally i would much rather Spike marry Ember and become King of the Dragons, co-ruling with his beautiful wife. I would also not mind Spike and Rarity settling down as husband and wife, producing dragon/pony hybrids. Thank you for being with me today.-AlektheWererat...
Spike And Teal Topaz by MythicalArtist34


Can I have other My Little Pony characters in?
Of course you can, as long as there's Spike or Rarity in (or both of 'em) :)

Can I post Spike or Rarity alone?

Of course!

My art is a bit mature, can I still submit it?

It depends how mature it is. And yes, you can - we will review it and give it a proper category.

Do I need to add my art to a folder?

We'd appreciate it, as it save us some time. Not a problem now, but when the group gets more popular it can be a little problematic.

What kind of mature art is not allowed?

Extreme blood, violence and sexual art.

"I simply cannot let such a crime against fabulosity go uncorrected!"

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4. Respect the artists, do not steal other people's art.
5. Have fun and BE FABULOUS!
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