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Hearts and Hooves

Thanks and credit go to :iconkp-shadowsquirrel: for his original rarity sketch and to :iconarchive-alicorn: for her crystal heart which I modified for this vector :D

I guess I did end up making something for the holiday, and just in time for the first full year since my very first vector too! so double celebration!

Happy Valentines / Hearts and Hooves Day Everyone! Hug 

Yay, thank you! Is featured in EQD's Drawfriend #1077:…

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Wow That's A Big One...From Spike I Guess?
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Very nice. That heart was a bitch, nice recolor and effects.
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I believe that haha, so many separate pieces, and it saved so much time using yours instead of making a new one.
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heh this reminds me of the va panel where Lee Tockar, Tabitha, Cathy and.. gah can't remember if there was someone else I think I might be forgetting... But I remember Tabitha doing RAarity  "Where's my rock??"  to Spike and Cathy going all "Oh, it's outside I needed a few ponies to help haul it in it's the size of Las Pegasus"   XD    cool art/vector!
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"It's the size of Las Pegasus"

Me: Wait, What!?

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You seem to be the KP sketch vectoring guru, so just in case, I call these ones!
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Haha I wouldn't really say that,  but thank you, and no worries I don't have any plans to work on his power pony sketches any time soon, can't wait to see them when you're finished though!  :)
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Might be a while, I have no idea how you turn them out so fast! That and you add shadows, something I haven't messed with at all. Add more than a few degrees of blurr to anything and it lags Inkscape like crazy.
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Just slowly getting faster with practice haha, and as for shading I have all the effects on separate layers so I can hide them to work on other parts, and I only set the blur when I go to export, if someone was to look at my svg none of the shading is blurred because it slows Ponyscape/Inkscape down too much its only done for the png exports.
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I've only used blurr maybe once on a Nightmare moon vector. Do you use black and lower the opacity or do you take a darker shade of blue for luna?
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What I usually do is take whatever colour I'm shading and then with the rgb sliders on the side move each bar down by 15pts. (No idea of the unit for rgb haha). And if necessary I make any adjustments by eye after. In Luna's case I use her night time colours on the mlp vector club colour guide for shading.
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Interesting thought, I always use the HSL colors, never used any of the other color tabs. But that's cool, I guess you just kinda have to get used to putting shadows in the right areas. How long have you been vectoring like that?
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Yeah, still working on shadow placement and as for the way I'm doing it now I'd say maybe 5 or 6 months for the shading, its something that I'm constantly working on though so there are usually little differences and changes every time.
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Ah, that's wonderful. Great work, all of you!
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Nice job. I love so much. <3 Brohoof
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Hearts and Hooves of valentines<font> day the most stressful and most secret day of the year.</font>
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Looks like Spike went all out on aging that monstrous ruby. Lucky for Rarity that she has a Dragon as an admirer eh?
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Wow this is awesome!
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Such a lovely red heart. :)
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That's so sweet!
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