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Spider-Man Unlimited Crimson Spider Crossover by SpiderTrekfan616 Spider-Man Unlimited Crimson Spider Crossover by SpiderTrekfan616
An alternate version of Spider-Man Unlimited based in the reality of Comics4Reelz Earth-616/Prime where DC and Marvel Comics characters, locations, etc. co-exist. I this version I stow away in plain sight aboard John Jameson's Shuttle posing as his co-pilot, I was captured by Venom and Carnage to become the Synoptic's Inaugural member and their Bodyguard (In this version the synoptic will actually be explained) Instead I retain control of myself but act like I'm under their control until Spidey Arrives after which I turn on them and help Spidey Beat Venom and Carnage along with the infested humans and beastials, I leave afterwards to keep Spidey from asking too many questions while I'm staying on Counter Earth. I become a cartoonist for the Daily Byte and get an apartment where I live across the hall from Donna Diego. A few episodes into season 2 of the Crimson Spider story arc Donna is Kidnapped by Venom and Carnage in their second attempt to create a bodyguard, The Possession of Donna was more successful and I try to break her Klyntar's Control over her but fail, I vow that one day I'll free Donna from the Synoptic. As My Career as a superhero gets wider known the General Public distrust me because I'm bonded with a Klyntar and they fear that I'll turn into a monster like Venom, Carnage and Scream. This will have quite a bit of Violence in it not to mention Gore Nudity and A lot of "Foul" Language.
  1. Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Peter Parker on Counter Earth, Spider-Man Unlimited
  2. Dom Oranzi, after being captured by Venom and Carnage, The Crimson Spider Calm form, Dom Living on Counter Earth
  3. The Human Resistance (John Jameson, Karen O'Malley, Daniel Bromley, Git Hoskins*)
  4. Dr. Naoko Yamada-Jones
  5. Shayne Yamada-Jones
  6. Eddie Brock, Venom, Eddie Separated from Venom, Eddie Captured by the High Evolutionary
  7. Cletus Kasady, Carnage, Cletus Kasady Captured by the High Evolutionary
  8. Donna Diego when She and Dom First Meet in their apartment complex, Donna in her Sleepwear, Donna in autumn wear, Donna after being captured by Venom and Carnage before being turned into Scream.
Spider-Man And All Related Elements (c) Marvel Comics (Stan Lee and Steve Ditko)
Spider-Man Unlimited and all related elements (c) Saban Entertainment (Created by Will Meugniot)
Comics4Reelz and all related elements (c) :iconspidertrekfan616::iconp51cmustang::iconcaptnobviousftw:
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Updates as of November 13th 2015 at 8:14PM: Changed the eyes of Spidey using the eye concepts of Hernan20X as well as the colors of his costume and changed it to the colors seen in the series and the symbiote costume spider symbol as well as adding the Armpit webbing, I also changed The area of where Dom's hair is dyed, Fixed up the colors of Naoko's medical Scrubs, Fixed Carnage's neck and Venom's Eyes, Will add Scream at a later point when I figure out how to make her hair
WOLWATCHER12 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Wow, the woman with the red and blue hair is really hot.

But, not as much as Karen.
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