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Power Rangers Turbo Alternate by SpiderTrekfan616 Power Rangers Turbo Alternate by SpiderTrekfan616

I'm gonna be binge watching Turbo so that I can make a story for this set of micros but I already have some ideas.

Changes in Continuity.
- There will be a turf war with Rita and Zedd facing off against Divatox to take over the Earth.
- Divatox will not be as comical as her "Prime Universe" Counterpart and Elgar will be much smarter than his "Prime Universe Counterpart"
- When talking about their futures after Graduation Tommy mentions he's going to go into paleontology, Dom will go into voice acting for video games, Tanya will become a Radio DJ, Adam will go into stunt acting and Kat will become a Ballet performer.
- The Zeo Powers will become unstable due to the Rangers Bodies being unable to sustain the raw power of their respective crystals, this is revealed during their first fight against Divatox when the rangers are defeated (Seen as the suits being tattered and the Zords being damaged beyond repair.
- Billy Returns from Aquatar to finish his work on the Turbo Powers which are derived from the Zeo crystal but the power is much more manageable since the Rangers aren't using the raw power of the Zeo Crystals.
- Instead of being Green the Desert Thunder Ranger Color will be black, the reason for this will be revealed in "In Space"

Season 1, 2 and 3: [Link]
Zeo: [Link]
Turbo Team 1: You Are Here
Turbo Team 2: [Link]
In Space: [Link]

Super Sentai, Power Rangers and all related elements (c) Toei Company and Saban Entertainment.
EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
Dat armored look doe.
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