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Power Rangers in Space Alternate by SpiderTrekfan616 Power Rangers in Space Alternate by SpiderTrekfan616

In Space Team Roster
:bulletred: Andros
:bulletblue: Adam Park
:bulletgreen: Carlos Vallerte
:bulletpink: Tanya Sloan
:bulletyellow: Ashley Hammond
:bulletwhite: Zhane

Veteran Team Roster
:bulletgreen: Dom Oranzi - Dragonzord
:bulletblack: Zack Taylor - Mastodon
:bulletpink: Kimberly Hart - Pterodactyl 
:bulletblue: Billy Cranston - Triceratops
:bulletyellow: Trini Kwan - Saber-Tooth Tiger
:bulletred: Jason Lee Scott - Tyrannosaurus
:bulletyellow: Aisha Campbell - Yellow Bear Ninja Ranger
:bulletpink: Katherine Hillard - Zeo Ranger 1 Pink
:bulletblue: Rocky DeSantos - Zeo Ranger 3 Blue
:bulletred: Tommy Oliver - Zeo Ranger 5 Red
:bulletblack: Ryan Steele - Gold Zeo Ranger
  1. Civilian Clothes
  2. Megaship Uniforms
  3. Morphed without helmet
  4. Fully Morphed
  5. Dom The Green Mighty Morphin Ranger in Always a Chance and the Untitled adaptation of "True Blue to the Rescue"
  6. Veteran Rangers Unmorphed
  7. Veteran Rangers Without Helmet
  8. Veteran Rangers Fully Morphed.

With the Turbo Powers Seemingly Destroyed and Eltar captured by the United Alliance of Evil led by Dark Specter, Adam orders the Rangers to Board a Nasada Shuttle for a trip to Eltar to fight them but Dom elects to stay behind saying he has more important matters to attend to on Earth (In reality he is staying behind to protect the Earth in the other Rangers' absence  but he will return at later points in the season). After Leaving Earth they come upon a vessel that tractors them in and has only one occupant, A Red Ranger named Andros, Andros has been on a Crusade to hunt down Darkonda, the monster who kidnapped his sister Karone, To this End he trained to become a Ranger of KO-35 alongside his best Friend Zhane, Two Years ago Zhane sustained major injuries and was placed in suspended animation in order to heal, After being released he helped the Rangers but found he couldn't sustain his morph for more than Two Minutes and Thirty Seconds because he was Morphed when he was placed in suspended animation and a lot of Morphin Grid Energy Leaked over the two years he was in stasis. After Several Months Carlos Injured Tanya in a battle resulting in Carlos losing confidence in himself, Fortunately Dom was in town and was able to motivate Carlos to overcome his issues by using his damaged Dragonzord Power Coin to Fight off Quantrons, unfortunately he was unable to sustain the Morph and so kept shifting between his Morphed and Unmorphed forms. After Carlos defeated the monster Dom faded back into the background. When The United Alliance of Evil enacted the final phase of their plan Dom Contacted every Ranger on Earth as well as Billy who managed to Leave Aquatar before the mass invasions began to become Rangers once more to protect the Earth. While on Aquatar Billy discovered a way to repair the Power Coins allowing the Mighty Morphin Team to once again come together and Fight Alongside the Zeo and Space Rangers while Bulk and Skull led a rebellion against the UAE. Ultimately the UAE is defeated but at a great cost, Andros was ordered by Zordon to shatter the latter's energy tube which caused a massive wave of good energy to sweep over most of the universe Destroying monsters and converting those who were brainwashed by evil to the side of good with no memories of their past evil deeds. In the Aftermath Karone is restored to her former self and Andros chose to stay on KO-35 to help rebuild but changed his mind saying that the Rangers are his Family and he doesn't want to split them up, They then Set a course for Earth with Zhane and Karone joining for the trip.

  • Since Adam and Tanya never left the Turbo Team They Become the Blue and Pink Space Rangers Respectively
  • "Always a Chance" and "True Blue to The Rescue" become a two part storyline revolving around Dom helping out the Space Rangers with him Morphin into the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger on Both Occasions to save the lives of his friends at the risk of dying from the morph being sustained by his life force.
  • In "Always a Chance" Dom offers to help Train Carlos after accidentally injuring Tanya resulting in him losing his confidence and briefly resigning as a ranger.
  • In The adaptation of "True Blue to the Rescue" (I need to think of a good title to replace that name) Dom once again Morphs into the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger to save Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser (Neither Storm Blaster Nor Lightning Cruiser give him a Spare Turbo Morpher in this which is why Dom uses the Busted Power Morpher again despite the risk to his life)
  • Countdown to Destruction is now a movie as opposed to a two part season finale allowing for loose ends from the previous seasons to be tied up.
  • Dom would be Working Behind the Scenes for "Project Remorph" which is a contingency plan he created that brings the Rangers of the past together in the event of Global Threat like that of the Events in Countdown to Destruction which is why he wasn't seen again after his first couple of appearances in the season until the movie.
Season 1, 2 and 3: [Link]
Zeo: [Link]
Turbo Team 1: [Link]
Turbo Team 2: [Link]
In Space: You Are Here

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Super Sentai, Power Rangers and all Related Elements (c) Toei Company and Saban Capital Group

HenshinDaisuke Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2018
Nicely done, I like the updated Space "civilian" uniforms. 
SpiderTrekfan616 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I figured they were looking pretty plain so I decided to add some piping details in their respective colors.
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