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Red Lantern by SpiderTrekfan616 Red Lantern by SpiderTrekfan616

Secret ID: Domenic Oranzi
Superhero Alias: Red Lantern
Group / Alliance Affiliation(s): Justice League, Red Lantern Corps.
Speed: 8/10
Strength: 8.5/10
Agility: 7/10
Intelligence: 5.75/10

Nickname(s): Earther, Greenblood
Birthday: 06/04/93
Gender: Male
Current Residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 167lbs
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Type: Short
Physical Description: Tall, Skinny but still well muscled and is usually seen carrying a sketchpad around with him.

General Personality: Domenic is a very nice and compassionate person on the outside, but Inside he has an immense, roiling ocean of rage constantly building up inside of him which is why he's also somewhat of a loner.
Good Traits: He's excellent with suppressing his rage as well as an excellent street fighter, He's also an excellent Artist.
Bad Traits: If you pluck the right chord he'll lose all control of his rage and release it on everyone he sees.
Quirks: He belches on command to annoy people.
Fears: Losing his Ring.

Memorable Quote(s):
"You just picked the wrong guy to piss off!"

Mother: Carole.
Father: Ronald.
Siblings: Older brother named Robert who prefers to be called Bob.
Closest Friends: Sean and Tim Carney.
Enemies: Not Exactly Known.
Girlfriend(s)/Boyfriend(s): Interested in Supergirl

Power(s): His Red Power Ring.

PROS: Flying's fun and it's useful for escaping.
CONS: Has to focus, uses up his energy if flying for too long.

POWER/ABILITY 2: Force fields.
PROS: He can create shields to protect himself and others.
CONS: He has to focus and the bigger the shield, the more energy it uses.

POWER/ABILITY 3: Imagination .
PROS: Whatever he imagines, his ring can create it.
CONS: The bigger the item, the more energy it uses. He needs to focus.

POWER/ABILITY 4: Rage Suppression.
PROS: Allows him to retain Control over his actions.
CONS: Prevents him from using his ring to it's full potential.

POWER/ABILITY 5: Energy Spit/Vomit.
PROS: Burns anything it touches.
CONS: Cannot be used indefinitely.

Weapon(s): His Red Power Ring
Style: He Prefers using Art-Tool Based Weaponry such as X-Acto knives similar to Blue Lantern Kyle Rayner.
Strengths: He can retain control of his actions by suppressing his rage allowing him to be clear minded enough to create constructs and speak coherently.
Weaknesses: Typical human weaknesses, Blue lantern influence, Ring Dependency.

Domenic was nearing the end of his senior year in high school when one of his friends took his own life, he was the first person to find out about it and was shocked to find out he was actually being bullied which led to him down the path to suicide, His friend left the name of the bully in his suicide note... " Peck" he became so filled with rage that he decided to take up street fighting to take out his rage on other people, Soon afterward his Class Ring Came in the mail but in the wrong stone, it was a ruby instead of an emerald, He got a full refund and kept the ring.

He continued his Street Fighting until his ring activated and created a fist construct that knocked his opponent out cold, after leaving the match he realized the power this ring gave him and decided to become a vigilante helping those who couldn't defend themselves, to hide his identity he developed a costume along with a symbol he saw in his dreams, a few months into his career he was transported to Ysmault where he was inducted into the Red Lantern Corps and Made the fourth Red Lantern of Sector 2814 and partnered with Guy Gardner, The First mission he was tasked with was to eliminate Brainiac but he was unfortunately beaten to the punch by the Newest Green Lantern Robert Slezak who got his Ring through similar circumstances, this forged a rivalry between the two. They Do however Respect Each other for their abilities.


Henry Peck is based off of Flash Thompson and Walter Peck from Spider-Man and Ghostbusters Respectively.


:iconredlanternplz: and all related elements (c) Detective [DC] Comics.
:iconcaseyjonesplz: and all related elements (c) Saban Entertainment
Friday the 13th Franchise (c) New Line Cinema
Domenic Oranzi and Henry Peck (c) :iconspidertrekfan616:
Robert Slezak (c) :icondantrekfan48:
Casey Jones Mask Made by :iconmicromaned:
Jason-X Mask is a modified version of the micro mask made by :iconrandal-l:


Edited as of 3/3/2014: I've decided to give my Red Lantern a better way of Hiding his face from the general population when he's out on patrol and so I used a Casey Jones Mask and A Jason X Mask as a way of hiding his face. The Casey Jones mask will be a store bought hockey mask that he Spray painted red and the Jason X Mask will be a Construct Mask he came up with after being inducted into the Corps.

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Aside from just being well done, I like the costume designs. I was really drawn to the second one from the right because I liked what you did with his eyes. I honestly think that would be a good look for the reds instead of a mask. And on the note of honesty, I don't read the descriptions as I'm usually doing five things at once but I will stop and study something that grabs me visually. You succeeded in that department. So for what it's worth, I like it.
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