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Our Garden of Love Chapter 9It's been 2 years since that fateful, rainy day.Despite not being ready to see Twilight and the rest of his friends in Ponyville, Spike moved back into the town with Rarity. The two of them needed a lot of work in their relationship, but he knew that he and Rarity don't ever want to be apart from each other ever again. When Fluttershy was at the Ponyville train station with Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie, they were all shocked to see Spike emerging from the train with Rarity. After a very long explanation, Twilight was skeptical of Spike’s reason for coming back to Equestria without telling her but ultimately understood and agreed to help him further on his book after he moved back into her castle.Rarity moved back into Carousel Boutique and she started running operations between the boutique and her store, Rarity For You, back at Manhattan with Sweetie Belle's help. She began to write Sassy Saddles often and occasionally the new owner of Canterlot Carousel would visit Ponyville to catch up and gossip with Rarity for old time’s sake. Canterlot Carousel has been prospering modestly sincere Rarity left which hurts her a little, but at the same time, she's happy knowing that Sassy Saddles has been taking great care of it after what happened.After a little over a year, Spike finished his book and published it all over Equestria with Twilight's help. The book has made a modest reception which wasn't what he was hoping for, but he’s content knowing that some ponies are listening to what he had to say. Eventually, word of his book reached the Dragonlands and while many dragons including Garble are still bitter towards the idea of becoming friends with ponies, others including Ember have been very appreciative of what Spike has done. Deep down, Spike is a little disappointed that this isn't quite the reception he would have liked, but he continues to hope that this will help strengthen relationships between dragons and other sentient creatures over time.It was about a year and a half after Rarity and Spike moved when Golden Charm and Minaudiere where eventually found out. According to Sassy Saddles, Minaudiere tried to make a similar move on another competitor in the fashion market but was ultimately found out when the competitor was able to prove that she deliberately copied their design. Before long, both she and Golden Charm we're outcast from Canterlot society and several former friends and clients of Rarity’s from the city begin sending their deepest apologies to her. Rarity forgave them but refused to renew any business with them, determined to never have anything to do with Canterlot again, and yet deep down she was satisfied to know that her opponent and her ex-boyfriend were eventually brought to justice.As the days past, Spike and Rarity grew closer and closer until they were able to be together blissfully. All of their friends in Ponyville were quick to accept their relationship. Fluttershy was particularly happy to see her best friend find real love after desiring it for so many years while Twilight was confounded but ultimately happy that Spike got together with his crush. Everyday Spike would visit Rarity at Canterlot Boutique after a day of helping Twilight or working on his book and the two of them would go on picnics, eat out, watch plays or otherwise just stay at Carousel Boutique where they can talk or sit quietly in each other’s arms. Each day, Spike slowly learned to let go of his skepticism over his loving girlfriend the more she displayed her sincerity and devotion to him. Spike and Rarity would still fight or have other troubles as any couple will, but in the end, nopony or any other creature would deny that they have become happy.It is the night before Hearth's Warming Eve and Spike and Rarity are napping on the couch in front of the fireplace in Carousel Boutique. Rarity is lying down on her back while Spike is lying down on top of her, resting his head on Rarity's chest while she tightly hugs his head in her sleep. Eventually, Spike slowly wakes up and recollects his surroundings before turning to Rarity. He smiles warmly as he sees her sleeping it a soft smile on her face. He decides to lightly kiss her cheek and Rarity groans quietly before she opens her eyes and turns to look at her scaly boyfriend with a smile.“Hello,” she greets.“Hey,” Spike replies. “What were you dreaming about?”Rarity frowns slightly and turns her head to look at the small fire in the fireplace.“I was dreaming we were still in Canterlot,” she says. “I was still an outcast and everything, but…”“But?” Spike asks.Rarity turns her head to give Spike a loving look.“But this time we are together,” she finishes. “Every time it rained I would wake up, make myself look my best and race to the garden where you would be waiting for me. We would kiss passionately as if we hadn't seen each other in weeks and we would spend the day in each other’s arms. I would be working on some sketches for some new dresses and you were writing your book. We would take a break halfway through the day for lunch where we would talk almost nonstop. It was very nice.”Spike smiles warmly and asks, “Would you ever want to go back to live there again or open another shop there?”Rarity frowns and says, “No. I'm happy for the time that I had a successful shop in the city like I always wanted even if it was just for a decade or so, but I can't stand to be in Canterlot for any reason apart from a festival with the princesses or visiting Sassy Saddles or Saffron Masala and her father, Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette. Apart from those exceptions, and my business in Manehattan, I belong in Ponyville and with you.”Spike’s smile grows and he says, “I will stay with you no matter where you go.”“I know, my darling,” Rarity says before leaning in for a soft kiss.When they part, the two of them sigh happily as Spike lays his head on Rarity's chest and she hugs his head again. The two of them remain silent for a few minutes before Spike’s eyes snap open. He smiles as he secretly reaches for his backpack which is lying next to him and Rarity on the floor and takes something out.“You know, speaking of which, I've been thinking,” he starts which catches Rarity’s attention. “At the rate that I've been making money with my book, I should have enough to buy my own house pretty soon.”This immediately captures Rarity’s interest as Spike lifts his head up to face her again.“There's a two-story house that's available on the market in March,” Spike continues. “It’s a few minutes on foot from Carousel Boutique and not that far from the castle or Fluttershy’s cottage. I could buy it and then…”“And then…?” Rarity asks curiously.Spike gives his girlfriend a loving look and simply says, “We get married and move in together.”Rarity gasps softly as she gets up into a sitting position, staring at her dragon. Spike merely smiles as he shows that he’s holding a small, blue box. He gently opens it to show a ring with a large diamond on it. Rarity covers her mouth with her hooves while Spike gives her a hopeful look.“Rarity, will you marry me?”Spike feels goosebumps emerging from all over his body and his heart skipping a beat after saying those very words. Rarity’s eyes begin to water as they stare at the ring. It takes a second before she begins laughing happily through her tears.“Yes!” she screeches while pouncing on Spike and pulling him into a hug. “Yes! Yes! A million times, yes!”Spike chuckles at Rarity’s demeanor before she finally lets go of him and allows him to put the ring on her horn. Rarity giggles excitedly before she starts kissing Spike all over his face. Spike just grins in happiness as she kisses until her eyes meet his and the two of them stare at each other lovingly.“I love you,” Spike says softly.“I love you too,” Rarity replies before they lean in for a passionate kiss.*************************************************************************************Word spread throughout Ponyville and some special parts of Equestria that Spike and Rarity are engaged. Pinkie Pie was happy to plan the wedding with Rarity while Mr. and Mrs. Cake are the caterers. Twilight agreed to have the ceremony and the reception at her castle and to be Spike’s Mare of Honor. Fluttershy was chosen to be Rarity’s Mare of Honor while Sassy Saddles, Coco Pommel, and Saffron Masala are her bridesmaids. Rarity and Spike requested Princess Celestia via mail to officiate the ceremony and she decided to fly all the way from Canterlot just to say yes.When spring came, Spike successfully bought the house that he had an eye on much to his and Rarity’s delight. The two of them agreed to move in together once they came back from their honeymoon in Manehattan. Two months later, their wedding day arrived and Spike is getting ready in his bedroom with Twilight’s help. Spike shakes nervously while Twilight helps him put on the suit that Rarity made for him the week before.“Spike, will you hold still?” Twilight rebukes.“I can't help it, Twilight. I'm losing my mind,” Spike whimpers. “When I asked her to marry me, I didn't think it would take this long for it to hit me this hard. It’s actually happening, Twilight. I'm really marrying her.”Twilight rolls her eyes and gives her former assistant a supportive smile.“I know, Spike. I can't believe it is happening either,” she says. “It’s such an amazing miracle that this is happening to you and Rarity.”“Easy for you to say,” Spike says with a boastful smirk. “You didn't think I had a chance with her. You just rolled your eyes or smiled in amusement whenever I was going gaga over her.”Twilight sighs and says, “You’re right, Spike. I doubted you and yet you found a way to get together with her and I'm happy for the both of you.”Just then, there is a light knock on the door and it opens to reveal Princess Luna.“I have been instructed to inform you that it is showtime in fifteen minutes,” she says before turning to Twilight. “Also, your presence is needed in the grand hall, Twilight. Starlight Glimmer and Trixie are having trouble ushering guests to their seats in the way you organized them.”Twilight makes a long groan and grumbles, “I thought I cleared everything after explaining it to them two months in advance!”Spike chuckles lightly in amusement as his Mare of Honor leaves the room, grumbling as she walks. He turns around to look at himself in the mirror before he notices through the glass that Luna is still standing behind him.“Was there anything else?” he asks.Princess Luna merely smiles and says, “I just want to say I'm very happy for you and Rarity, She says. “It warms my heart to see you reached this moment in your life with the one you love the most.”Spike gives her a thankful look before he suddenly frowns and turns to face Luna.“Speaking of which, that reminds me,” he says. “When you approached me the day I returned from the Dragonlands, you were the one who suggested that I go to the gazebo in the private garden.”Luna gives Spike a serious look and raises her eyebrow.“Was I?” she asks.Spike frowns and says, “Aw come on. You know you were. The only thing that’s bugging me is did you know that I would find Rarity there? Did you know that was going to lead to our relationship?”Luna chuckles lightly in amusement as she turns around, getting ready to leave.“I didn't know anything, dear Spike,” she says plainly. “Sometimes when an opportunity presents itself it’s best to just make a decision and hope for the best. The world as we know it is changing, so it is only logical to influence good change as best as one can as the Princess of the Night.”Spike looks at her confused as she walks away and closes the door. He shrugs and turns back to looking at himself in the mirror. As he sees himself in the mirror he imagines Rarity standing next to her in her wedding dress. She has been giving it all she has to make sure Spike has not seen it yet during the last couple of months as she has been working on it almost nonstop. All he knows without having the slightest idea how it will look is that it will look as beautiful as she is because he knows she has put her heart into the project for this day.With a deep breath, he stands tall for a moment before he exits the room and heads to the grand hall.