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For Star Trek Castaways I'm looking to include Marvel and DC Superhero comic books in universe, I just need to figure out how to implement the ideas I have, Now having said that, I need to redesign the Costumes of each of the character to fit in with how things might evolve into the 23rd and 24th Century, Specifically when Comics are being written around that time Superheroes won't be wearing Spandex, but they won't exactly be wearing body armor either, each character's design should fit in with established 23rd and 24th Century styles while retaining the feel that was established when they were introduced.

Spider-Man will be the most prevalent Comic in Star Trek Castaways thanks to My Character wanting to catch up on nearly 300-400 years worth of Spider-Man Comics, What I'd like to have done is have Spidey wearing a nano-tech suit not unlike that of the Unlimited suit but far more advanced and armored, In the Interim between 2016 and the 23rd Century his Origin will also be rehashed a few times to keep with the times but eventually sticks with the Genetically Engineered Spider instead of a Radioactive Spider, The Mystical part of his origin would also be retconned as the 23rd and 24th Century have no place for mysticism at least according to Gene Roddenberry, The Design influences of the suit include the Unlimited Suit, Infinity War Iron Spider suit, the Insomniac Spidey Suit and the Mark IV Spider-Armor.

Venom would be the second most prevalent Comic again thanks to my Character for the same reasons. Like with Spider-Man his origin will be rehashed a few times in the intervening centuries, the most recent origin being that symbiotes were sentient scientific experiments that were in cold storage for 300-400 years and were never used due to the side effect of rendering the host violent and susceptible to cannibalism in some cases, Eddie Brock, a reporter for the Federation News Network discovers a bunker that has fallen into a state of disrepair and is attacked by a test subject that was recently unfrozen, infecting him with a Symbiote, Having wanted to be a hero but never really had the guts to do so, he became Venom and set out to protect San Francisco from the dregs of Federation society. The Symbiote suit will look like exposed muscle dyed pitch place with white veins and a giant bone-like White spider on the chest and back but this will appear after Venom's first confrontation with Spider-Man.

What do you guys think?
So the second Major Trailer for the Venom movie dropped this morning and even though she wasn't in her full symbiote glory unlike Venom and Riot, Scream was looking awesome, I'm really excited to see what this movie will be like. And for those doubters out there, Just remember to at least keep an open mind when you go to see it, Just because Spider-Man didn't have the Venom Symbiote first doesn't mean that Venom can't exist without that little detail, just look at Ultimate Venom, Ultimate Eddie used a second sample of "The Suit" to become Venom and this sample had no contact with Peter Parker whatsoever, so if you think Venom can't exist without Spider-Man wearing the Symbiote first, read the Venom Arc of Ultimate Spider-Man, Also for those of you on the edge about the Conspiracy thing, Venom Lethal Protector did the same thing in that comic series when Roland Treece wanted to level a city park which has an underground society underneath it and Venom made it his job to protect them and try to figure out why the presence of a homeless society living underground would be a threat to a seemingly ordinary park renovation project.

Anyway I'm gonna update my Venom movie micros now that we had a good look at Venom in the recent trailer. Speaking of, here it is:
As many of you know me and a few friends are working on a Star Trek Project, Well I have a design for the first Hero Ship Bridge in my head and I want to get it out there.

"Grace's Bridge is based off of the design used on the U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227 but combines the Discovery-style elements with the TOS style, layout wise the Bridge consists of three levels, The uppermost level is the Command platform with the Captain's Chair with the freestanding Science and Tactical Consoles located on either side of it. The Middle level has the Bridge Access Doors, Freestanding Navigation and Operations Manager Consoles and the Aft Corridor. The Lower level is split into three separate areas, the port and starboard sides contain the peripheral workstations while the area in front of the Captain's chair contains the Helm. The Bridge has a satin metallic finish to it and is well lit, but not overly lit like the KT Enterprise was. Being a smaller bridge it would be quite Spartan with the peripheral workstations being easily reconfigurable for any task that is needed."

