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:iconspidertrekfan616:SpiderTrekfan616 posted a status
Star Trek/Green Lantern Crossover
*Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead for those who haven't read it!!!*

On Stardate 2262.67 the JJPrise encounters what is referred to by Spock as an "Orphan Planet" with no signs of life, When they detect a strange metallic signature they find that there was someone on the planet but he seems to have died years ago with six colored rings in front of him. I'm not telling you what goes on much beyond that so go pick up the TPB for yourself to find out what happens.

In My opinion This was an enjoyable read despite it being in the JJVerse.

If anyone who sees this has read the story then please tell me what your brutally honest opinions are of it (Without spoiling it for everyone else)

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