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U.S.S. Armstrong NCC-59630-A by SpiderTrekfan616 U.S.S. Armstrong NCC-59630-A by SpiderTrekfan616
The U.S.S. Armstrong NCC-59630-A is a Venture Class Starship built in the 25th century, Originally a Galaxy Class Starship, it was determined that the Armstrong needed to be refitted for further missions into the Delta Quadrant, Her Captain, Jack Satchel, oversaw the refit and even added some personal touches when the refit was being conducted such as the placement of a replica of the Enterprise-D bridge shortly before she was destroyed.

Maiden Voyage:
Her first voyage was a trial by fire when she confronted the Malon dumping theta radiation near an inhabited ternary system, She was attacked and disabled the Malon ship, the Malon then surrendered and left the system where the Armstrong then cleaned the Theta Radiation contaminating the system.
After her maiden voyage was considered a success she was put into drydock for 24 months for her refit into the Venture Configuration at the request of Captain Satchel for further expeditions into the Delta Quadrant. Her first real mission into the Delta Quadrant was a planetary distress signal from the Kobali homeworld, he notified Delta Command of the situation and they sent the U.S.S. Rhode Island commanded by Harry S.L. Kim who has had experience with the Kobali. The ship is currently stationed as a line of defense for the Kobali against the Vaadwaur and her captain has ordered an extended separated flight mode for the duration of the assignment.
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