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Princess Celestia

Just playing around with grads in inkscape, Tia seemed like a good choice

Edit- jewels now properly done colours, along with small transparency removed from mane
Edit2- Fixed some fills disobeying the strokes

The (updated) svg: [link]
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May I use the vector in my arts, please?

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Used as eye reference:

Celestia and Luna's Retirement
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Wolf Pup Adean MLP style  by WolfSpiritClan  Used vector image
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I used your vector: here
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I used this here and credited you: Thanks!
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pssssssst! Can I use this one too? Trying for another animated mane!
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Absolutely haha
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Good work on this one, by the way!

True story, I did a 30-min search over the web for a good vector to sit opposite the Luna one, narrowed it down to about ten options, decided to ask for this one. Only then did I realize it was also yours!
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Haha thank you, It's actually one of my first vectors I used for learning/practice.

And feel free to use any of my vectorso :D Your animations Are really cool! 
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That vector looks similar to this here.

Princess Celestia by spier17  from :icon90sigma:
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Wow muy good Princess Celestia is beautiful :D
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May I please use this for a ref on one of my fan arts? :)
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Would I be able to make this into a base? I'll credit you!
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Yes you can :)
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Yes you can 
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