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The Constitution Project by SpiderTrekfan616 The Constitution Project by SpiderTrekfan616
*Captain Robert April* Ladies and Gentleman and all Androgynous Species, It is my honor to present to you on behalf of Starfleet... THE CONSTITUTION PROJECT! This new ship class will be capable of breaking the time barrier with it's class 3 warp drive and is equipped with the latest in Starfleet weaponry and defense such as Laser Cannons, Photonic Torpedoes, as well as Defensive shielding to supplement the Polarized Hull Plating. I shall now give the Podium to Former Federation President Jonathan Beckett Archer.

*President Archer* I remember it like it was yesterday that a small ship called Enterprise was launched in 2151, after delivering a Klingon called Klaang back to Qo'NoS we showed that Humanity was more than capable of exploring the depths of space, We faced many trials and tribulations in the ten years that Enterprise explored space, we defeated the Sphere Builders, The Suliban and the Xindi-Reptilians, we also saved the Klingon Race from Extinction, We participated in the Romulan war and All in all we saved the Coalition of Planets, which later became the United Federation of Planets that now exists today, It is here that I shall paraphrase Zefram Cochrane who was a friend of my father. *Ahem* "On this site, a powerful engine will be built. An engine that will someday help us to travel ten times faster than we can today. Imagine it - more inhabited planets at our fingertips... and we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds, and seek out new life and new civilizations. This engine will let us go boldly... where no man has gone before."

Star Trek and all related elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios
Ship by captshade alterations by Your's Truly
Laser and Photonic Torpedo effects (c) Your's Truly

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