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Oran-Ak DCFU by SpiderTrekfan616 Oran-Ak DCFU by SpiderTrekfan616
Oran-Ak's arrival to Earth
Oran-Ak in his costume/civvies
Oran-Ak using his heat vision to lobotomize Doomsday.
Oran-Ak as a Red Lantern (I got lazy and just used my regular Red Lantern costume and slapped a Red Lantern Kryptonian Seal on it.)
Underneath the pictures is his Name in Kryptonian
Oran was quite an oddball, while he was interested in what he was born to do (His family seal represents the Art, Inspiration and Beauty) he was also quite a rebel, He was a juvenile delinquent which is a rarity on New Krypton. When his brother Slez-Ak was sent to find Kal-El his brother sent a message to his brother explaining that he will be staying on Earth. As a result the New Kryptonian Council decided to send him to Earth to convince Slez-Ak to return to New Krypton. He then made a compromise with the council to watch over his brother and give a report to the council every month about what the Earth is like.

His first few years were quite rough as he struggled to acclimatize to the Earth's drastically different atmosphere. He then met fellow Kryptonian Kara Zor-El as well as Jason Lane-Kent as well as Kon-El AKA Connor Kent One day he and his brother were battling Doomsday when Doomsday severely injured Slez driving Oran-Ak to lobotomize Doomsday with his Heat vision.

He flew his brother to the Fortress of Solitude under the Direction of Supergirl to get him immediate medical treatment. When he reported his battle with Doomsday to the New Kryptonian Council they suddenly became very mysterious regarding Doomsday. When Slez heard about The Council's unusual behavior he and Oran did some investigating through the Fortress of Solitude to find out the origins of Doomsday. This is when Brainiac made his big invasion and abducted several heroes including Oran and Slez until two rings found them both, One red and one green, The Green Ring broke Slez out of his containment cell while the Red one broke Oran out of his cell. Oran was slightly feral but still in control of himself and this was the key that allowed him and Slez to work together to escape Brainiac. Slez used his ring for defense while Oran used his for offense, When Hal Jordan arrives he orders to two to escape while he takes care of Brainiac.
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