If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about designing this bridge let me know in the comments, I would really appreciate some feedback on this.
So I've been working on the Ultimate (Earth 1610) Version Crimson Spider (which I strongly would like to be in the style of Mark Bagley) and I took some inspiration from how some of the Teenage Characters were inspired by musicians and did the same thing by taking Inspiration from Kurt Cobain for his civilian design, For the Crimson Spider design he's gonna resemble a cross between the Ultimate Versions of Carnage, Venom and Black Suit Spider-Man in that he'll have the Design of Carnage, When he gets angry he'll have rows of teeth sprouting from his body like Venom and has the Physique Black suit Spider-Man but the spider symbol will be an original design. If anyone wants to make concept art Feel free to do so.

After asking for some help on the Trekyards Facebook page with coming up with a design for Grace in Star Trek Castaways This is what I've come up with so far.
Potential Design for Grace in Star Trek Castaways

U.S.S. Washington NCC-1147
Kennedy Class Frigate
Length: 160m
Width: 96m
Height: 35m
Decks: 3 (Not counting Deflector Pod)

Design Influences:
Intrepid Class (22nd Century)
Freedom Class (22nd Century)
Integrity Class (23rd Century) for the Tactical Deflector pod concept

The Primary Hull would take inspiration from the 22nd Century Freedom Class (USS FRANKLIN) but would be either a complete circle or a half saucer like the Intrepid type , it would also have visible sensor pallets seen on the rim and barely visible within the upper dome just above the bridge, The Nacelles would be above the saucer just enough to be seen from the front but just low enough to provide a minimal sensor profile and have line of sight between them, They'd also be heavily armored to better protect them from enemy attacks, The Tactical deflector pod would be designed in much the same way with a minimalistic neck to allow for a "Quick Disconnect" via explosive bolts. The Pylons, in fitting with the low sensor profile design, would connect to an aft hull extension containing the shuttlebay. A-Deck Contains the Bridge, Senior officers' Quarters and upper Engineering level, The Senior officers' Quarters take up the Aft section of A-Deck while the bridge is on the front. B-Deck AKA the Crew Deck contains Standard Crew and guest quarters, Sickbay, Gymnasium, two recreation rooms, a large mess hall and the Middle Engineering level It also has the lateral sensors and Docking ports on port and starboard, C-Deck contains the lower engineering level, Shuttlebay and Cargo Bays. The Tactical Deflector pod can be accessed via a jefferies tube from engineering and contains a forward and aft torpedo launcher on the port and starboard sides of the pod as well as an independent computer core that is designed to execute predesignated firings of the RCS Thrusters once the pod has separated from the rest of the ship.

Let me know what you guys think of this in the comments below
I got a new laptop for my Birthday this past Monday, Now I don't need to worry about rendering on a CPU since this new one has a GPU so I'll be able to render things a lot faster now and I won't need to set my graphics on Star Trek Online to their lowest settings.:D
Yeah, I've Turned 25 as of 0110 Hours, I've lived a quarter of a century now and have nothing much to show for it. I have no Job, I barely have any money, Sometimes I even wonder why my family hasn't kicked me out. It's not like I'm doing much except putting a strain on Food, water and money. Anyway, Happy Birthday to me.Sarcastic Clap -Revamp- 
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I'm trying to redesign my Crimson Spider Character (again) to fit in with both the PS4 Spider-Man Video game and the Venom movie, here's what I have for it so far.

The Costume will be redesigned heavily for Crimson Spider PS4, The Idea is that his fighting style uses MMA fighting along with some Improvised fighting techniques. To adapt to his fighting style his Symbiote has chosen a layout that provides a balance between protection and flexibility.

Overall the Costume material will will be more on the glossy side than the diffuse, it should look slick and wet (though not as much as when he loses control.) In his enraged form The Costume becomes more like a Wet, slimy, oily second skin with a Venom-like mouth but with a green interior and tongue, the armored sections become more like bone with spikes protruding from the knuckles, The Crimson and Navy distort in a way similar to how the Red and Yellow interact on Scream's symbiotic costume, the Webbing also distorts into the shapes of Blood Vessels.