**************************************************************************************Spike smiles brightly as he stands by the altar with Princess Celestia. Virtually every inch of the grand hall has been covered with wedding decorations. The seats at the center are filled with ponies and other creatures from Equestria and beyond including the Yaks, the Hippogriffs, the griffins, Crystal ponies, the changelings and finally even a few dragons decided to come with Ember and Smolder. Some ponies from Canterlot we're even invited to take part in spikes happiness including Doughnut Joe, Blazing Star, Trailbreaker, Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette.After a few minutes of creatures politely waiting, the wedding music starts led by Octavia Melody and Vinyl Scratch. The doors on the other side open to reveal Sassy Saddles, Coco Pommel, Saffron Masala and finally Fluttershy walking down the aisle with Spike's groomsman, Big Mac, Thorax, Discord, and Twilight as his Mare of Honor. Spike feels goosebumps spreading all obey his body as he knows what is going to follow after the bridesmaids, groomsman and Mares of Honor have taken their places.The wedding music becomes softer and the doors open again to reveal Rarity in her wedding dress and walking down the aisle while holding hooves with her father, Hondo Flanks. Spike stares at her and awe as her dress is very extraordinary in every way possible. But the most significant thing about it is she is wearing the necklace that contains the fire ruby. Eventually, Twilight waves her hoof in front of Spike to snap him out of it and he smiles sheepishly. Rarity and Hondo make it to the altar and Hondo lifts Rarity's veil and plants a light kiss on her cheek. Hondo then sits down next his wife, Cookie Crumbles as Rarity takes Spike’s hand and they turn to face Celestia. The Princess clears her throat and begins her opening speech while Spike secretly leans on his side to whisper to his bride.“You look phenomenal,” he says quietly.“And you look very distinguished, dear,” Rarity whispers back before Spike stands up straight again just in time for Celestia to turn to the bride and groom.“Spike, do you take this mare to be your lawfully wedded wife?” she asks.“You betcha!” Spike says proudly before he realizes what he did and rubs the back of his head calmly saying, “Um...I mean, I do.”Laughter is heard all over the room much to Spikes embarrassment. Even Celestia chuckles in amusement before turning to Rarity.“And do you, Rarity take Spike to be your lawful wedded husband?” she asks.“I most certainly do,” Rarity says proudly.Spike turns to his bride and smiles, feeling better.“May we have the rings?” Celestia requests.Twilight nods and takes out two golden bands with her magic. Spike takes one and puts it on Rarity’s horn while Rarity takes the other with her magic and places it on Spike’s finger.“By the power vested in me, it gives me great pleasure to pronounce you drake and wife,” Celestia declares. “You may kiss your bride.”Spike feels his heart leap after being declared married to his bride. He blushes as he turns to Rarity who gets up on her back hooves and wraps her arms around him. Spike wraps his arms around her back just in time for the two of them to lean their heads toward each other at the same time and kiss passionately. The audience cheers loudly as Spike and Rarity press their lips together firmly. When they finally part, they walk down the aisle hoof and hand followed by their Mares of Honor, groomsmen, and bridesmaids.**********************************************************************************After about 10 minutes, all of the guests come together to the dancing hall wear Spike and Rarity cut their cake, and everyone eats and drinks and dances happily. When Spike and Rarity have their first dance, Rarity had her arms wrapped around her husband and her head was snuggled against his chest and she dance with her eyes closed and a bright smile on her face. Spike blushed furiously but is happy that he is still dancing with Rarity as his wife. After a couple hours of celebration, everyone finally disperses and goes home and Twilight turns in for the night. Spike and Rarity decide to go up on the roof of the castle and sit down wrapped in each other's arms watching the view of all Equestria. As they do so, Spike sees Canterlot far in the distance.“Rarity?” he asks.“Yes, my husband?” Rarity responds.Spike blushes at his new title before he continues.“I've been thinking,” he begins. “When we move into our new house, maybe I could learn how to build things so that I could make a private gazebo in the back of our house just for us. Maybe we can make a garden around it and when it rains we can go there and just enjoy each other's company just like in the royal garden. It would be like that dream you had the night I purposed. What do you think?”Rarity turns to her husband and smiles sweetly.“A private garden of our own sounds wonderful, darling,” she says. “Though it will take a lot of work to have that all done.”“Yeah, I know,” Spike says. “But it would be worth it once it’s all done.”“Perhaps, but by the time it’s done, we might be more focused on other things,” Rarity points out.“Like what?” Spike asks curiously.Rarity gives him a sly smirk and answers, “Why starring a family, of course.”Spike's eyes widen and he stares at his wife in shock much to Rarity’s amusement.“You… You think about that?” he asks.“Oh, sometimes,” Rarity says teasingly. “I know there's no telling whether or not we can actually conceive, but I like to believe that somewhere further down the line we might have some little pony-dragon hybrids to happily raise in such a peaceful and friendly town like Ponyville. Wouldn't that be nice, Spikey?”Spike blinks for a moment before he gives Rarity a small smile.“It would be wonderful,” he says. “A wonderful new dream to top the first one.”“Oh? What dream is that?”At that, Spike just smiles sweetly at Rarity before he leans in to give her a passionate kiss. She moans softly at his affection and caresses his cheek with her hoof before he finally parts and sums up his answer in one clear, sincere word.“You.”The end
Our Garden of Love Chapter 8Eventually, Blazing Star and Trailbreaker brought Spike back to the palace and bandaged his face were a bruise had formed after Golden Charm threw him into the wall. Spike explained everything that was going on along the way leaving out the fact that he's been secretly meeting Rarity at the private section of the royal garden. The two guards act just as concerned as ever for their friend. They reluctantly admit that Golden Charm and Fancy Pants are right that he should get over his feelings for Rarity.After Trailbreaker finishes bandaging him up, Spike robotically thanks him before walking away saying that he needs time to think. The two guards silently agree as Spike leaves and takes a walk down the halls of Canterlot Castle.As he walks down the grand halls, Spike thinks about everything that has been told to him in the last hour. The more he does, the more he considers that maybe they are right.“No, they can't be,” He thinks. “After all, she was still a good friend to me, right? She followed me with Twilight and Rainbow Dash when I went to the Dragon Migration and supported me when I competed in the Gauntlet of Fire. She was caring enough to ask for some ointment from Zecora while I went through my molt. So even when she did use me at times, she still was a generous pony, right?”Spike gives it more thought and eventually a small smile emerges on his face and he becomes more confident.“Yes,, she is,” he thinks. “Even if she was that way before, she's nothing like that to me now. She's been so thoughtful and caring, even supportive by giving me that book so that I can figure out how to properly write on my own and gave me a large pile of gems to eat without a care. If anything, the only thing I've had to worry about her at all since I came back is knowing that she is in so much emotional pain because of what Golden Charm did to her.”Spike’s confidence grows as he walks, feeling positive of his argument. But then it fades just as quickly as it came when he realizes something.“But does she ever regret manipulating me that way at all?” he wonders. “Does she have any remorse even after being used herself?”Spike frowns in frustration. At the rate that he's debating with himself, he’s stuck. Just then, he notices that he's near an entryway that leads to the royal garden. He thinks for a moment before he decides to go outside and head to the gazebo to sit down and think things through in a peaceful environment. As he exits the castle and enters the garden, he notices the sky is covered with dark clouds and there is the faint sound of thunder. He ignores the likelihood that it might rain as he follows the familiar path through the garden and makes his way to the private section until he stops in surprise.Standing in the middle of a flower bed plucking on a rose glumly is the very white mare that is constantly on his mind. Rarity plucks on the rose with her magic at a slow pace and she let's put a long, depressed sigh as she stares at the flower. Spike doesn't know how to react with her suddenly here where he didn't think she would be, but before he can do anything, Rarity gets a feeling that she's not alone and turns around to see him standing there. For a moment, Spike sees Rarity’s eyes light up at the sight of him and his heart leaps for the first time since before Canterlot’s raining season, but then it melted back into her glum state. Rarity walks over to him and the two of them stay silent for a minute before Rarity speaks.“Hello, Spike,” she says softly.“Hi, Rarity,” Spike quietly says back.They become quiet again until Rarity asks, “Did Twinkleshine and the others tell you?”Spike nods sadly and says, “Yeah, they sort of spilled the beans before I could stop them.”“That's alright, dear,” Rarity says gently. “I'm glad you learned it from our friends rather than some...other ponies. I am sorry that I didn't keep my promise, though.”“That’s okay,” Spike says plainly. “I guess in the end it was just something beyond either of our control.”“Yes, I suppose,” Rarity says with a weak smile before she looks at Spike with a serious look in her eyes. “How are you feeling about it?”Spike frowns and looks away from the mare he deeply cares for.“Upset mostly,” he says before he turns to look at her again. “Upset that you were tricked and falsely framed and there was nothing you could have done about it. Upset that I was not there to help you when no one else had your back.”Rarity smiles again only this time it is sincere.“That’s my Spikey-Wikey. As sweet and eager to help as ever,” she says making Spike smile bashfully before her frown returns. “Though I must say there probably is nothing you could have done. One would think I would have learned to be careful who I can trust after devoting years of my life into this business. Suri Polomare should have made it clear that there might be no one I can really trust apart from my family or Fluttershy, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and especially you, dear. But I guess I always had a weakness for handsome, popular stallions and that was bound to be my downfall sooner or later. Heh. Guess I'm not much wiser at the age of thirty than at the age of twenty-three.”Spike keeps his sad frown, unable to think of something comforting to say to Rarity. His thoughts are interrupted when Rarity walks over to him with a concerned look on her face.“Good heavens, Spike, what happened to your face?” she asks worriedly.Spike remembers the bandage on his face and jokingly says, “Oh I drank too much cider like you and fell down the grand stairs inside Canterlot Castle.”“Oh my goodness!” Rarity squeaks in shock while covering her mouth with her hoof.