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Currently taking commissions 

Edit: added refund policy
I changed payment method to invoice and I'm tweaking a few other things. 
I also decided to take fanarts as well

Any questions, just ask, I don't bite! =) Please read the whole journal because you'll need all the info.

List of past commissions is at the bottom.

email: elciled at


for each character, in USD (I price according to time and difficulty +pp fee)

Chibi Panther by Spielodia Maddie chibi by Spielodia

Digital Sketch (drawing)
Dyani ref sheet by Spielodia Breeanne by Spielodia sitting Carol by Spielodia Automated Love by Spielodia
$7 for only lines
$10 for lines + flat color or b&w shading
$20 for full coloring

Full Body:
$12 for only lines
$18 for lines + flat color or b&w shading
$32 for full coloring

paints by Spielodia  Hellooo nurse by Spielodia Estudosmall by Spielodia  Kel'eld by Spielodia
Bust: $17
Half-body: $22
Full body: $32

Lineless Painting
Mia by Spielodia Vysnia by Spielodia Sheep by Spielodia Frost by Spielodia
Bust: $23
Half-body: $29
Full body: $40 

Green elf by Spielodia me as cute animu girl by Spielodia Satine by Spielodia Dee by Spielodia
If you want something done in traditional media (copics, pencils, watercolor, etc) let me know and I'll work out a price with you. I can mail it to you!

Can be either transparent or something simple, let me know if you have a preference. If you don't I generally use transparent png for chibis and simple for everything else, though it depends. I might incorporate something if I feel the piece asks for it. I just generally don't really offer real backgrounds, yet, because I'm not good at them and so I'd take longer. If you really want one talk to me and we can work a price out.

Will do / Won't do
Will do almost anything, including fanart if you provide reference. Just don't expect me to be good at drawing huge muscles (one day!) or... bicycles. I advise taking a look at my gallery to see what I do and just asking about what you're looking for. I CAN draw dudes, I swear xD
I don't have much of a problem with nudity, or some ecchi and some gore. I do have my limits but I'd like to think they're at least flexible. I have a Hfoundry account but it's empty.
Styles: I can vary a lot, I do anime, semi-realism and a mix so if you want something specific let me know. Otherwise I'll do what I feel like.

Terms of Service
I reserve the right to turn down a commission for various reasons.
These are private commissions for personal use only. The commissioned artwork is not to be sold or made profit from. While copyright of artwork belongs to me, comissioner retains ownership of the character (except for fanart) and has the rights for personal use of commissioned works and posting with credit to me and/or a link back (when possible). I reserve the right to post it and show off as well, unless you request me not to for a reason.

Refund policy
If you request a refund at the time I've started coloring I can return all of your money, after significant time has been put into it I will not do refunds. Please contact me as soon as possible.

Time frame
Usually from a few days to a couple of weeks for each artwork, depending on the picture and circunstances. If you have urgency, please let me know, and feel free to rush me.

How to order
Just send me a note at DeviantArt or email me at elciled (at) with what you have in mind: type of comission (chibi, a bust sketch, full color etc), character, pose, and we'll work from there. I'd like to see a picture of the character before accepting, if you don't have one yet we could try working with clothing//body type/hair references and descriptions. If you don't specify some art style I'll do what I feel like best.
Payment: I require payment upfront. Give me your paypal address, and I will send you an invoice for you to pay. I'll start working on your piece once I receive payment.
I will send you work-in-progress shots twice for you to approve and ask for fixes (except for speedpaint and uncolored sketches): once for the first sketch, another for finishing.
Feel free to tell me something is wrong!
-Please save the image to your HD once you receive it. I can either upload it for you or send via email, but can't guarantee the link will stay online.

-Taeus at TinierMe
-Gaia commissions
-TinierMe commissions
deviantart commissions:
1.Souchu Chibi CG
2.Souchu Chibi CG 
3.Souchu Chibi CG 
4.Souchu Chibi CG 
5.Souchu 2 Waist up Speedpaint 
6.Souchu 2 Waist up CG
7.SerenaVerdeArt Waist up CG
8.beranyth Waist up Speedpaint 
9.SerenaVerdeArt Chibi CG 
10.Souchu 4 gift commissions 
[a. waist up Speedpaint 
b. waist up Speedpaint
c. chibi 
d. chibi]
11.NikaAzure Full body Speedpaint +1 
12.Hughesh4Hercules Full body Speedpaint
[a. chibi couple
b. chibi couple 
c. Full body Speedpaint couple]
14. beranyth Chibi CG
-Zanabi (TM commission) waist-up
-More Gaia commissions
-Subeta commissions
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Hughesh4Hercules Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Olá! Eu sou um amigo de Souchu, Beranyth e NikaAzure. E também gostaria de pedir uma comissão. Se você não estiver muito ocupado. Posso solicitação uma pintura a velocidade de corpo inteiro?

Spielodia Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2011  Professional
Hello! Sure! Just send me a note with what you had in mind, we'll talk it over :aww:
You can speak in English to me btw ;3
Fadoca Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
Se eu tivesse dinheiros eu pedia tudo :3 e pedia pra vc me ensinar tbm ><
Spielodia Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010  Professional
Dinheiros é só abrir a caixa do banco imobiliário! Hauheuaheu mas pra você eu não cobro não ow!
Ensinar é meio tenso, mas se algum dia tiver qualquer pergunta fica à vontade :hug:
Hoje finalmente ranjei envelope pra te mandar carta ahuehaueh agora vai!
Fadoca Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
ahisuhaiuhs >< Banco Imobiliário é froda
pode deixar, estou ansiosamente no aguardo :*
Souchu Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2010
You are an amazing artist and I love everything that you've made for us!!!!

You need to commission this artist because her art is too fantastic for words!!!

Thank you so much for your art, it's really made my day on several occasions!!!
Spielodia Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2010  Professional
You spoil me! >o<
Thank you for generally being awesome and a super nice, understanding, and supportive commissioner! :hug:

And btw, I'll get you a wip shot tomorrow, most likely, just so you know!
Hope you have a great weekend :blowkiss:
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