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Hello, I'm having a commission sale so look for new prices in my commission info journal.

I'm considering spending less time on art and more on crocheting depending on what is able to get me more money, unfortunately I have to prioritize things and I'm super frustrated with art, maybe it is just not for me as a career after all, I dunno. I'm not improving as I wish I was and receive very little feedback *shrug*. Oh well, thanks for reading.
Yeahhh I made one, but it's still er not decent.
Check it here
If anyone pledges I'll be super happy ;_; even just $1 means a lot to me!!

I wanna make it really nice. Eventually. I'm really not good with stuff like that :/ also I don't feel I have a lot of things to share with my patrons outside of what I already do but well, I'll see what I can do.
I wanna post work in progress stuff again on there, since after I abandoned my sketch blog I've only posted a few screenshots scattered on twitter.
I'm offering speedpaint busts for $10 instead of $15 for a while!
You can see examples here:
zombiebunnii by Spielodia Sole Survivor by Spielodia Pennigyun by Spielodia paints by Spielodia

Commission info here:…
tagged by :iconcherubit:

1. You MUST post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made, then make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put their usernames on this journal.
4. Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!
5. DO NOT say something stupid like "If you don't do this, I will cut off your fucking head." Do not act like Trevor Philips.
6. You MUST legitimately tag 10 people. No bullshit.
7. DO NOT tag back.
8. You must be willing to do this.
9. ACT YOUR AGE. That means NO whining, trolling, raging, etc.
10. Have fun!


1. Favorite movie?
just one? Idk... maybe Die Hard

2. You like to draw more digitally or traditionally? Or something else.
I dont know... both have good and bad sides, but.. I think I prefer to draw traditionally and to paint digitally

3. Favorite book?
I dont read enough books... maybe Solaris

4. If you could meet for 1 day someone who has already died, who would it be?
my grandpa or my grandma

5. Favorite kind of chocolate? milky, white or dark?

6. What was the first anime you watched? How old were you?
hmm I think maybe it was Kimba the white lion o_o I was very little lol

7. Who has been your friend in DA for the longest time?
you're one of the few who are still around heheh Ive been on DA since like 2004 and I have bad memory

8. Are you active or sedentary?
mostly active nowadays

9. If you could choose another country to move to, where would you go?
I'd like to visit first, in order to know the place, and I haven't really been anywhere except Foz >.>

10. Do you wish you were a wizard in Harry Potter world? :P (Lick) If so, what would be your Hogwarts house?
I'm not a big fan no sorry xD But I'd cheer for slytherin in quidditch just because, hahah

I'm not tagging people cause I dont know enough, screw the rules :P
Stating the obvious, but since I never interact/upload here anymore, my Instagram name is "elciled" ( I post somewhat frequently there, usually traditional art with random pics and a couple digital art. My twitter handle is the same but that is mostly me retweeting anime boobs and babbling about tv shows, art and random things in portuguese...
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Do people still use dA

Tue Dec 23, 2014, 2:48 AM

well of course "people" do or else it'd be empty, but I mean my watchers/friends etc
I have mostly disappeared from here and see a lot of people have too...

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Fri Oct 12, 2012, 2:04 PM

The new word for "art theft"

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People saying art should make sense

Wed Aug 1, 2012, 5:10 PM

And that anatomy needs to be realistic. And that women should be covered.
It's all very entertaining, but I'm tired.

Also I miss the deviant types you could choose for your profile here like "Angelina Jolie fetishist" and "antagonist".

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When people storage deviations

Tue Mar 20, 2012, 12:01 PM

It's the worst! I hate it... can never figure out what the frak it was I had faved that I'll never see again! You... selfish deviation storaging people!
What do you do, save every fave in your gallery to your computer to avoid this?

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I didn't think I'd say this, but I'm closing commissions. I haven't had any more requests though, I think it's because I changed my prices. (recently I changed some options too)
But I need to stay away from DA, and twitter and art in general. I need to stop thinking about other people's art, cause the more I see of it the more lost I feel. I need to focus on me and doodle silly repetitive things just to enjoy it all again.

See ya on the other side.
I feel so lame asking for help when I can barely reply to comments on here.
But I'm desperate guys, someone help me please ._. PLEASE. I BEG.


Fri Sep 30, 2011, 11:36 AM…
The comments on this.... accurate.

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Edit: That is taken care of, both Chris Priestly and Erika told me they fixed my name on my fanart... so I checked the Bioware facebook page and there it is :heart:
Of course, the worst timing, because with all the hate for the "Beauty Contest" of femShep official art, well you can imagine the kind of comments my piece is getting on that page lol. They say now it is a Bioware conspiracy to sexualize everything. They will also give Shepard a special Biotic bikini in the game to fight the Reapers. ¬¬ Get a grip guys. :iconfacepalmplz:
I was supposed to feel happy now, but maybe it just made things worse. Because of fans.
If you looked at my art, hated it, and wanted me to feel like crap now as an artist... well you did just that so be happy.


