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TNG Style Warp Effect by SpiderTrekfan616 TNG Style Warp Effect by SpiderTrekfan616
I made this warp effect thanks to Daniel Brown CGI on Youtube, I adapted the techniques used in a Timelapse video he made. I couldn't make the streaks multi colored so this will have to suffice, Anyway What I did to make this was use an 1.34m Cylinder and cut 11 edge loops in to give it a little more geometry, I then added an array modifier set to 50 repetitions, then I used a Displace modifier and Set the texture to Displaced Noise and switched one of the settings from "Blender Original" to Voronoi V4, Then I went into the Node Editor to make the material, I used an Emission Shader and Refraction Shader plugged into a mix shader and plugged a Fresnel node into the factor and set it to 10, I then plugged in a Color ramp in between the emission and noise nodes to get the effect I wanted, Then I used the mapping node to make the streaks of light by setting the Y scale coordinates to 0.05. After Rendering it out I went into the compositor and added a Lens distortion node and set the distortion to a value of -.2 and the Dispersion to a value of .1, and so we have what we need here for a warp effect.

For the Background I just used a stock space panorama made by NASA

Let me know what you think of this in the comments.
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