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The Spectacular Spider by SpiderTrekfan616 The Spectacular Spider by SpiderTrekfan616
This is Kaine as I imagine him appearing in the MCU.

What happens is that after the Clock tower Battle Oscorp gains possession of Peter's DNA via blood left behind and begins a Super Soldier Cloning Program, Kaine is one of the first clones that didn't deteriorate upon "Birth" he was programmed with the same memories as Peter and was put through training to be the ultimate soldier, a few days in it was discovered that his cells have started to deteriorate and is slowly dying, however not only his physical health is deteriorating, so is his mental health causing him to go mad a little at a time, being that he has Peter's smarts, Kaine managed to put together a Bodysuit that will slow the deterioration down significantly extending the time he has to find a cure for his condition. He modeled his bodysuit after Comics Peter read about a Spider-Man in Houston and holding the same morals that Peter does, he becomes a superhero known as the Spider which draws Peter's attention, when they first meet they fight assuming that they're out to ruin each other's reputation, however when Peter pulled off Kaine's Mask he was shocked that Kaine not only looks like him but seems like looking in a funhouse mirror, Eventually they were forced to put aside their differences when it was discovered that someone is attempting to ship out a crate of people from Warehouse 65, Fortunately they were able to rescue one person, a Mexican girl, they then brought her to Manhattan Medical Center where they were attacked by a fire wielding Mexican who intends to Send the Girl whose name is Aracely to where she was to be shipped, eventually Peter and Kaine managed to take him out and had him sent to a new Superhuman Prison Facility called the Vault, Kaine and Peter who bonded over the entire experience decided it would be best if Aracely Stayed with Kaine since he was more experienced than Peter with Crime fighting and so Kaine got on the web bought two tickets and went to JFK airport where they set off for Houston, Texas hoping for a fresh start.

Credit goes to TheMicroMan247
JMBC92196 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 8, 2015
Kaine is Awesome, awesome job
TheSuperiorSpiderMew Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Poor Kaine, its unfortunate what happens to him. But I'm sure he'll be back.
AgentArjon Featured By Owner May 19, 2014
Great work man. You should expand the rest of the spiderman universe!?
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