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Star Trek Castaways Voyager Crew Year of Hell by SpiderTrekfan616 Star Trek Castaways Voyager Crew Year of Hell by SpiderTrekfan616
During the Krenim Temporal Disaster Voyager was caught in several Krenim attacks that utterly devastated Voyager rendering her incapable of supporting a full crew which led to all personnel excluding the senior staff evacuating Voyager. During that time Hudson and Carson are kidnapped by Captain Annorax, the commander of the Temporal Weapon ship. As the disaster came to an end Hudson Beamed Carson off of the weapon ship and back to Voyager while he sabotaged the Temporal Core keeping the ship as it was in the timeline before they destroyed the neighboring race.

Captain Lyrinda Halk
Captain Halk is dealing with the stresses of trying to keep the ship together and fighting the Krenim, She may be at her breaking point but she's not showing it.

Lieutenant Veronica Stadi
Stadi became the acting first officer after Tuvok is blinded and Hudson is kidnapped, She is also doubling as the Conn officer while Carson is being held hostage.

Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres
B'Elanna is being overworked trying to keep Voyager from flying apart at the seams, this is also making it tough to keep her Klingon Side under control.

Lieutenant Lester Foster
Even though he's Chief of Security he's been assigned as Acting Chief Tactical Officer while Tuvok is out of commission

Ezri Tigan
Ezri has definitely been working overtime counseling the crew, She is having trouble keeping herself sane considering the constant stress.

After The Doctor was destroyed Kes became the only member of the crew with medical expertise and she set up a triage unit in the mess hall.

Seven of Nine
Seven was instrumental in obtaining the correct temporal Modulation to create the Temporal Shielding. During the early attacks her alcove was destroyed forcing her to sleep like regular humans.

Lieutenant JG Sito Jaxa
Sito is acting as both Operations Manager along with Helping B'Elanna with repairing Voyager, This is running her ragged like the rest of the crew and it's definitely showing.

The Doctor
The Doctor was destroyed when the EPS conduits on Deck 5 ruptured which completely destroyed sickbay which includes the Holo Emitters. In this version the Doctor didn't keep the Mobile Emitter because it was taken back to the 29th century where it belongs.

Lieutenant Commander Tuvok
Tuvok was blinded by a Chroniton Torpedo explosion when he and Seven were attempting to figure out the Temporal Modulation. Without the Doctor's expertise Tuvok is relieved of Duty.

Lt Commander Calvin Hudson
Cal was kidnapped by Annorax along with Sarita Carson, Cal and Sarita are formulating a plan to take down the Temporal Weapon Ship and restore the Timeline.

Ensign Sarita Carson
Both her and Cal Hudson are Kidnapped by Annorax to get info on Voyager, She and Hudson are formulating a plan to destroy the Temporal Weapon Ship and restore the Timeline.
Bry-Sinclair Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Loving your take on the Voyager crew and the more I see these redesigned aliens the more I like them.
The9thNightguard Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Remember I'm doing voyager
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