Want to thank everyone for the support, and any fraction of your attention, be it in views, faves, comments or watches :iconlainloveplz:

My gallery is nowhere near what I want it to be, but I'll get there ^^

Also don't forget to check my sketchblog if you like seeing sketches and works in progress.

Following up with the subject of my last journal, I've been able to talk to David Silverman on twitter about it, he apologized and said he'll be in contact with Bioware about it, and they will get back to me tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. I wouldn't mind if they just showed my DA account name... I don't use my real name anywhere on the internet, so it's not specificaly my name that is important, just some reference to my identity and not someone else's.

On a different subject, I'm so pissed at the femShep fanbase right now. :iconfacepalmplz: We should be happy we're gettig recognized by Bioware and that they're letting us VOTE for a femShep art, but all they do is whine saying the femShep art looks like a bimbo. They're being so damn judgemental, and superficial, that I'm so disappoint in you son. :icondisappointplz: I'll just disappear from there. I knew it'd be better to stay away from crazy fangirls/bois until forever lol. That's the thing about fandoms. They take things way too seriously and there's no pleasing them. They talk about how femShep has no time for makeup or whatever but forget all the time she has to scan planets, feed her fish, buy xeno porn, get drunk a bunch of times, dance, etc.
And yeah if you judge a woman by the color of her hair, amount of makeup she wears or if her nails are done, you fail at feminism. You win at superficiality.

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I had to show this XD


Mature Content

Miss Universe v2 by Spielodia

I looked once and didn't find any of mine so thought none was picked (I sent both versions of it plus another one). I was going emo already, but I looked through the pictures again and saw it XD

I can't go to Comic Con because I live too far away, but a piece of my soul was there ovo9

Edit: pfff I was looking at the arts displayed here:…
And on my picture the name is LINDA LUKSIC.
WTF Bioware.
That's not my name! @_@

5k thanks!! 8D

Wed Mar 16, 2011, 1:26 AM

Ahh I know I should write more journals. I'm... never sure what I should talk about, and I'm lazy, and etc.
I sometimes don't answer comments cause I'll go "hmm I'll think of something decent to reply later" and it never happens, heh D: I'm also always planning on making a nice looking profile page with journal skin etc but blehh...

ANYWAY, thank you if you took the time to look at my gallery, or my profile, or gave me a fave, a comment or watch, anything ^^ It is so nice to know when someone likes what you like to do most, isn't it? :heart:
I'm managing my art issues, there's no big problem so what the hell. The important thing is to never give up! I'm also gonna try some drawing classes. I'm mostly self-taught but I've had a few classes, and it's been a while. And since I still am jobless and.. study-less ... I got time to spare and I need someone to push me to learn what I hate studying :P (meaning: proper drawing)

Random: I wanna learn sign language o.o' I'm... probably not taking a course or anything, I'm just curious about self-teaching myself. But not sure if the brazilian one or the american one, heh. There's so much I want to learn but I'm a horrible student!!! French, german, italian, spanish, japanese, now sign language TT_____TT

I'm gonna feature something I just saw and made my chin drop, by solfieri:

Mature Content

Commission - Sympozium by solfieri

Fullview it *-*

Eu traduzo depois XD tenho que dormir T-T

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Late 4k thanks and stuff

Fri Feb 4, 2011, 9:47 PM

Thanks everyone for the 4k pageviews, and whatever time you took looking at my art :3

I never know what to talk about here.

I'm scared with how frustrating art can be for me sometimes, you know when you want to throw your pen at the wall? It's making me late on my commissions. I think I have a long way to go yet to be able to keep the pace of the work. I'm the kind of person that gives up on stuff, and routine starts to get on me. I'm really missing drawing stylized things now and experimenting, everything is starting to look the same to me oo' (no, I cannot even think about art blocking!)
I'm not sure how to fix this at the moment, just hoping I won't have to have some hiatus...

Eu não escrevo em português porque morro de preguiça de ter que escrever tudo duas vezes XD
Só agradecendo os 4k e tipo, sou daquelas pessoas que desistem de tudo que começam pois a rotina me afeta, quero mudar isso e as commissions tem durado bastante (tbm não achei que ia ter tantos pedidos), mas tá tudo parecendo igual pra mim oo' Sinto muita falta de fazer coisas que não sejam semi-realismo e de experimentar, sei lá. (nem posso pensar em art block!)
Não sei como resolver isso no momento, só espero que não tenha que entrar em hiatus...

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Late 3k thank you

Mon Nov 29, 2010, 9:03 PM

Thanks everyone for the visits! :heart:
I went and bought a premium membership for the first time since I've been here (around 2004) =P Only because of the buy-one-get-one-free deal heh.

