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Now this "***4Reelz" Project is a solo bit that I've started thinking up, What is involved is that I was "Drafted" into an extended cryonic preservation project and after a few hundred years drifting on a ship in between the Events of StarCraft Brood War and Starcraft II I wake up from Cryo-Stasis on an unknown desert world that is in the possession of the Zerg, I of course don't know this and consult the computer of the crashed ship I'm on about survival, What happens next is anyone's guess.
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I have received this note in my inbox about an update that will happen with a password conformation request from a sketchy account and I just wanted to warn you guys about it. I visited the sender's page to find that the account was just created today with three hidden comments on the page. I don't know if this is another way people are trying to send viruses or something, but whatever it is, if you receive this note, I would highly recommend not replying and simply deleting it.

Here are some screen shots of the note:

1 by RandomSilentNinja

11 by RandomSilentNinja

If anyone knows anything about this, I would really like to know so I can help spread the word about this if it is some type of virus or something.

There is a hacker going around. You won't know until you start seeing random FNaF/South Park images uploaded to your gallery. Then, he posts a journal entry called "Rekt by Lizard Squad". The journal contains nothing but the lyrics to Metallica's "Fade to Black" (or in some cases, Green Day's "Longview"). He will then change your password and favorite erotic art (mostly disgusting ones), post more journal entries containing nothing but nonsense, change your deviantID to "you have lost", and 5 weeks after the deviantID change, he will close your account. If you see random South Park or FNaF pictures being uploaded to your gallery, contact dA immediately.

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Submitted on
October 11, 2015