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Christmas Wrapping

By spiderweber
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So at the begining of the month I was working with some sketching and trying to do a tad more realistic in the face and proportions through reference photos. This was the product of one of those sessions and I'm very happy how it turned out. I wanted to get it posted before Christmas, and I really didn't want to spend time on the background, so... here you all go. at least I got what was most important, right? lol. I hope you all enjoy and have a happy holiday season. See you all next year.

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This is incredible, the detail and shading are absolutely beautiful, really one of your best looking ones in terms of shading.
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I love the look of it :) it's so warm and inviting I honestly feel tempted to hug and caddle her.

Merry Christmas to you too, man!

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Pretty cute work with this wrapped up christmas present!^^
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Looks good!
Is she anyone in particular? She kinda looks like your blonde vampire OC.
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I based her off of someone I saw in my town actually. used a woman who looked cute, and drew based off her.
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I would have gagged her with an ornament, but tape is good too! Nice work ^-^
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That is freakin lovely. :)
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I love this over the top mummification, someone knows how to wrap presents well!
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I'm still waiting for my mermaid under the tree...
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lovely present few could resist opening 
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        Christmas Dumpling 
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