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2018 Art Summary by Spigu 2018 Art Summary :iconspigu:Spigu 2 0 The Bandicoots by Spigu The Bandicoots :iconspigu:Spigu 18 9 Starlight shadow by Spigu Starlight shadow :iconspigu:Spigu 9 3 Gonna Fly Now by Spigu Gonna Fly Now :iconspigu:Spigu 21 3 Sun and Moon faves by Spigu Sun and Moon faves :iconspigu:Spigu 27 5 2017 Art Summary by Spigu 2017 Art Summary :iconspigu:Spigu 3 0 Headache by Spigu Headache :iconspigu:Spigu 4 0 Test of Courage by Spigu Test of Courage :iconspigu:Spigu 60 4 GenVIItober: Counterparts by Spigu GenVIItober: Counterparts :iconspigu:Spigu 24 0 GenVIItober: Seasons by Spigu GenVIItober: Seasons :iconspigu:Spigu 27 0 GenVIItober: Mudbray and Mudsdale by Spigu GenVIItober: Mudbray and Mudsdale :iconspigu:Spigu 26 0 GenVIItober: Cutiefly and Rikombee by Spigu GenVIItober: Cutiefly and Rikombee :iconspigu:Spigu 7 0 Fire Prince by Spigu Fire Prince :iconspigu:Spigu 15 6 Time of wonders by Spigu Time of wonders :iconspigu:Spigu 6 0 Time twist by Spigu Time twist :iconspigu:Spigu 13 2 Losing once more by Spigu Losing once more :iconspigu:Spigu 0 2


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2018 Art Summary
Submitting this a little late because I wasn't at home during the holidays.

I didn't draw all that much last year but maybe this year will be better! At least I made a couple of traditional paintings that I'm happy with. I would also like to play around with that messy digital style.
The characters in the July and August drawings belong to hitodama and SophiaFrederica, respectively.

The Bandicoots
I recently got a PS4 and I'm having so much fun with these nostalgia games ♥ (I say as I yell NNOOO for the umpteenth time, falling to my death)

1.5 hour doodle in SAI
Starlight shadow
I just wanted to draw stars... also I like to go overboard with contrast and effects. ;o;
Gonna Fly Now
I seem to draw Flygon at least once a year so here's one for 2018!
Stolen from hitodama89!
I limited myself to just one 'mon from each evolutionary line (per generation) because otherwise this would have got really boring. :')

Gen 1
1. #059 Arcanine by Pokemon-ressources
2. #004 Charmander by Pokemon-ressources
3. #094 Gengar by Pokemon-ressources
4. #136 Flareon by Pokemon-ressources
5. #002 Ivysaur by Pokemon-ressources
Honorable mentions: Butterfree, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Raichu, Dratini, Articuno

Gen 2
1. #162 Furret by Pokemon-ressources
2. # 197 Umbreon by Pokemon-ressources
3. #181 Ampharos by Pokemon-ressources
4. #153 Bayleef by Pokemon-ressources
5. #164 Noctowl by Pokemon-ressources
Honorable mentions: Croconaw, Espeon, Girafarig, Steelix, Skarmory, Houndour, Tyranitar

Gen 3
1. #330 Flygon by Pokemon-ressources
2. #262 Mightyena by Pokemon-ressources
3. #310 Manectric by Pokemon-ressources
4. #258 Mudkip by Pokemon-ressources
5. #304 Aron by Pokemon-ressources
Honorable mentions: Armaldo, Salamence, Breloom, Delcatty, Altaria, Metagross, Latios

Gen 4
1. #405 Luxray by Pokemon-ressources
2. #470 Leafeon by Pokemon-ressources
3. #472 Gliscor by Pokemon-ressources
4. #448 Lucario by Pokemon-ressources
5. #446 Munchlax by Pokemon-ressources
Honorable mentions: Glaceon, Garchomp, Drifloon, Magmortar, Froslass. Least fav gen.

Gen 5
1. #635 Hydreigon by Pokemon-ressources
2. #609 Chandelure by Pokemon-ressources
3. #545 Scolipede by Pokemon-ressources
4. #579 Reuniclus by Pokemon-ressources
5. #573 Cinccino by Pokemon-ressources
Honorable mentions: This is my absolute favorite generation so like every other Pokémon, including Whimsicott, Braviary, Swadloon, Maractus, Bisharp...

Gen 6
1. #704 Goomy by Pokemon-ressources
2. #691 Dragalge by Pokemon-ressources
3. #715 Noivern by Pokemon-ressources
4. #699 Aurorus by Pokemon-ressources
5. #695 Heliolisk by Pokemon-ressources
Honorable mentions: Braixen, Talonflame, Xerneas, Tyrantrum, Carbink

Gen 7
1. #783 Hakamo-o by Pokemon-ressources
2. #744 Rockruff by Pokemon-ressources
3. #734 Yungoos by Pokemon-ressources
4. #724 Decidueye by Pokemon-ressources
5. #757 Salandit by Pokemon-ressources
Honorable mentions: Torracat, Cutiefly, Toucannon, Mudsdale, Lurantis, Pyukumuku, Type: Null, Drampa, Lunala, Alolan Vulpix & Meowth


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