“I'm kidding. I just got into a little fight,” Spike instantly says with a toothy grin while secretly glad to see her so worried about him.Rarity gives the dragon an angry pout, displeased with his prank which only makes Spike chuckle.“That is very poor form, Mr. The Dragon,” she says before it hits her. “Who in the world where you fighting anyway?”Spike hesitates and rubs the back of his head. He thinks about telling Rarity not to worry about it, but one firm look from the mare was all he needed to understand she wants the truth. He bites his lip, snaps his eyes shut and takes a large breath before he says, “It...was...Golden...Charm.”Spike dares to slightly open one eye to see Rarity staring at him surprised. She then looks away with a glum look and says, “Oh...I see.”“Are you mad?” Spike asks nervously.Rarity is silent for a moment before she turns to look at him with another small smile.“No, darling, I'm not mad,” she says softly. “Though I would appreciate it if you don't act so irrationally. I’d hate to be the reason that someone hurt one scale from your precious head.”Spike feels his cheeks heating up again and he turns away bashfully. He hears Rarity giggle at his reaction with makes his face turn redder once again. And yet, he can't help but smile at the sincerity of her worry and that she would call him precious as opposed to just cute like she used to years ago.“I’ more careful next time,” he manages to say.“Thank you, dear,” Rarity says sweetly.*KABOOM*Spike and Rarity both yell and jump in surprise from the sudden sound of lightning striking very close to them. Suddenly, Spike feels a drop of water falling right on his nose. Just as he reacts to what happened, Rarity feels two more drops falling right on top of her head. The two of them only have a moment to realize what is happening before more raindrops come suddenly until they are caught in a massive rain poor.Rarity yelp's in shock as her curly hair turns flat in a matter of seconds. Spike notices this and suddenly grabs her hoof and leads her toward the gazebo at a running pace. Rarity suddenly blushes lightly at the feeling of Spike’s hand as the two of them make their way to the gazebo and pant, relieved to be under shelter.“Brrrr, what a fine time for it to be raining like this,” Spike grumbles while getting down on all fours and shaking the water off his body. “It’s a good thing we weren't far from shelter.”“Indeed, thank you for bringing me safe from the nasty rain, my brave knight,” Rarity says jokingly.Spike chuckles bashfully while giving Rarity a toothy grin much to her amusement. The two of them continue smiling until they look at the view of virtually nothing but giant droplets of rain covering the entire area as if they are under a ginormous waterfall.“I guess we're stuck here for a while,” Spike says with a sigh.“Yes, I suppose so,” Rarity admits.The two of them quietly sit down on the exact same benches they sat on throughout the summer and wait patiently for the rain to let up. It wasn't long, however, before Rarity starts hugging her body for warmth. She then hears a sneeze from Spike and turns her head to see him shivering uncontrollably. She feels her heart sink at the sight and she mentally wishes she had a bunch of dry towels to cover him with.Suddenly, she hears the faint sound of birds chirping. She turns her head to see two birds taking shelter from the storm in their nest under a large tree. The two birds appear to be mates as they happily huddle together for warmth. Rarity smiles at the affection between the two birds until she hears another sneeze from Spike. She turns back to him and notices him starting to shiver more and she feels like she needs to do something now.Just then, she gets an idea and her pale white cheeks turn pink at the idea. She mentally debates with herself on whether or not to do this but when she hears one more sneeze from Spike she sighs quietly knowing what she has to do. Without a word, Rarity gets off her seat which quickly catches Spike's attention and she walks over and sits right next to him. Before the purple dragon can ask what she is doing, she wraps her arms around him and snuggles her head against his chest.“R-r-rarity?” Spike manages to say with his face turning red.“I'm just giving you some body warmth, Spikey-poo,” Rarity says assuringly while using her wet, flat hair to cover her own bashful face. “I don't want my favorite dragon to get sick.”Spike tries to say something in response, but his voice dies in his throat. Deep down, he is glad that she is trying to keep him warm, but he feels his entire face turn red at how close they are. He and Rarity have hugged before, but the way she is holding him close and laying her head on his chest makes his heart race like never before.“You don't need to be so stiff, Spikey,” Rarity says suddenly. “And it isn't polite to not wrap your arms around a lady when she’s soaking wet as well.”Spike feels like his cheeks are heating up more than ever.“M-m-my apologies, my lady,” he manages to say as he nervously wraps his arms around Rarity.Rarity smiles and sighs blissfully as she feels Spike's arms around her. Eventually, Spike finds himself smiling at how comfortable she is around him. The two of them remain wrapped in each other's arms with their eyes closed as the rain continues to go down heavily.After an hour, the downpour slowly dies down to a drizzle. It takes a few minutes before Spike and Rarity break from their moment and realize that the worst of the storm is over. The two of them let go of each other and stand up, but they secretly regret letting the other go.“…” Spike begins, nervously. “That was quite the storm.”“Indeed,” Rarity says.“I guess heading home shouldn't be too much of a problem,” Spike says. “Although I could find an umbrella you can borrow from the castle if you want.”Rarity smiles sweetly at the kind dragon, but on the inside, her heart feels heavy at the idea of them already going their separate ways again. She begins to frown for a second before she gets an idea.“Actually, Spike…” she begins nervously. “Would it be alright if you...come over to Canterlot Carousel with me and stay for dinner?”Spike's eyes widen and he feels his cheeks heating up a little again as he turns to look at Rarity in disbelief.“Really?” he asks.“Of course,” Rarity replies feeling more confident. “Think of it as a… thank you for protecting me from the rain.”Spike stares at her for a moment before he smiles and happily nods.***********************************************************************************Spike and Rarity make their way to Canterlot Carousel, having small talk as they walk. When they come inside, Rarity grabs some towels from her bathroom and hands one to Spike before she dries herself with another, redoes her hair, and starts making dinner. After 45 minutes, Rarity finishes making a large meal for herself and Spike and the two of them proceed to the dining hall where they begin eating and chatting.“Oh my goodness, that's why you borrowed Applejack’s dog treats for Winona?” Rarity asks with a giggle.“Yeah,” Spike says sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. “After turning into a dog both times that I went to Canterlot High with Twilight, I kinda had a desire for more dog treats and so decided to...borrow a bag. But I ended up regretting it after eating one and discovering that my dragon body doesn't care for that as much.”Rarity laughs out loud and Spike smiles knowing she's not laughing to hurt him.“No wonder you didn't hear the end of it from Applejack for a while,” she says.“Yep,” Spike admits. “And no belly full of gems was going to wash away the taste no matter how delicious they were.”“Oh what an unfortunate waste of gems,” Rarity says. “I think you were saving up quite a few of them back then.”“I was, but that's nothing compared to how many gems dragons typically consume,” Spike says with a teasing grin. “If I told you how many gorgeous gems that could have been used for dresses are used to feed a dragon twice my size on a daily basis, you’d faint.”“Oh goodness, do not speak of such things, Mr. The Dragon,” Rarity says playfully while lifting her hoof over her head in an over-the-top manner. “You’re going to give me goosebumps.”The two of them laugh for a few seconds before they go back to their meal. They eat quietly for a few minutes before Rarity remembers something.“Speaking of dragons, how is your book coming along?” she asks.Spike smiles at the sincerity of her question before he answers.“I still have a lot of work to do,” he says. “I'm probably going to make a third draft after I finish the one I'm working on right now. The book you gave me is a tremendous help though.”“I'm glad,” Rarity says cheerfully.The two of them continue to eat in silence until they finish their meal. Spike pats his belly which makes Rarity giggle.“What?” he asks.“Oh, nothing,” Rarity answers with her hoof covered. “You just remind me of when you used to do that a lot back you were just a little dragon.”Spike blinks for a moment before he chuckles back.“Actually, I hope you still have room in that belly of yours because I'm about to make some hot cocoa and I have a little something for you to go with it.”Spike Smiles warmly and says, “Yes please, that sounds great.”Rarity smiles happily before she quietly excuses herself and leaves the dining room. Spike waits quietly for several minutes before Rarity comes back holding two mugs of hot cocoa with her magic and placing one in front of Spike.“Lots of marshmallows on yours just the way you like it,” Rarity says in a singing voice as Spike’s eyes are glued to the marshmallow covered drink. “And there's this.”Spike keeps his eyes on the hot cocoa until he sees Rarity levitate something familiar in the corner of his eye. He lifts his head up and stares in shock as he sees a familiar heart-shaped fire ruby floating across the room and gently lands right in front of him. Spike stares at it in disbelief for a moment before turning to Rarity who has already taken a sip of her hot cocoa. Rarity takes a peek after taking a sip and notices that Spike is staring at her.“Well, go on, darling, eat and drink up,” she says.“ this the fire ruby?” Spike asks.“Indeed,” Rarity says plainly before taking another sip.“But...but I gave it to you,” Spike says.“And now I'm giving it back to you,” Rarity says.“But why?” Spike asks.Rarity pauses for a moment before she puts her mug down and sighs.“I'm not worthy of keeping it any longer,” she says. “I know you think that’s ridiculous because I'm so beautiful and generous, but I know it's true. Besides, it would make me happier if you finally ate your birthday dinner than for me to keep it for myself any longer.”Spike stares at the white mare even more shocked than before as Rarity goes back to her drink as if she didn't just say something that just touched his heart. Spike turns back to staring at the ruby before finally taking a sip from his cocoa. He can't believe that the mare he has cared for all this time would say anything like that. It’s as if she somehow knows how hard it was to make that sacrifice years ago and wants to return the favor. A small smile enters his face as he feels a sense of confidence filling his heart.“That’s it then,” he thinks. “I don't care what anypony else thinks, I know what kind of pony she really is. I should tell her how I feel right now. Maybe something like that is all she needs to fully lift her spirits after everything she's been through.”Spike’s smile grows as he becomes certain that what he's thinking about is going to work. He takes a large sip of his cocoa before turning to Rarity.“I love you.”Rarity almost chokes while drinking her cocoa and coughs violently before taking a few breaths and turns to Spike.“Sorry, what was that, Spike?” she asks.Spike takes a deep breath before giving Rarity a sweet smile and says, “Rarity. I can't help but be in love with you. I always have.”Rarity’s eyes widen and her pupils shrink. She quickly turns her body away from facing Spike just in time to hide the blush growing in her cheeks. Spike looks at her starting to feel worried as Rarity processes his confession. Within seconds, her whole face is red and her heart is beating rapidly. Without noticing, the edges of her mouth curve up slightly and she places her hoof on her heart.But the moment is short lived. She shakes her head to snap out or her bashful daze and takes a deep breath. She turns back to Spike with a sympathetic smile on her face as she picks up her mug.