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Star Trek Castaways Triumvirate 24th Century by SpiderTrekfan616 Star Trek Castaways Triumvirate 24th Century by SpiderTrekfan616

After the Battle of Veridian III which resulted in Grace crash landing on Veridian III instead of the Enterprise-D doing so, The crew was picked up by the Enterprise-D and they temporarily went their separate ways, Dom Volunteered his services to the Enterprise, Rob went on to serve on Deep Space Nine and the Defiant and Aiden is curating the U.S.S. Piedmont currently in the Orbital Smithsonian Annex over Earth. After 18 Months Captain Picard surprised them by giving them his old ship, the U.S.S. Stargazer, which also received a much needed refit as a thank you for saving the Enterprise at Veridian.

Due to not being official Starfleet officers they were allowed to alter their uniform to reflect the culture they grew up in, that being the 21st century. They also wore the Provisional rank pins originally shown in Star Trek Voyager to reflect that status as unofficial Starfleet Personnel.

After being assigned to the Enterprise-D, Dom got a haircut courtesy of Mot and trimmed his beard to a goatee with some shadow to look a little more professional. He Wears the uniform top of a Tactical officer with the provisional Rank of Lt. Cmdr. and wears a pair of Jeans with a pair of Converse sneakers.

The alterations Rob made to his uniform include The Belt shown in Yesterday's Enterprise and wears the monster Maroon Pants with a red Division stripe going down the outside of the legs. He wear the provisional rank of Commander on his uniform undershirt.

Aiden pretty much wears the entire uniform with the Provisional Rank of Captain on the flap just below the Subdivision Color and the appropriate sleeve stripes for that rank.

Star Trek and all Related elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios.
Star Trek Castaways and all Related Elements (c) SpiderTrekfan616, CaptnObviousFTW and The6thNightguard
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