If anyone wants to help me on this let me know in the comments
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So this past saturday I was at the Great Philadelphia Comic-Con where I met Audri DuBois (The Actress who played Trini in MMPR's unaired, original pilot), Karan Ashley, Austin St. John, Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Romy J. Sharf (The First Suit Actress to play Alpha 5) Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner. Needless to say it was the best weekend ever. And yest I have pictures and Autographs, I just need to copy them to my laptop so I can upload them.
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 ... And it is FUCKING AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see this movie when it comes out, At least now I have a basis for the the Crimson Spider's Feral form.
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With the "Venomized" story in Full Swing I figured It'd be a good time to create an alternate version of the Crimson Spider where he ended up becoming one of the Poisons, The tricky thing is I don't know how I should design him, That's why I've decided to leave it up to you guys to help me design him, If Anyone has any good ideas feel free to share them because I can use all of the help I can get.

As for the story:
In an alternate Reality, Donna Diego/Scream was brutally murdered by Eddie Brock who was powerless at the time, Dom, Having been the Crimson Spider for two years went out to go put Brock out of his misery only to find a seemingly alive Donna Diego walking out of an alley, He rushed to hug her in relief but it turned out to be a Poison creature that promptly Assimilated him. Now as a Poison The Crimson Spider helps his fellow Poisons Conquer the multiverse.
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I'm Curious, Does anyone have any ideas for Fancasts of the Following Characters, If you do let me know the reasons why you think the Actress you chose would fit the role.
Current Actress in Venom
  • Michelle Williams as Ann Weying
Fancast (Based off of suggestions from your Comments)
  • *** as Beck Underwood
  • *** as Jenna Cole
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I'm not exactly a skilled writer but let me know what you think of this.

The Power Rangers along with Dom teleport into the command center, however Unknown to the other Rangers the version of Dom they've been hanging out with the was actually a mobile Holographic projection.

Welcome Power Rangers, Another Momentous occassion is upon us, You are about to meet another new member of your team. As I had stated when Tommy was introduced as the White Ranger, The Green Ranger's power was decimated by his last few battles, However with Domenic's help we have fully restored and purified them, We then set out to find a worthy candidate and a new Ranger was born, and now my Friends, I present to you the all new Green Ranger.

While not topping the White Ranger introduction, the introduction of the new Green Ranger is still pretty impressive with a GREEN FLAME emitting from the floor and the Green Ranger rising from that those flames as though he was a Phoenix, As the Flames died down the Green Ranger was revealed, There are slight differences such as the Helmet being more detailed with the central fin being painted silver and the Ridges of the dragon shield being the same shade of silver, The Shade of Green has also changed to the Deep Emerald Tone seen in the sentai footage.

And now Green Ranger, the time has come to reveal your identity.

The Green Ranger reaches for the clasps of his helmet and undoes them taking it off but the camera angles to the Rangers before his face is seen, The Rangers then look at him and Dom with Confusion. The Camera angle then switches back to the Green Ranger Revealed to be another Dom with a wide smile on his face.

Wassup guys.

Dom? But how are you the Green Ranger if you're standing right here?

End Holographic Simulation.

Holo-Dom DISSOLVES into nothing leaving behind a floating Spherical object

I see what you did, You created a Hard light photonic construct of yourself to throw us off.

Sorry for being so secretive but After the whole White Ranger thing I had to be prepared in the event someone were to snoop around again.

It doesn't matter, at least now Zedd have seven Rangers to worry about.

May I assume you are pleased with the newest member of the Power Team?

This is amazing!

Now that the Green Ranger powers have been fully Restored they can now support a Thunderzord conversion, Behold the Viewing Globe.

In The Viewing Globe, The Dragonzorrd is struck by lightning and transforms into a Wyvernzord, It is then shown transforming into a Warrior Mode and Combining with the Lion, Unicorn and Griffin Thunderzords.

As with the Tigerzord, The Wyvern Thunderzord can convert to a warrior mode by inserting the Dragon Dagger into the Console, and Can combine with the Lion, Unicorn and Griffon Thunderzords to create the MegaWyvernzord.


Soon Enough the Command Center Alerms start BLARING, Lord Zedd has begun another attack The Monster from Dairanger will be the Bird Cage Vagabond.

What's going on?

Zedd has sent down his Cage Match Monster, If it captures you in it's cage it was force you to fight any other human occupants inside it.

We need to stop this thing before it does too much damage to the city.

We're on it. Dom, If you'll do the honors.