“I'm very sorry, Spike, but I don't feel the same way.”Spike’s mouth drops slightly as his heart painfully breaks into tiny pieces. Rarity finishes her cocoa and puts her mug down before she lets out a sigh as she stares at the table.“I'm selling Canterlot Carousel to Sassy Saddles and moving back to Ponyville,” she says bluntly. “I was on my way to make it official with her while Fluttershy was waiting to meet us at the courthouse when Twinkleshine saw me. I made the decision long before you came back. Sassy still has a good name in Canterlot and she’s learned a lot from me. I know she'll take great care of it, but I can't stay here anymore. I'm trapped without my life in Ponyville where I can see Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, my parents, Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie every day. I only went outside when it rained because that was the only time I can leave my boutique without encountering ponies who would verbally attack me.”Whatever is left of Spike’s heart sinks at her words and he hangs his head in defeat.“I see,” he says dully.Rarity nods robotically and says, “So...I want to thank you for your company and your time, Spike. You really are a true friend.”Spike winces at the last word. That simple word that he has been a part of spreading throughout the world has become the most painful to hear. Neither he or Rarity say another word for a couple of minutes until Spike decides to stand up which catches Rarity’s attention.“Thank you for the meal and your hospitality, Ms. Rarity,” he says blandly. “I’m going to take my leave now.”Rarity’s heart sinks and her eyes widen as Spike turns around.“But...but wait,” she protests. “You haven't eaten your -”“Keep the ruby. It suits you,” Spike says sharply without looking at her.Rarity stares at the dragon crushed as he walks away. He stops walking a couple feet from the entryway which gives Rarity a hopeful feeling before he turns to her with a wooden expression.“Good luck in Ponyville.”This time, it’s Rarity’s turn to feel completely defeated. Spike walks away and Rarity hangs her head as she hears the front door open and close. After a few seconds, the area around her feels empty. Even with all the dresses and decorations covering the boutique, Rarity feels as if she’s in a dull, empty building. She holds her emotions back for a moment before she begins sobbing quietly. The lack of Spike’s presence breaks her heart more and more by the second.“W-why? Why did I say that?” she asks in her mind. “He offered his heart and I turned him down and lied. Always I lie to the sweetest creature in the world. He did nothing to earn my words and yet I treat him like that anyway. Why do I keep doing this? Why do I keep hurting him? Why can't I tell him what he means to me? Why can’t I tell him how much I care? Why didn't I just say that..that…?”At that, she lifts her head in realization. She turns to look at the fire ruby lying on the table with the half-empty mug and a stream of tears run down her face.“Spike,” she says softly before she slowly gets up and begins running, shouting, “Spike, wait!”She bursts out the front door and scans the area. The rain has started to come down hard again, but she doesn't care. She looks around frantically until she sees Spike flying over to Canterlot Castle.“SPIKE!” she screams as she runs toward him. “SPIKE, DON'T GO!”Spike doesn’t seem to hear her. She begins calling out to him again and again as she races through the streets, desperate to catch up.“Celestia, please don't let me be too late!” she pleads in her mind. “Please let me catch up! Let him hear me! I don't care if I have to chase him all the way to his room in the castle, I need to be with him. I need to tell him! I need to tell him the honest truth! Just let him hear me!”“SPIKE!” she cries out desperately one last time.Spike continues to fly for a few seconds before he slowly begins to descend to the street ahead. Rarity's heart rises slightly as it appears that her cries have finally reached the dragon. She continues running as fast as she can as Spike softly lands a couple blocks away from her not even looking had her. His body is still facing the road to Canterlot Castle as Rarity slows down until she finally stops just a few feet away from Spike. Not a sound is heard apart from the heavy raindrops.Rarity takes a deep breath and smiles as she says, “Spike, I -”“Forget it.”Rarity looks at Spike confused after he interrupts her. He turns around and gives her a bitter look.“I want you to forget everything I said in your store,” Spike hisses. “I...I could never truly love someone like you. If anything, I hate you.”Rarity lets out a sharp gasp. Inside she feels like a giant lance just pierced through her heart. Spike's mouth twitches as he struggles to contain all of his emotions.“I should have realized it years before I left Equestria,” he growls. “You've been nothing but poison for me. Using me as your shovel, wagon carrier, model, and then acting like you give a flying feather about me?”The lance that Rarity feels in her heart feels like it's digging deeper into her body as Spike's angry words ring through her ear. The purple dragon begins to shed tears as his rage grows like the angry young adult he is.“You! You used my feelings as your tool just so you didn't have to do one blinking hard thing yourself! You knew who I was; I was just a baby dragon! What were you thinking? What's wrong with you?” he screams. “If I had realized what I should have done long before I stepped foot in this Celestia-forsaken place for the first time in years, I wouldn't have told you a thing about my dreams or my feelings! You don't think I'm truly worth anything beyond being just your mindlessly obedient helper, do you?! What, you thought you could just humor the love-struck dragon?! Indulge and his silly, meaningless, little fantasies while you gorge yourself in chocolate and cider?! Just stringing me along to numb your pain?!”At this point, Spike struggles to keep his angry face as his emotional pain is shining deeply in his eyes while great big tears run down his face.“G-g-go on, say it!” he screams. “I was just a means to an end for your desperate games and nothing else! You always knew deep down that I will never measure up to your standards or accomplish my new dream! You knew from the very beginning that I was living a pack of lies and you could have said anything but instead you played along just like you did through every single day of my life in Ponyville!”By now, Rarity is starting to shed a new set of tears. But this time they are not for herself but for the dragon standing before her. Every word he says, every tear that comes out from his eyes breaks her heart further and further. She sees clearly in Spike's eyes that he is hurting badly and it is tearing her apart to see him in so much pain.“So tell me once and for all, Rarity!” he barks. “Tell me the stupid purple dragon should run along and never step foot near your uptight little presence ever again! Tell me that I mean nothing to you! Come on, manipulator, say something honest for a change!”Rarity hangs her head in shame as hot tears constantly emerge from her eyes. She can barely take what the poor dragon is going through anymore.“I’m nothing but a loser to you!” Spike roars. “A pin cushion! A basket holder! Trash taker! I could go on for days listing everything I've done for you! You never say what you actually felt! I'm nothing to you! Everything about our so-called friendship was nothing but lies!”“NOOOOOOO!”Before Spike realizes it, Rarity runs toward him and rams him into the tightest hug that she could muster. She lets out a high-pitched wail as she cries on his shoulder with no intention of letting him go.“No, Spike, no!” she sobs. “You were never just any of those things! I would never think that lowly of you in my darkest dreams! I never felt that way back then. Why would I ever think that now? Every morning I wanted to leave my boutique and face the ponies who used me but I was just so scared! But then you came and... and... you saved me! By Celestia, you truly saved me, Spike! Only you have truly been there to make me laugh and smile for the first time in months. When I was feeling alone even with ponies like Sassy Saddles or Twinkleshine or any pony else trying to comfort me, you alone succeeded! You, the kindest, sweetest, most generous and faithful dragon I am not worthy call myself a friend to much less what he desires.”Spike stands in shock at as the mare continues to cry on his shoulder. He doesn't know how to react to her sudden demeanor as she moves her head back to face him directly.“But you are right about one thing, Spike,” she says. “I have been manipulative to you. There is a horrible, cruel, greedy part of me that has used you no matter the consequences. I am sorry that I used you in the past as a pin cushion or a basket holder any of those things. I'm sorry that I used your feelings as a means to an end for my greedy desires. I should have been upfront with how I felt about you then, I shouldn't have run away from my responsibility to you as a friend. I'm...I’m sorry for everything! But I am here now, and no matter how you may feel about me right this minute, I will not deny how I feel about you anymore. From now on I will be upfront with you to no end starting right now.” ”Without hesitating, Rarity places both of her front hooves on both sides of Spike’s face and pulls him in for a deep, passionate kiss. Spike’s eyes widen and he stands in place, unable to process that the white mare herself is locking her lips with his. His mind wants to say she is forcing it just to try to use him again, but deep down he can feel the sincerity in her sudden moment of affection as Rarity moves her lips against his and caresses his cheeks with her hooves. When she finally breaks the kiss, she gives Spike a loving, pleading look.“I love you too, Spike,” she whimpers through her tears. “I love you so much and I hate myself for taking so long to realize it. But I really do and I want to be everything you’ve ever wanted. I want to make you happy always, and support your writing, and grow old together with you. You are the one who has given everything you have to make me happy and I, I need to pay you back tenfold. I will do anything in my power to make you happier than you've ever imagined. So please, Spike. Please…”At the sound of her begging, Spike snaps out of his dazed state and grabs Rarity by her shoulders and pushes her back breaking the hug. He brings back his furious look as he holds on onto the crying mare and barks, “Now you listen to me! I don't care that you just had the gall to kiss me or that you just claimed that you want any of those things with me! I don't want to have anything to do with you and I don't want to ever see you again! Is that clear? I want to live my own life! I don't ever want to live under your shadow ever again! I just...just…”As he yells at her, his voice slowly dies in his throat. He can't seem to be able to say any more venomous words to her. Inside, all the anger has left his body and there's nothing left for him watching her standing there looking so broken and desperate and crushed by his harsh words. Spike’s mouth quivers and his eyes become watery again as he breaks down and pulls the mare he loves into a tight hug that she immediately returns.“R-rarity!” he whines.“Spike!” Rarity sobs.The two of them continue holding each other with all their might with no desire of letting the other go. Rarity cries loudly while Spike gives her a kiss on the cheek in hopes that it will calm her down. The rain continues to drench the two of them but they don't care. All that matters is they have each other and even if neither are saying it, they have a feeling that from this point on everything might turn out okay.
