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The First Couples of STO vs TOR by SpiderTrekfan616 The First Couples of STO vs TOR by SpiderTrekfan616

Characters shown
Captain Jonathan Francis "Jack" Satchel II
  • Captain Jack Satchel, Commander of the newly commissioned Filomina was given orders to observe the departure of the Nexus, a phenomenon he encountered during his days on the Enterprise-D, When the Filomina got within visual range the ribbon lashed out at the Filomina and trapped it in the gravitational fields. Jack ordered the Filomina on a course that allows them to surf the gravitational currents but it takes them out of the Milky Way Galaxy and takes them to a galaxy far far away.
Commander Samantha Dougherty-Satchel
  • Sam is the wife of Jack, after their first encounter with an imperial star destroyer Jack ordered all crew to evacuate to the saucer section while he stays behind to command the stardrive. during the time Jack is gone Sam has been busy keeping the saucer section under the radar while at the same time keeping tabs on imperial movements hoping to find a lead to rescue Jack.
Lieutenant Commander Kyle Gallagher
  • A member of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, after a failed test run of his new Psionic Slipstream Drive he encounters a crashed probe whose sensors malfunctioned from an impossible cause. He follows his instincts to find the cause and discovers a secret shipyard at Delta Vega refitting vessels with his new engine to find the Filomina that went missing ten years ago in 2373
Jedi Padawan Marsa Katarn
  • On her trial to find a Keiber Crystal for her lightsaber on the ice planet of Illum, Marsa Katarn encounters Gallagher, an outsider to her galaxy whom has acquired a Keiber Crystal in an effort to refuel his ship and has demonstrated an uncanny sensitivity to The Force by sensing her call for help after the ancient Jedi Temple is overrun by Imperial Stormtroopers.
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