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Spider-Leb by SpiderTrekfan616 Spider-Leb by SpiderTrekfan616
Excerpt from this deviation
At the age of 15 Joseph Bou Nehme was diagnosed with an unknown disease. After the world found out the American and Australian government teamed up to make a national charity to raise money in finding a cure. Waiting for years, someone by the name of 
Curtis Connors used his experience in genetics and regenerative medicine to develop a cure. He was cured but it left him with permanent side effects. And they were:

-The ability to scale walls
-Generating organic webbing that is chemically identical to spider silk
-Proportionate Strength speed, agility and reflexes of a spider
-Spider sense

he hid these powers as he thought that people would think he is a freak. But on one very fateful day, he met a tourist by the name of Miles Morales who he later found out he had similar powers to him. this inspired him to help him out miles in stopping some crooks while he was here. When the people saw him do all that they praised him as a hero. He thought that he should use these powers for good. So he made a costume and went out to be Spider-Leb, the protector of Lebanon!

Credit goes to
and special guest mention :iconjoey-gb-316: as the creator of Spider-Leb
Spider-Man and all related elements (c) Marvel Comics (Stan Lee and Steve Ditko)
Miles Morales and all related elements (c) Marvel Comics (Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli)
Joey-GB-316 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Parks and Rec Andy My OTP woah  WOAH!!!!!! Thanks so much, I love it!!!!!!!
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November 14, 2015
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