Our Garden of Love Chapter 7Spike’s wings flap rapidly as he flies over the city. Moondancer and Lemon Hearts were reluctant to tell him where Minaudiere’s boutique is, but Twinkleshine was so bitter that she told him straight out. Thus, after they all had their meals and talked about how everyone else is doing as if nothing happened, Spike, Moondancer and Lemon Hearts said their goodbyes to Twinkleshine and Minuette before making their way back to the castle. Once they made it back, Moondancer and Lemon Hearts said their goodbyes and left while keeping watchful eyes on Spike. Afterward, Spike went up to his room and waited ten minutes until he was sure the two mares are not spying on him before he opened his wings and took flight.In truth, Spike doesn’t know what he’s going to do when he makes it to Minaudiere’s boutique. All he really knows is his heart is broken for Rarity and he wants to let out his anger over what happened to the ponies responsible for her pain.After several minutes of flying, he spots the place he is looking for: a fancy-looking building on the far east side of the city. A number of ponies are entering and exiting from the store as Spike swoops down and lands a few feet from the entrance. He comes inside to find the two-story building swarming with ponies looking through countless dresses, purses, hats, and other accessories. Everywhere mares are dragging their boyfriends or husbands over or coming together in groups to try on all sorts of outfits.As he walks through, Spike glances at the front counter and sees an opening through the back curtain. He can see through it that there are a dozen mares working on various stations to make the same outfits again and again precisely. The workers there are looking tired and clearly don't care about the dresses they are making as long as they follow instructions and meet their quota. Spike frowns as it is clear that little to no heart is put into any of these clothes no matter how nice they look.“Excuse me, can I help you?”Spike truths around to see a mare wearing a dark blue dress and a nametag looking at him with a wooden, professional look on her face.“Oh, yeah I'm just browsing around, thank you,” he says politely.The mare looks at him suspiciously and says, “I’m sorry, but we don't have anything made for dragons, sir.”“Oh, I'm not browsing for me, I'm browsing for a friend of mine from...Appleloosa,” Spike lies. “Her birthday is in a couple of weeks and she likes dresses from Canterlot.”The mare keeps her suspicious look and asks, “Do you have her measurements? Perhaps I can help you find dresses that fit her size?”“Oh, that's okay. I'm just browsing ideas for her right now,” Spike says with a fake smile. “I'll give you a holler if you need anything.”The mare continues to glare before she calmly walks away. Spike sighs in relief and continues looking through the store. The more he looks through it, the more he becomes disgusted with how every fancy product in the store is cold and calculated with little no hint of artistry and yet so many ponies like it. He struggles to control himself until he hears a high-pitched scoff coming from behind him and he turns around to see a thin, green mare with a black mane and tail wearing an uptight dress.“A dragon in my store? Disgusting,” she snarls in an over-the-top manner. “Get out of here before I call security on you!”In any normal circumstances, Spike would be trying to calm the pony down in protest, hurt that they would say such a thing because of what he is. In this case, however, his face remains wooden as he stares at the pony after hearing her declare that this is her store.“Minaudiere, I presume,” he says bluntly.Minaudiere scoffs again.“So you know who I am. So what? Everyone in the city does,” she says in a condescending tone. “I have nothing that would suit your species nor would I clothe you even if you offer all the most valuable jewels in Equestria.”Spike takes a deep breath to control his temper and growls, “I have no interest in your gaudy clothes. I only came to say you have some nerve pulling that stunt with Rarity.”Minaudiere acts surprised for a moment before she “humphs” in response.“Oh please, do you think I really care about that cheating has-been,” she asks coldly.At this point, Spike has lost it. He walks over to Minaudiere until their faces are inches apart.“Rarity is not a cheating has-been!” he barks, causing ponies to turn to him and Minaudiere and stare in shock. “She’s the most beautiful, talented, artistic, hard-working, generous mare in all of Equestria and beyond and you took everything from her for your shallow, greedy desires!”Ponies gasp in shock at the way that Spike is acting but he doesn't care. He just wants to let out all of his anger for all the misery that this heartless mare caused on the pony he deeply cares for. Minaudiere looks at him frightened as if she’s afraid he’s going to bite her head off.“Charmy!” she squeals.Spike looks at her in confusion until he finds himself surrounded by a yellow glow. He is suddenly lifted off the ground and turned around to see the angry eyes of a light yellow stallion in a black tux.“Get away from my mare,” he barks.But instead of looking intimidated, Spike glares at the stallion menacingly, knowing who he is. Before he can say anything, however, the stallion used his magic to throw him all the way to the other side of the store and out of the building, tumbling on the steps as he goes. Spike groans in pain before he gets up to see the stallion and Minaudiere walking over to the entrance with angry glares.“Don't you ever touch Mindy again, you filthy lizard,” the stallion shouts.“I didn't touch her and even then I’d be more worried about yourself than her, Golden Charm,” Spike growls.The stallion named Golden Charm looks at the dragon confused before his eyes light up and he lets out a fancy laugh that leaves everyone confused.“As I live and breathe, you must be Spike,” he says.Minaudiere turns to Golden Charm confused.“Charmy, you know this beast?” she asks.“All too well, my emerald,” Golden Charm says as he walks over to Spike with a boastful grin.Spike keeps glaring at the stallion menacingly as Golden Charm walks over to him until he’s only a couple feet away from the dragon.“Rarity told me everything about you, Mr. The Dragon,” he says smugly. “How you are such a kind and sweet dragon who helped her many times back when she lived in Ponyville.”“What of it?” Spike snarls.“Oh, not much,” Golden Charm says. “Just enough for me to see how the pony you claim to be so generous is the most manipulative and greedy mare I have ever met.”Spike's anger immediately rises and he gets up roaring, “What did you say?!”Once again, Spike is lifted up in the air with Golden Charm’s magic. Spike struggles in vain to free himself while the stallion’s smile is as cocky as ever.“You heard what I said,” Golden Charm says plainly. “Rarity might not have said it, but when she told me all the things you did to help her I could barely stop myself from laughing. That cow was using you to be her pin cushion because of your thick scales, manicure, shovel, even a model once you grew wings and rewarded you with a few bats of her eyelashes or mere shards of gems and you let her because you were a little boy desperately in love.”Spike winces at the way Golden Charm mockingly brings up his feelings for Rarity in front of everypony. Minaudiere gasps and gags in disgust.“Dear Celestia, do you mean to tell me this reptile is in love with a pony?!” she screeches. “That is absolutely gross! Bad enough that stallion is dating a hippogriff. And this beast has been chasing Rarity since he was a child? Repulsive!”“Quite right, my dear,” Golden Charm says before lowering Spike down until the two of them are at eye length while the dragon is still under the unicorn stallion’s control. “Now, dear boy, I insist that you calm yourself. There's no need to be hostile against me and my mare. Why even if for the sake of argument we did anything to sabotage Ms. Rarity, you should admire what we did.”“What?!” Spike barks. “Why in Celestia’s name would I ever want to do a thing like that?”“Oh, come now, dear boy. It's quite obvious,” Golden Charm says. “Thanks to my Minaudiere, Rarity got what she deserves. After years of using a poor creature like you for her own manipulative means, she finally got everything she deserves. Now every pony who is worth knowing knows that she is nothing more than a liar and a crook who uses her so-claimed talents and flair to get what she wants no matter who she uses. Now you can let go of your feelings for that prissy good-for-nothing and start fawning over your own kind in your own land like a good dragon. In short, you should be thanking Minaudiere for what she did.”At this point, Spike’s anger is at its peak. The way that Golden Charm talked down to him and dragons in general as well as talking that way about Rarity enrages him. Golden Charm merely keeps his smirk before using his magic to bring Spike right in front of Minaudiere who has a boastful look in her face, clearly agreeing with her boyfriend’s idea.