Alright. It's Morphin Time!
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Check out this awesome promo for Power Rangers: Shattered Grid from Jason David Frank's Youtube channel.
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In the Recent ASM Comics it seems as though Marvel may be preparing to restore the Pre-OMD Status Quo, Here's why I think this:
In one of the Last Year's Spectacular Spider-Man Comics Peter revealed his double life as Spider-Man to Jolly Jonah and now has him as an ally, meanwhile in a previous installment of ASM Peter and Mary Jane seem to be rekindling their old relationship.

Anyway for Go Down Swinging Part 1:
Norman Osborn is talking to someone he has bound and gagged (later revealed to be the Jameson himself) in an attempt to get info on Spider-Man, Four Hours Earlier Peter is at Mary Jane's apartment while Liz Allen has Flash Thompson search for a missing explosive metal for Alchemax, After seeing Peter has his Spidey outfit on underneath while making out she asks him to leave through the window as Spidey,but Osborn sees this and starts making a plan. Back to the Present Osborn Kills The Goblin King for usurping his position and Jameson verbally rips Osborn a new one telling him how Spidey always beats him and comes back stronger but he inadvertently Calls Gwen Stacy Spidey's Girl causing Norman to put two and two together that Peter and Spider-Man are one in the same, Jameson says "What have I done?" when he realizes he (unintentionally) betrayed Spider-Man.
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In thinking Back to my Childhood I remembered how I used to think for some reason that the Farragut in Star Trek Generations was some sort of Warp Sled carrying the Enterprise-D's saucer away, it got me considering how there should be multiple Variants of the Nebula Class that were designed for specific missions. Please tell me what you think of these because I really put a lot of thought into how I picture them looking and functioning

The purpose of revamping the Nebula Class attempt at alleviating the Kitbashed nature of the original designs, it will consist of creating Four Separate Subclasses, Each with its own distinct features and functionality but will retain the same arrangement, That being the Saucer, Connected to a secondary hull via a shortened interconnecting Dorsal, Two underslung nacelles connected to the ship by way of pylons connected to the port and starboard centerline and an outboard module directly behind and above the saucer, The Saucer has two forward Insets on the ventral side where the torpedo/probe launchers are located.
The Bridge Design will also reflect what the Variant is designed to do, For example The Bridge of A Science Variant would be designed to be more comfortable like a Galaxy Class Starship. The Tactical Variant would be more Spartan like the Defiant Class and the Engineering Variant would be somewhere in between, Of course each individual Ship's Bridge will have minor differences to help differentiate them from their sister ships such as the color scheme or the Console Layout or Even the Captain's Chair.

Science Nebula: The Science Variant will have a elliptical AWACS sensor pod used for performing high-energy sensor sweeps but these sensor sweeps have a nasty side effect of creating a window in the shields for 1/50th of a second allowing someone to transport over, the saucer has several insets where various sensor clusters are located, This variant has the most advanced mobile science labs in the fleet allowing it to study a wide variety of spatial and planetary anomalies. Due to this Vessel's unimpressive firepower it often retreats as it would almost certainly be destroyed if it engages in battle.

Tactical Nebula: The Tactical Variant has a Triangular Torpedo/probe module mounted to the superstructure which allows it to defend itself better than the science variant, There are fewer windows on the ship giving it a better rating for structural integrity, it also doesn't have as many science labs or crew amenities, Most of the power is routed to weapons and a high capacity shield grid, This variant was seen as highly controversial due to it's heavily armed nature and so only saw a limited number of them constructed, however the Borg Threat and The Dominion Cold War changed the minds of Starfleet.

Engineering Nebula: The Engineering Variant has a secondary warp module which is basically a second pair of warp nacelles mounted to the superstructure. This vessel is used for the most part to test out new propulsion technologies, it can hold its own in battle better than a science variant but not as well as the tactical variant, It's built more for speed and this is evidenced by the proportions being slightly altered to allow for a better transition between warp speeds which is actually one of the many experiments this variant runs.

