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Finally uploading something! Happy 2016, have a Flutters.
Credit and thanks for the original drawing goes to the talanted DfectiveDvice :icondfectivedvice: 

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Why Am I the First to Say That She's Thick?

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Fluttershy: No this is my juice box
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What's with the scrunchy face, Flutt'?
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Definitely cute. :)
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I can make a base from this image?
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I just love that expression yet I can't say why. A very nice pic.
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Ok I won't touch your juice Fluttershy :)
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I get salty too if people try and mess with my juice
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"Did somepony just say something unkind about cute little animals?!"
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HI, first I must say that this is great work.

I've downloaded the SVG to look how you have done that in Inkscape.

I've seen you have use some tools in Inkscape I've never seen before and have no idea how they work.

Maybe you can tell me the name of this tolls so I can look how they work. I add some Screenshots from them so you can see what I mean.

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Thank you! From what you have there I tried to make an explanation of the tools and steps used I hope it helps :)
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Hay, Yes it help a lot, thank you for that. It took me awhile to find it in my German Inkscape version but I've tried it and it works ^^ I really should look into more tutorials.
The only issue I still have there is that I can't add ( Ctrl + click ) control points to the power stroke path.
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She seems grumpy. XD
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Hi-P... does it really get excreted that quickly? ;)
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Oh, seems like she wants the juice for herself, better leave her alone. XD *Stays back carefully*
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