“So say ‘thank you, Ms. Minaudiere,” Golden Charm says in a childish tone as if he was teaching a trick to a pet. “Say ‘Thank you so much for bringing down that heartless hag for poor little me.’”“Never!” Spike screams angrily and he struggles in vain to break free from Golden Charm’s control.“Very well,” Golden Charm says with an uncaring sigh as he uses his magic to throw Spike over to the other side of the street and crash into a wall. Ponies passing by gasp in shock while Spike slowly gets up groaning in pain. He growls menacingly while Golden Charm walks over to him, still smirking confidently.“Shall we try again?” he asks mockingly.“You’re the real liar and thief and your girlfriend is the real manipulative hag,” Spike snarls.Minaudiere scoffs and glares angrily at Spike whereas Golden Charm merely shrugs uncaringly in response. He prepares to use his magic again when two voices shout, “HALT!” Everypony turns around and sees two guards marching toward Golden Charm, Minaudiere and Spike with serious looks on their faces. It takes a moment before Spike recognizes them as Blazing Star and Trailbreaker.“What do you think you're doing?” Trailbreaker asks firmly to Golden Charm.“I was teaching this reptile a lesson is all, guard,” Golden Charm says proudly. “He was trespassing in Ms. Minaudiere’s boutique.”Blazing Star and Trailbreaker look at each other in confusion before the former asks, “Sir, is not this boutique open to the public?”“Not to his kind!” Minaudiere barks.“Ma’am, dragons have been allowed in Equestria for years,” Trailbreaker points out bluntly. “You have no authority to discriminate dragons or other sentient creatures.”“I can if he was assaulting me,” Minaudiere screeches hysterically. “He grabbed me by my dress and verbally assaulted me before attacking my boyfriend.”Spike becomes uneasy with her accusations as half of them are true and the crowd is looking at him in surprise or disgust. Even Blazing Star and Trailbreaker look at him with serious looks, clearly ready to take action if necessary even if they are friends.“He didn’t attack anyone, gentlecolts.”All eyes turn to Fancy Pants who steps outside from Manaudiere’s boutique with Fleur-de-lis. All the high-class ponies look at him in surprise as the important pony and his wife stand between Golden Charm and Minaudiere, and Spike.“It's true that Mr. The Dragon yelled at the mademoiselle, but it was simply because of his species that she thought she was about to be attacked and thus Mr. Charm here made the decision to use his magic to pick up Mr. The Dragon and throw him out of the store and begin verbally abusing him while keeping him hostage with his magic,” he says. “The only one who was committing assault is the accusing party here.”Golden Charm and Minaudiere become uneasy after being called out by one of the most important ponies in all of Canterlot. Blazing Star and Trailbreaker are secretly relieved that Spike is innocent before turning to some of the other ponies in the crowd.“Is that how everypony else saw it?” Trailbreaker asks.A bunch of ponies in the crowd either nod or mutter words of agreement that back up Fancy Pants. Blazing Star and Trailbreaker smile satisfied before turning to Spike.“Do you wish to press charges, Mr. The Dragon?” Blazing Star asks in a professional manner.Spike mentally grins mischievously as he considers the offer. It sounds like a perfect opportunity even if it is in a small way to get back at the two horrible ponies who publicly wronged Rarity. But then he realizes that because of Golden Charm’s status in Canterlot, it is highly unlikely that he would get any harsh treatment it would do nothing to help Rarity's case anyway. After giving it a little more thought, Spike lets out a reluctant sigh.“No,” he says. “This guy is not worth it.”Some of the ponies in the crowd gasp softly in surprise while others quietly sigh in relief. Blazing Star and Trailbreaker look at their friend surprised for a moment before they nod in understanding.“Very well,” Blazing Star says before turning back to Golden Charm. “Consider this a warning, sir. Discrimination against other creatures will not be tolerated in any way. See to it that you never pull anything like this again or we will have to take action. Understand?”“Perfectly, my good stallion,” Golden Charm says in a half-baked response before turning around and walking back inside the boutique with Minaudiere. The crowd begins to disperse as Spike turns around about to leave when he feels a hoof land on his shoulder and he turns around to see his two guard friends with concerned looks on their faces.“Spike, what was that really all about?” Trailbreaker asks concerned.Spike opens his mouth to answer, but before he speaks, Fancy Pants clears his throat catching the dragon and the two guards, attention as he and Fleur-de-lis walk over to them.“Good show for not stooping to his level, old boy,” Fancy Pants says with an old friendly smile.“Uh, thanks,” Spike says. “And thanks for speaking up for me.”“Think nothing of it, old boy. Always glad to set the record straight,” Fancy Pants says before his smiles fades and he walks closer to Spike until they are inches apart. “All that to say, however, I must ask, was that brute right? Did Ms. Rarity really use you constantly in those ways back when you two lived in Ponyville?”Spike winces and notices that Fleur-de-lis, Trailbreaker and Blazing Star are all looking at him, suddenly looking as curious about the question as Fancy Pants is.“W-w-well, sort of, but he was totally taking it out of context,” Spike says desperately. “I mean I’m was always willing to help my friends in some way or another when I lived in Ponyville. I was Princess Twilight Sparkle’s assistant for goodness sake.”“But was Ms. Rarity in particular really using your abilities as a dragon for her own means?” Fancy Pants asks seriously.Spike opens his mouth to deny what Fancy Pants is saying until he hesitates. Unfortunately, his reaction is all Fancy Pants needs as the old stallion sighs.“I see,” he says before giving Spike a concerned look. “Spike, be very careful with her. She may not be everything she appears to be.”“You don't know that,” Spike hisses. “You know that she’s not a thief. She’s the Element of Generosity! Heck, the fact that Golden Charm and Minaudiere was so quick to falsely accuse me should give the implication that the ponies in Canterlot outcast the wrong fashionista.”“Perhaps,” Fancy Pants says unfazed. “But it sounds clear to me that even if she’s innocent of what happened at the festival, the fact that she used a young dragon to do all those things for her own means still gives the implication that she’s not so innocent regardless. In fact, let me ask you this, dear boy: can you think of a time where she showed more gratitude than just specs of gems or some pretty look?”“Of course, I can,” Spike says. “She gave me a kiss on the cheek when I rescued her in Ponyville from myself when I turn into a giant monster. Heck, the week before that she gave me a kiss because I…”Spike’s voice dies in his throat. Fancy Pants raises his eyebrow while everypony else is looking at the young adult dragon eagerly.“When you what?” Fancy Pants asks.Spike sighs and says, “When I gave her the fire ruby that was meant to be my birthday dinner.”“I see,” Fancy Pants says plainly while Trailbreaker, Blazing Star and Fleur-de-lis look at Spike surprised. Fancy Pants sighs again as he places his hoof on Spike’s shoulder and looks at him sympathetically. “Look, son, I know this hard for somecreature like you to take, but maybe it's best that you move on from whatever feelings you have for Rarity. It seems clear that she has been a bad influence for you and you can't go on defending someone who clearly used you. Maybe in that regard, Golden Charm is right and you should let go.”Spike looks at Fancy Pants hurt by his words. The stallion sighs and says, “Think about it,” before he and Fleur-de-lis leave. Blazing Star and Trailbreaker look at each other confused before turning to their dragon friend.“What is going on here, Spike?” Trailbreaker asks worriedly. “Is what they are saying about you and Rarity true?”But Spike doesn’t say anything. He just stands still watching Fancy Pants and his wife walk away, crushed at everything he just said.