GWS Nebula: GWS stands for Glorified Warp Sled, It's basic purpose is to dock with Galaxy Class Saucers that have lost their stardrive section to a warp core breach and carry them to the nearest starbase, This variant has the Module of the Tactical Variant so that the combined vessel can defend itself, This Variant's ships don't actually get names but numerical codenames since they take on the name of whatever Galaxy Class saucer they dock with.
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Class: Kennedy-Class
Type: Frigate
Registry: NCC-1147
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet/UESPA (Formerly); Independent
Status: Destroyed (2371)

The USS Washington was a 23rd Century Federation Kennedy-Class starship operated by Starfleet, She was at one point one of the most infamous Starships of her time.

In her over 50 years of Service and discovery, through numerous upgrades and at least one refit, She took part in numeros first contacts, Military Engagements and Time Travels. She achieved her most lasting Infamy when she was stolen by a bunch of temporally displaced humans as well as some other misfits under the Command of "Captain" Robert Slezak.

The Washington was destroyed in 2371 over Veridian III when the weapons/sensor pod exploded causing the ship to crash land.

In the Early 23rd century the Kennedy-Class Frigates were designed to replace the aging Intrepid-Type Starships for Border Guard Duty, The vessel registered NCC-1147 was constructed in Cape Canaveral, She was designed with the Construction techniques eventually used for the USS Shenzhou. Upon Completion was Commissioned and Launched under the command of Captain Edward Smith and served with distinction until he was Killed in Action when the Bridge was destroyed.

When War Broke out between the Klingons and the Federation The Washington got a Full Refit including an experimental outboard Torpedo pod allowing her to better defend herself in a Military Engagement.

In 2258 She was retired from active service and turned into a Cadet Training Vessel. When a Rogue Klingon vessel opened fire on the starbase in which it was stationed, Several Temporally displaced humans along with a disgraced Cadet and a Klingon prisoner commandeered the ship but never returned and was declared a renegade starship and it's crew was declared outlaws with Captain Robert April of the USS Yorktown being charged with finding and capturing them.

In another Attempt to return to their own time The Washington was thrown forward in time to 2371 in orbit of Veridian III, The Sudden appearance of another starfleet vessel caused the Klingons to begin firing, The Washington provided cover for the USS Enterprise-D but sustained heavy Damage, The Battle was won but at a great cost, The Torpedo launchers finally malfuntioned and the Washington was forced to Jettison the Sensor pod, Unfortunately the pod exploded knocking out the Impulse Engines and Main power, Fortunately Aiden was able to restore the lateral thrusters to level out The Washington for a relatvely Smooth Landing, Unfortunately the underside suffered extensive and irreparable alloy damage and was deemed unsalvagable.

Her Crew briefly went their Separate Ways with Domenic, Bob, Sean and T'Lin all taking up positions on the Enterprise-D, Robert and Justin taking up residence on Deep Space Nine and Aiden spearheading the restoration of Constitution class Starships in the Fleet Museum. Eventually Captain Picard pulled some Strings and had the Stargazer given a complete refit based on the specs given to the ScE by Dom and was placed under Dom's Command upon its completion in Early 2373.
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I need help with Developing a story for the Crimson Spider that would fit in with the 2018 Venom movie. Anyone willing to give me some input?

Idea 1 by Oracledk, The Crimson Spider will either be an offspring of or was found with the Venom Symbiote and shows clear hostility towards Venom.

I'm also gonna be redesigning him to fit that universe once Venom's Design is revealed.

Also A Song I have in mind for the Crimson Spider is "Stand By Me" By Bootstraps, One reason I chose The Bootstraps version out of the variants out there is because it represents His state of mind throughout the movie, He's in a Dark place at this point of his life but with his brother's help he doesn't let it take over his life.
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I just watched the Teaser Trailer for the Venom movie and It looks like it's gonna be A-FUCKING-MAZING. Just watch and you'll see why I'm so hyped up! also let me know what you think once you've watched it but also keep in mind "Teaser" is the operative word in Teaser Trailer meaning they're gonna leave us wanting more than they showed.

Formal Apology

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 1, 2018, 1:38 PM
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This is a Formal Apology to Quantum808

I deeply regret what I said in my comment on the USS Washington piece you posted and didn't mean for my comment to sound as harsh as it did, I'll admit I was a little peeved when I saw you posted it but I legitimately liked the idea of a TMP Era version of the Washington. I'll understand if you don't forgive me, but again I am Sorry for how my comment sounded and intended no ill will towards you or your works.