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Star Trek Castaways Cast 2.0 by SpiderTrekfan616 Star Trek Castaways Cast 2.0 by SpiderTrekfan616

Here is the Cast/Characters of Star Trek Castaways so far. The Show takes place on an NW-Class Starship Leftover from the days of Earth Starfleet from the Early 2100s to 2161 that was upgraded numerous times over the years

Dom Oranzi
  • Dom, Being the oldest of the Commanding officers and knowing the most about the Star Trek Universe became one of the three Commanding officers of Grace, He is often seen wearing his "Ridley" shirt under an unzipped uniform tunic, When not in command Dom is in Charge of the Weapons and defense.
Robert Slezak
  • While not having as much command experience as his friend Justin, Rob was chosen as one of the three commanding officers of Grace due to his knowledge of the Trek Universe, He acts as the main captain when on the bridge. He is often seen wearing a T-Shirt with uniform pants and boots along with a Phaser Holster.
Aiden Whynot
  • The Youngest of the Commanding officers, Aiden has extensive knowledge of the TOS era which is why he was chosen as one of the three Commanding officers. When he is not in command he is the flight controller. He is often seen wearing the Starfleet uniform used between the 2240s and 2250s (AKA The Discovery Uniforms).
Sean Carney
  • The Chief of Security aboard Grace, Nothing gets past him when he's in charge, Off Duty He can be found Hanging out with Dom in the rec room playing "Video Games", Shooting pool, Miniature Golfing or Bowling, He wears the current uniform tunic with the badge and sleeves rolled up
Bob Oranzi
  • Domenic's Brother, Bob was assigned as an engineer due to his background as an electrical contractor, he works together with Jebediah and Justin St. Esprit to keep the ship from falling apart at the seams. At times he will also man the bridge Engineering station.
Justin St. Esprit
  • One of Rob's Closest Friends, Justin is one of the engineers of Grace, they are often seen sparring together in the gymnasium (a converted cargo bay) to keep their martial arts skills up to par.
Cadet T'Lin
  • The Science officer of Grace, T'Lin is in trouble with Starfleet for Freeing a Klingon POW who in reality had defected to the Federation and she had joined in the "acquisition" of Grace since she would have no-where else to go. During her first Pon Farr she chose Domenic as her mate since she was not bonded to another Vulcan and they've been together ever since.
  • Having escaped a life of Slavery Neeva found her way to the Federation but fell in with the crew of Grace since the Federation wouldn't provide political asylum, She is something like Inara from "Firefly" in that she gains the crew respectability that helps them open doors in the marketplace that they would otherwise be unable to access.
Unnamed Klingon Defector
  • *unnamed* has been under the impression that the aggression towards the Federation is unwarranted and so he decided to take his chances and defected to the Federation but was imprisoned after being accused of being part of a preemptive strike against the Federation. A starfleet cadet then Mind melded with him and freed him from captivity and they both found their way to Grace. He serves as the secondary weapons and Defense officer when Dom is in command.
Next Character to Make: Engineering officer Jebediah
Uniform Variants to Make: Dress Uniform


Update as of 2/3/17 at 2331 Hours: Added the Liberated Orion Slave Girl and changed the outfits.
Update as of 2/13/17 at 1802 Hours: Added Justin St. Esprit to the cast and changed up my brother's clothes, I'll Release the Vest/Waistcoat when I put a full uniform together.
Update as of 2/14/17 at 0939 Hours: Added the Klingon Defector and gave brief bios/Descriptions of each character
Update as of 6/3/17 at 0903 Hours: Swapped out my Brother's T-Shirt for an Engineering Vest and Tool Belt, Also added Away Mission Outfits for the Three Commanding Officers, Aiden's is Black as opposed to Brown to go with his uniform.
Update as of 2/9/18 at 2316 Hours: Changed around some uniforms and Readded Sean Carney to the list of Characters

Star Trek and all related elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios
Star Trek Castaways (c) SpiderTrekfan616, CaptnObviousFTW and The9thNightguard

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If you give your Klingon green skin he could pass for an Orc.  
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Quite a cast. :)
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