Our Garden of Love Chapter 6It hasn't rained since the day Rarity made her promise to Spike.For the past couple of weeks, there hasn't been a cloud in the sky in Canterlot. It turned out that because of scheduling conflicts in Cloudsdale, the rainy season actually lasted ten days longer than normal. This information keeps swirling through Spike’s mind each day that he wakes up to see the sun shining through his room window. Thus he’s been spending each day forcing his thoughts about Rarity to the back of his mind to the best of his ability so that he can focus solely on his book. Day by day, he writes whether he’s in Twilight’s study with Moondancer or in his room in Canterlot Castle. Eventually, he had to visit the quill store for more paper, ink, and quills after using all the ink and paper that Moondancer had to spare in the study much to the mare’s annoyance.Yet despite his progress on his dream, Rarity still finds a way into his mind. Every now and then, he would think about her promise to tell him what is wrong with her the next time it rains and so hasn't seen her at all because of the lack of rain. Whenever he does, he would feel a sharp pain in his heart and even want to cry over the cruel turn fate has taken upon him. It wasn't long before Moondancer noticed his change in demeanor and so decided to do something about it.“Hey, Spike,” she says one afternoon in Twilight’s study.“Hmm?” Spike says with his eyes fixed on his writing?“Remember when Lemon Hearts suggested a get together between you, me, her, Twinkleshine and Minuette?”“Yeah,” Spike answers half paying attention.“Well, we decided to have a get together with them and we'd like for you to join us,” she says.“Hmmm, hmmmm,” Spike replies plainly.Moondancer frowns and puts her hoof in front of the paper that Spike is writing on, making him lift his head to face her.“You did hear what I said, right?” she asks with a glare.“Oh, yeah, sure. Hangout with Twinkleshine and Minuette. Sounds great,” Spike says half-heartedly.Moondancer raises her eyebrow and leans her head very close to Spike's so that he looks at her deep in the eyes. It takes a moment before Spike fully processes what the mare is thinking.“Oh, you mean like right now?” he asks.“Yes, I mean right now,” Moondancer says firmly. “You've been working on your book almost non-stop and Lemon Hearts has been planning this for a while now. It’s time that you take a break and spend some real quality time with friends.”Spike frowns nervously, looks at his writing and says, “I don't know. I kind of wish you told me this earlier so I would have been better prepared or something.”“Oh no you don't, Mr. The Dragon,” Moondancer says in a matter-of-factually tone as she lifts all of Spike’s papers up with her magic, places them in a wooden chest and casts a protection bubble over it. “You are not writing another word until you get out there and socialize.”Spike makes a childish, mopey face as he stares into the wooden chest helplessly, wishing that Moondancer could have let him finish the section that he was working on. Finally, he sighs reluctantly and gives the cream unicorn a childish pout.“Somehow I get the feeling that you got more from Twilight than just her books when she gave you this place,” he grumbles.“Well, maybe you should have considered that possibility when you started taking some of my other spare parchment without permission just to work on your book,” Moondancer remarks like a mother rebuking her child.“I rest my case,” Spike says with a sigh.***************************************************************“SPIKE!”Moondancer brought Spike to a cafe in one of the busiest sections of Canterlot where Lemon Hearts is waiting for them with Twinkleshine and Minuette. The latter of the two are so excited to see their dragon friend again for the first time in years that they run after him. Spike chuckles nervously as Twinkleshine and Minuette ram him into a tight group hug. He gasps for air for a moment before the two excited mares let go of him. Moondancer and Lemon Hearts chuckle in amusement while Spike coughs a couple of time before speaking.“Great to see you girls again too,” he wheezes.“I can't believe you're back. Have you really been living in Canterlot Castle in secret?” Minuette asks enthusiastically.Spike turns to Moondancer who merely smirks and says, “Yes, they know you're keeping your return a secret.”“And we know not to say a word to Twilight,” Twinkleshine adds with an excited grin.Spike sighs, satisfied with their answer and smiles at Twinkleshine and Minuette saying. “Yes, I've been back for a couple of months and I'm keeping my return a secret outside of Canterlot for the time being.”The two mares giggle in amusement before Lemon Hearts steps in.“Alright, fillies, let’s be seated and order some lunch,” she says. “I’m sure we all have lots of questions for Spike while we wait for our food.”Everyone nods in agreement as they all sit together in a large table outside of the cafe. A waiter comes and takes their orders and leaves before all eyes are suddenly on Spike.“So, tell us everything about the Dragonlands,” Minuette demands.“Uh, well I'm actually hoping to save that for my book,” Spike says. “I don't know if Moondancer has told you, but I'm basically keeping my return a secret until I have finished writing my book about my time in the Dragonlands and the various kinds of dragons.”Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine and Minuette’s eyes widen enthusiastically.“Oh my gosh, that’s exciting!” Lemon Hearts says enthusiastically. “How much of it have you done?”“I still have a long way to go,” Spike answers. “I've only been working on it for a few months and there's a lot that I want to talk about.”“And it was my idea to have him write it,” Moondancer says proudly. “Or at least it may as well have been since he was just reading random books for a while whenever it wasn't raining.”“Huh? What do you mean?” Twinkleshine asks.“Apparently, purple, tall and scaly here never leaves his room when it rains,” Moondancer says giving Spike a suspicious look. “He says he has to stay in bed or have 7-hour bubble baths if it so much as drizzles.”Lemon Hearts scratches her chin and says, “Now that you mention it, he does ask me to help him prepare a big lunch fit for a picnic whenever it rains.”The four mares turn to the dragon with suspicious or curious looks. Spike chuckles nervously while scratching the back of his head.“I...uh, have a condition where I have to stay inside when it rains,” he lies. “So I ask Lemon Hearts to help me have enough food so that I don't starve while I'm staying in my room. It’s a dragon thing.”“Oh? So this will be something we’re gonna learn all about in your book?” Moondancer asks suspiciously like a parent suspecting a foal on a lie.“Uh, yes, of course,” Spike claims.Moondancer glares at Spike suspiciously while Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette watch him intently, believing his lie.“Well, that sounds interesting,” Lemon Hearts says cheerfully. “Can you give us another sample of what’s in your book?”Spike gets uneasy as all eyes are staring at him in hopes to say more about his project.“Aw, you don't need to know too much already,” he says with a nervous chuckle. “I think one example is enough.”“Aw, come on, Spike. I would appreciate hearing at least one other thing about dragons that you learned while you were gone,” Twinkleshine says with a pout.“Me too,” Minuette coos.Spike feels a slight blush on his cheeks and rubs the back of his head.“Okay, I guess one little story couldn't hurt,” he says.“Yay!” Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette cheer. Spike chuckles, flattered by their enthusiasm as he clears his throat.“Okay, so it was my third month in the Dragonlands, right? And I have this feud with this taller dragon named Garble,” he begins. “Dragon Lord Ember constantly tries to break us up every time we have an argument, but even she knew that she could not stop our desire to best the other even with all the magic she had in her scepter.”Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette listen intently, looking already exhilarated from the beginning of Spike’s story. Even Moondancer listens with an amused smirk despite her earlier suspicions. Spike himself finds himself enjoying being the center of attention just by telling this one tale.As he continues to tell the story, however, he starts to have a guilty feeling inside. He wonders what is the matter in his mind as he talks until he realizes that he’s telling this story to a few mares when there’s only one mare that he would want to personally tell this story to.“RARITY!”Spike’s heart skips a beat as the name that Twinkleshine just said rings in his ear. He turns to her and sees that she’s staring past him in shock. He turns around to indeed see Rarity walking by them with Sassy Saddles. She is covering her face with a large hat and sunglasses and a plain dress, but even with her garment covering her cutie mark, there was no denying that it’s Rarity. Spike almost stands up to call her out too for a moment before he notices that both her and Sassy Saddles have crestfallen looks on their faces as they walk. He turns his head to notice that Twinkleshine, Minuette, Lemon Hearts have concerned looks on their faces and Moondancer is frowning.“Rarity!” Twinkleshine calls again.This time, Rarity turns to the four mares and the dragon and looks surprised to see them. Twinkleshine gets up from her seat and runs over to her and Sassy Saddles with a worried look.“Twinkleshine,” Rarity says softly as Twinkleshine hugs her abruptly.“I’m so sorry. We should have been here to help you,” Twinkleshine whimpers as tears start to appear from her eyes.Rarity frowns uncomfortably has she gently hugs the other mare back.“There, there, please don't worry about it,” Rarity says.“Rarity, we better get going,” Sassy Saddles says seriously. “Fluttershy is waiting for us and we must make it to the courthouse before -”“Rarity?!”All eyes turn to an older mare dressed in fine clothes who looks at Rarity with a disgusted look on her face.“You have some nerve to be showing your face again after what you pulled,” the older mare snarls.“Hey, she didn't pull anything,” Twinkleshine barks. “She was tricked by Golden Charm and Minaudiere.”The older mare scoffs in an appalling manner.“You even have some ponies who actually think you’re innocent? For shame!” she rebukes.“We don’t think, we know,” Minuette says angrily as she and Lemon Hearts walk over to where Twinkleshine is standing between the old mare and Rarity and Sassy Saddles. “Rarity would never plagiarize off another fashionista’s work in her wildest dreams.”“Oh please,” the old mare says with a wave of her hoof. “If that were true, she wouldn't be caught with the same dress for everypony who is anypony to see.”“That’s only because -” Lemon Hearts begins before Rarity speaks out.“Girls, drop it, please,” she says glumly yet firmly.“But - but, Rarity,” Twinkleshine protests.“No buts,” Rarity says. “I appreciate what you're all trying to do, but it's no use arguing with this mare without proof. It won't change anything.”Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine and Minuette try to utter words of protest, but Rarity and Sassy Saddles just turn around and begin walking away without another word. As they walk, however, Rarity notices Spike sitting down next to Moondancer. The white mare and the purple dragon stare at each other with Spike confused with what he is witnessing and Rarity looks at him shocked. Her shock turns back into a glum look as she turns her head and walks out of sight with Sassy Saddles. The elder mare scoffs again and walks in the other direction without a care and Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine and Minuette glare daggers at her before they sadly return to their seats with Spike and Moondancer. All five of them are quiet until Moondancer let's out a sigh.“I can't believe we actually saw her out of Canterlot Carousel,” she says.Spike looks at the mare with the glasses confused.“What do you mean?” he asks.All four mares turn to him surprised and Minuette asks, “You mean you didn't hear about Golden Charm dating Rarity and using her?”Spike frowns, figuring that what Minuette just said is what Rarity was going to tell him the next time they meet privately. He wishes he kept silent for the sake of Rarity keeping her promise, but he figures it is too late so he may as well learn everything now.“No, I never heard of him or...that,” he says, feeling uneasy. “I didn't know that Rarity was in town.”“You mean you didn't know that Rarity moved here years ago?” Lemon Hearts asks in disbelief. “Oh my goodness, you isolate yourself in the castle more than I thought.”“I guess,” Spike says. “But seriously, what happened?”Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette look at each other before Moondancer sighs.“I'll tell him,” she announces before turning to Spike with a serious look. “Now, Spike, understand that while we don't know the entire story, Rarity is completely innocent no matter what anypony in Canterlot says and if you care for her at all as a friend you won't let a soul convince you otherwise.”Spike nods in understanding as Moondancer thinks for a moment before she begins her tale.