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Which Ranger by SpiderTrekfan616 Which Ranger by SpiderTrekfan616

This Image is meant to go with my recent Journal. If you haven't read it here's what I wrote.

"So I've been thinking of taking a page from Star Trek Castaways by making some parts of the storyline as they were originally going to be done, For this example I'm considering making Ryan Steele either the White Ranger or the Original Gold Zeo Ranger, I'll list the reasons for both below

1. In MMPR season 2 when they were preparing for making the White Ranger Brad Hawkins was the first choice for being cast as the White Ranger but he was dropped due to the popularity of Tommy and Jason David Frank was brought Back as Tommy to become the White Ranger, The Big Problem for Making Ryan Steele the White Ranger is that there couldn't be a "Return of the Green Ranger" Storyline where Tommy is cloned and the clone receives a duplicate Dragonzord coin which would be passed onto me due to the fact that the White Ranger Powers Bonded with Tommy. One possible way around this would be that Tommy's former connection to the Green power Coin would Clash with the White Ranger powers ruling him out as a candidate. If you guys can think of any other possible way around this problem I'd be glad to hear it.

2. In Zeo it is rumored that Brad Hawkins was going to reprise his role as Ryan Steele but would possess the Gold Ranger Powers, Brad Hawkins even voiced the Gold Ranger for his first few episodes before it was decided to create Trey of Triforia played by Tom, Ted and Tim DeFilippo, Now the power transfer would occur just like in "A Golden Homecoming" however the reasons for my body rejecting the powers would be different, The Gold Ranger Powers would be attuned to Ryan Steele's body my body would begin rejecting the Gold Ranger powers because they were specifically tailored to Ryan, anyone else who possesses the Gold Ranger powers would be able to temporarily sustain them but after several weeks the Gold Ranger Powers begin killing the temporary host resulting in Ryan needing to retake the Gold Ranger Powers or else I'd Die, The Reason Jason wouldn't take on the Gold Ranger Powers is because he still has the Tyrannosaurus Power coin and Morpher, the Sword of Light actually creates backup copies of the powers so this provides a plausible reason for Jason's return in Forever Red

Tell me which idea you like best and I may accommodate by updating my MMPR or Zeo Lineup to include him."


Super Sentai, Power Rangers and All Related Elements (c) Toei Company Ltd. and Saban Entertainment Respectively.

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Andruril93 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Part of me would like to go the way of my habit of combining things, and make him both (white first, lose the powers, then obtain Zeo gold), but that'd take some time to write.

I think if I had to choose, I'd go with White.  And my idea for the "Return of the Green Ranger" (note: this is a quickie thought) is, maybe have Brad's character be the immediate chosen by Zordon and Alpha, like hardly use Tommy (or maybe have him turn it down (maybe remorse)), and then in "Return" Tommy could end up susceptible to mind control over again, and he could be the Green Ranger again.  Then it could more closely be "Return of THE Green Ranger.
Like I said, it's a quickie.
Nova20X Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016
I think Gold would work better actually
UltimateLomeli Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Seems like making him the Gold Ranger serves your story better, so I'd say go with that. Either way, the micros look awesome. :)
EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2016
Go for White, it suits him better. ;)
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