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Rampage the Red Lantern by SpiderTrekfan616 Rampage the Red Lantern by SpiderTrekfan616
Dom in flashbacks to high school.
Dom just before the big fight.
Dom bleeding out.
Rampage unmasked.
Rampage powered up.

Life is always difficult for people who just can't deal with loss, and for Domenic, losing his only family and emotional support, was the first step into a spiral downfall. Prior to his grandmother's passing, Dom Oranzi was already a conflicted person, but his nana was always there to keeping him as the good boy she knew he was.

Time pass and his grandmother died peacefully, unfortunately, Dom couldn't stay in the right path without her, and the grief in his heart began to turn into rage. Because Dom was still an underage, he was put on a foster family until his 18th birthday. He started to alienate himself from people, he got into drugs and robbery, in less than two years, his whole life became a mess.

The point break came when Dom, at the exit of a bar, encountered a gang of thugs, who spot on him walking in. completely drunk, Dom insulted them and the gang started to beat him. Dom fought back, beat the gang leader til the point of nearly kill him, the rest of the gang took Dom a throw him away of their leader, who rose up from the ground and stabbed Domenic with his own knife.

Bleeding to death, he was approached by a mysterious looking woman in a trenchcoat, Dom noticed that her eyes were glowing red and she has watched him for some time. she offered him to save his life in exchange of his services to a greater cause. Nearly unconscious and desperate, he accepted the deal without second thoughts and the woman pulled out a red ring that slips itself into his middle finger.

In a matter of seconds, Domenic was overwhelmed by a sudden burst of energy that runs from the ring, all through his body, Dom never felt nothing like that before, soon, everything went dark. When he woke up, the same woman who gave him the ring, introduce herself as Bleez and welcomed him to Ysmault as the first human member of the Red Lanterns.

Character and Story by Your's Truly and theherocreator respectively
Of course this is not meant to show him up in the micro making department.
It turns out pretty cool in your style. good job pal.

PS: Rampage was actually my first choice as your nickname. I choose Mayhem instead for been less common.
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April 27, 2015
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