“It was about a year ago when she started dating him,” she says. “Golden Charm gained a wealthy business in Baltimare that lead to him needing to move to Canterlot. Before long, he became very popular among the Canterlot elite. Everypony loved his irresistible charm and good looks and Rarity was no exception. The two met at a garden party and hit it off right away. After a couple of months, Rarity began to say that she was falling deeply in love with Golden Charm.”Spike’s frown deepens at hearing that Rarity fell in love with someone else, but hides it from the others as Moondancer continues.“Even though he didn't say anything to imply that he felt the same way, we were happy for her. The way she talked about how wonderful he was to her sounded like she finally found the prince charming that she was searching for, for the longest time,” she says before she frowns sadly. “But things eventually took a turn for the worst.”Spike notices all of the mares looking depressed before Moondancer speaks again.“It was about several months ago and Rarity was working on her line for Canterlot’s Grand Spring Festival where she had entered its fashion contest. It’s a great opportunity for ponies in Canterlot's fashion industry like her to gain attention for Canterlot Carousel. She decided to create a new fabric that she knew would blow away every elite pony in the city. She was very secretive about what she was creating because she did not want anyone to know about it after what happened between her and Suri Polomare during Fashion Week in Manehattan years ago.”Spike nods in understanding, remembering Rarity, Twilight and their friends from Ponyville telling him all about that adventure.“Unfortunately, Golden Charm is very charismatic and ultimately professed his love to Rarity. She was so happy that she thought she could trust him with anything as easily as she can trust Twilight or Fluttershy or even you, Spike,” Moondancer continues. “So she showed him her line and the specific fabric she personally made and even told him how she made it.”“Uh oh,” Spike says worryingly. “I don't like where this is going.”“You shouldn’t,” Moondancer says bluntly. “At the fashion show during the festival, Rarity was all set with her models all ready to show everypony her work. But right before it was her turn, this other mare named Minaudiere who had just recently opened her own shop showed her dresses first and not only did Minaudiere’s dresses have the same special fabric, but she openly claimed that she created it herself.”Spike’s eyes widened and his heart sank. He can't believe what he is hearing.“Rarity, as you can imagine, was shocked,” Moondancer says. “What was worse was that she had to still show her dresses right after and so when the audience saw her line with the same fabric, they were confused and Minaudiere was quick to accuse her of theft. Rarity tried to explain that what her opponent said was false and that she was the real culprit, but she had no proof. She was booed and ridiculed off the stage and before you could say magical tapestries, her reputation and her business fell drastically. Clients new and old canceled orders, some ponies would come to her shop just to verbally attack her. It was just an endless cycle of shame.”Spike’s heart breaks at this news. His shock then turns into anger as he growls, “Let me guess, Golden Charm used her to help this Minaudiere.”“Yes, he did,” Twinkleshine says bitterly. “It turns out that Golden Charm and Minaudiere are an item and they kept their relationship a secret long enough for him to use Rarity for their own manipulative means for Minaudiere to gain popularity for her own boutique. She’s been living off all the attention and clients that should have been rightfully Rarity’s ever since.”“Personally, I wish she brought the princesses into this. They would have done something,” Minuette says.“No, they wouldn't have,” Lemon Hearts says sadly. “Even if they did, ponies would still look down on Rarity for using the princesses as a trump card to get things her way. Besides, the princesses can't do anything without proof.”“You mean there's really no one besides you four who know she's innocent?” Spike asks desperately.“Sassy Saddles, Saffron Masala, and her father do,” Moondancer says sadly. “But apart from them, there are some ponies like Fancy Pants who want to believe her but can’t really do much about it without proof, especially since they only have Rarity’s word to go off by because she isolated herself so much just to make the fabric. Some ponies like us still shop in Canterlot Carousel, but no matter what, it looks like Rarity is completely washed up here in Canterlot.”Spike’s feels like his heart has been completely crushed into a million pieces. Having a shop in Canterlot was Rarity’s dream all her life. He probably knows that more than anyone in Equestria’s capital. As he contemplates everything Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette just said, it becomes all to clear why Rarity has been so lifeless every time he meets her in the royal garden. Nothing in the world could devastate her so much like losing her dream after all her hard work for it.Finally, Spike’s sad face turns into an angry one which Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Twinkleshine, and Minuette are quick to notice.“Do you know where Minaudiere’s boutique is?” he asks.
Unfinished Rarity/Spike comic by DANMAKUMAN
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In defense of Sparity and its fans once more...So I know I made a journal about it a couple years ago, addressing the points, but since I've clearly been attacked and called a "pedophile" and "making excuses" in regards to my points by a couple of people, I'm going to go over the claims, and explain why I'm not "making excuses" and why fans can believe what they want, regardless of if anyone disagrees. "Spike acts like a child because of his child-like behavior, he often rides Twilight, and the other fans treat him very child-like by calling him Spikey wikey and pinching his cheeks" This is true in the early episodes more than anything. Ok, I'll admit in the early episodes, he does act childish in many regards, and the characters treat him as such. But he matures mentally as the series progresses, and likewise the characters don't treat him like a child as much in the later seasons, if at all. Maturing mentally admittedly doesn't make one physically older, but it's also about how the characters treat him less child-like too in the later seasons. I believe that he matures both mentally, AS WELL AS physically as the series goes on, considering we don't know how much time passes, but we can believe that it's a year per season or so. Riding on Twilight just so happens to be a convenience because of his size, and some species of certain animals don't grow as fast, even if they're still aging physically. Same principle for that bed of his. Both of which things seem to fade as the series progresses, much like the characters' treatment of him as he develops. Also, I knew at least a couple of people in high school who acted childish and exhibited child-like behaviors. But I didn't think for a second that they were any younger physically just because they acted child-like in many ways. "He's been confirmed to be a pre-teen, as evidenced by Molt Down, and Jim Miller even said this." While I did see the tweet that's being mentioned, it clearly began with "I think". In fact, the earlier tweet that I posted in my last journal, likewise, began with "I imagine" when it came to Spike being 16-22 in pony years. So basically, neither of these are official age assignments. Furthermore, in the earlier tweet, Jim Miller said its up to the fans to decide, as no official age has been established within the show. He also tweeted in regards to Dragon Dropped that whether fans want to believe that episode strengthened Sparity or ended it is entirely up to them to decide. "Spike just went through puberty in Molt Down. This confirms that he's a pre-teen at the oldest." Um no? It was a metaphor for puberty more than anything, and puberty can happen at any age. Just because some experience it as a pre-teen, doesn't mean everyone does. If that's the case, then Jim Miller's tweet about Dragon Dropped implies that he's some sort of immoral staff member for the show that doesn't care if the fans ship a child and adult or not. Give me a break. "Why is he smaller than the other actual teenage dragons and treated differently?" Because, as I already mentioned, some species of certain animals grow at a slower rate, even if they're still aging physically. Clearly, he was allowed to compete in the Dragon Lord contest, which would have allowed him to be their new ruler. I was told that way back, people were allowed to rule at as young as age 11. But this isn't olden times. The show clearly takes place in modern times. Most governments would require people to be a certain age, maybe a mid teenager at the VERY YOUNGEST to have any position of authority, let alone a ruler, yet the dragons were clearly okay with it. "He's constantly referred to as a baby dragon throughout the show" And? I've read that in mythology, dragons can be as old as in their 20s or 30s and still be considered a "baby dragon" by their species' standards, and who's to say much of this show isn't based on mythology? What his physical age is more important than what he's considered to be by his species' standards. "Rarity has shown no interest in him but is always fascinated with older stallions more around her age." Yeah and do tell, which of those has worked out? The two stallions that she's shown the most interest in romantically are Prince Blueblood and Trenderhoof, and we saw very clearly that those crushes didn't work out. In fact, who's to say that she herself doesn't have the mindset of a teenage girl that's only interested in attractive and/or "popular" guys? Not referring to her physical age when I say teenage, but that may potentially be her mindset. "Rarity is seen with gray hair at the end of the series, meaning that he's around 20 or 30 while she's around 40 or 50, implying a 10 or more age difference." I looked and I only counted and I two gray hairs at most. Not nearly as many as truly old characters like Granny Smith or Mayor Mare. Plus, it was implied that Twilight herself was only a few years old herself when she hatched him. In Magic Kindergarten, I believe it was. I'm tired of us fans of the ship being called pedophiles, I'm sick of our reasoning being called "making up excuses to justify pedophilia" and "being in denial". I'm just sick of it all. We didn't just hear the reasons on the other side of the argument but chose to make up "excuses" for the reasons that those are against it gave. We addressed it with counterpoints that are based on facts the show has shown us, some of our own personal experiences, as well as tweets from the official show staff. If people still want to believe that he's as old as the show often implies, that's their own head canon, which they're more than entitled to, but it's completely and utterly disrespectful to tell us that our side of the argument is "making up excuses to justify pedophilia" and "being in denial". I'm beyond done with it all! People need to learn some respect!...
MLP [Next Gen] I want to be strong like dad by VelveagicSentryYT


Can I have other My Little Pony characters in?
Of course you can, as long as there's Spike or Rarity in (or both of 'em) :)

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Of course!

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It depends how mature it is. And yes, you can - we will review it and give it a proper category.

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We'd appreciate it, as it save us some time. Not a problem now, but when the group gets more popular it can be a little problematic.

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I know it's been a long time and I should of done this ages ago. But does anyone want to be the new founder?
My taste has changed from mlp and I don't do pony art anymore
I'll still look at it from time to time
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To be honest, I'd prefer a Spike x Rarity ship to happen as they are right now.  Reason being, the thought of Spike being much older...
I've seen dragon behavior of older dragons from previous episodes, as well as the episode "Secret of my Excess;" the older a dragon gets, the greedier it gets.  I tend to equate older dragons with a higher level of aggression, and that's something I don't want to see befalling upon Rarity.  Older Spike, to me, means a more aggressive Spike.  I feel that Rarity may not like what Spike will become if he's older.
knightcommander Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Spike's never gonna get the girl.  He's gonna die miserable and alone while Rarity is off galvanting around Equestria with some rich guy.  I don't hate Spike, but I gotta call it like I see it.
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