Again I have to apologize for not being much active D: My watchlist is... huuuuge... and I'm really overwhelmed by so much awesome art, it's impossible to keep up with everyone! If only the day had more hours =/

Expect me to be gone for a few days next month, I'm getting a new pc as this one is too old and slow. I'll still be able to log on with my laptop but I don't trust it for coloring x_x

And since I love my commissioners so much, a little quick feature:
Normandy- David Loyalty by Souchu Normandy- Hold my hand by Souchu The Meanest of Time by SerenaVerdeArt

I've been feeling a bit sick lately so I'm slower with art ><' It's mainly cause I have horrible sleeping habits and my period this week.
I'm gonna be messing with my page and journal layout sometimes, and I'm enabling comments on past commissions, etc. Thanks for answering my poll =D

Remember if any of you want to see works in progress and sketches, I update my sketchblog fairly frequently.

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I gotta thank everyone who bothers to look at my stuff XD I'm so sorry when I don't reply to something or comment on your stuff, I do look though. I lurk a lot, think a lot, dance a lot, sing a lot, sometimes draw a lot, laugh a lot. But only like... 20% of that on DA. And sometimes have no idea what to say.

Anyway, don't think any of my old watchers are gonna read this, and it'd make more sense to them, if they cared, but I just wanna talk about where my art is right now.

About 1 year ago or longer, I hated realism. It bored me. And I didn't see the point. Just didn't enjoy it. Thus whenever I tried to study anatomy (Loomis, I still can't face you), I gave up and just hated it. I loved long long bodies from manga and stylized everythings. I also did like western comics and different stuff, but the base for everything, aka the "real" world, was boring.

Nowadays I love realism and semi-realism, and while I don't intend to GO PHOTOREALISTIC, one of my goals is to draw more realistically without reference. Cause reference sort of feels like cheating for me, since it's relatively easy (for me). No, it's not impossible. Also I'm starting to appreciate cartooning and other things I never valued very much. But no, I don't want to try to draw like the Old Masters, sorry DX Still, I look at some mind-blowing pieces and while I used to think "I'm never ever gonna be able to draw like that!! T_T ", now I think "soooon, hohohoh" and do my evil hand thing. And by "soon" I just mean... it is possible in this lifetime!

I have learned some important stuff (for me). One is that everyone has their own time for everything. When I wasn't interested in realism, pushing it didn't do any good. Cause when you're struggling to keep your interest in drawing, you have to draw what makes you happy, in whatever way you want! That's why not being interested in critique is okay. When you don't know how to use it, when you're not in that place, and you won't quite understand.
You will come to understand and see things differently in your own time. Then you'll want to learn things you didn't before. And the way you see things will change, and you will notice things you didn't before. A small example of that is when you look back at your drawings from months ago and go "omg I drew THAT?! D: " But I guess you already knew that. When your art is changing, IT IS A GOOD SIGN. When things stay the same, you're probably in Comfort Zone and could use a little push.

I sometimes want to critique some things to help people, but I'm just not very good with that and I'd hate to come off as snobish. Not knowing if people WANT critique and are ready for it just makes it harder. So most times I just don't say anything.

I'd like to advert- I mean, invite you to check my sketchlog ( and talk about art and stuff :3 Like, seriously. Or not. Whatever floats your boat.
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:iconnightviper16: tagged me, ermwmhmm I'll try my best?

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators avatars.

She asked for Carol or Zach and hurm haven't thought of Zach in a while and Carol is still so mysterious to me >_>
Truth is I've sorta let go of what the hell I was gonna do for Zach's story, due to the.. sensible theme of it, and my obsession with some fandoms lately. So there he is, almost a whole person, story-less and gathering dust with all other characters.
I do know him pretty well though, so, about Zach:

1. He likes oldies music a lot. Rock n roll, classic rock, blues, jazz, and whatever is not old but sounds old. Morphine, Treat Her Right, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Dead Weather, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Rolling Stones, Supertramp, blahblahblah.
2. Despite being a ladies man, he isn't averse to using violence if they won't back off. So yeah, he will shove you away from him if you insist on annoying him (which can mean a myriad of things - from demanding commitment to bossing him around to being over-touchy when he's not in the mood -he won't have any of it). No, he won't beat the crap out of you XD He can be really rude when he wants to, however. But they are usually asking for it °-°
3. Women are the meaning of life. (and by women he means sex)
4. Wherever he goes, chances are he knows at least someone there. About 50% of those are gonna be his friends, the remaining 50% will... intensely dislike him, let's say.
5. Bookworm, but cause that's his job. He "translates stuff", so he can work from home a lot. Actually wants to drive for a living. Or be in porn flicks. "no reason I couldn't do both"
6. Will NOT. Cut his hair short. (Nor stop smoking) No.
7. Pretends he's happy/content with his life. Pretends very well. Even believes it.
8. Has a good sense of humour actually, despite his "blah whatever" usual spirit and incapability of being a people-pleaser for appearances' sake.

I'm gonna tag... I don't know who I'm gonna tag, I don't think I know enough people lol.
So uh, feel free to tag yourself :P
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