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Miguel O'Hara is Spider-Man 2099 by SpiderTrekfan616 Miguel O'Hara is Spider-Man 2099 by SpiderTrekfan616
Miguel O'Hara is the Spider-Man of the Year 2099, He also works as the Head of the Genetics department at Alchemax. He got his powers in an attempt to rid himself of the narcotic called "Rapture" which bonds to the user at the genetic level and thus is impossible to shake off, When he told Tyler Stone, the CEO of Alchemax, that he's quitting Tyler asked him to share a bottle of wine with him, unknown to Miguel the Wine he drank was laced with Rapture which Tyler used as an incentive to stay as Alchemax was the only company legally allowed to distribute Rapture.
Later that night he snuck into Alchemax to use his genetic resequencing pod to revert his genetic code to it's original form before he was slipped the Rapture. Unfortunately a jealous Coworker, Aaron Delgado, decided to tamper with the device in an attempt to kill Miguel, he merged Miguel's genetic code with that of a Spider in a 50/50 blend and overloaded the machine. Miguel wasn't Killed so Aaron planned on blaming Miguel for the overload until he realized that Miguel had mutated then he tried to kill Miguel thinking Miguel might kill him, he then caused an explosion which threw him out of the building, Miguel Caught Aaron but Aaron fell to his death because of Miguel's Talons ripping the skin off of his arm.
After he found he was being tracked by a cyborg called Venture he donned a Day of the Dead Costume he had laying around as it was the only thing made from Unstable molecular fabric and went to confront Venture, He defeated Venture with a Maglev car and jamming his staff into the exposed circuitry in his leg and left to make a whole bunch of trails and backtracking trails to throw off any other heat trackers and headed home.
Fast Forward (Or Backward) to 2015, Due to a temporal incursion that would have erased him from the Timestream Miguel had Travelled back in time to save his grandfather Tiberius Stone from being killed and had was forced to stay in 2015 after the Time platform he needed to travel back to 2099 was destroyed. He briefly worked undercover at the newly established Alchemax where he hoped to help Tiberius achieve his potential.
After Liz Allen found out about Miguel's falsified records she confronted him about being Spider-Man 2099 but he managed to throw her off by telling her she's only right about the future thing but not about being Spider-Man.
After the Events of Spider-Verse he used this as an opportunity to return to 2099 but instead of how he left it, Nueva York was devastated by Alchemax and so Miguel went to find Doom's Time Platform and return to 2015 and joins up at Parker industries and in the process receives a new costume.

Miguel O'Hara working at Alchemax
Spider-Man 2099 unmasked
Spider-Man 2099
"Michael O'Mara"
The S-Man's New Look
Credit goes to :iconmicromaned::iconbailey2088::iconloganwaynee::iconthemicroman247:
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Nova20X Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2016
Love the white suit from ANAD, it just looks that good.
Doyle-Wilson Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015  Hobbyist
awesome work mate
LoganWaynee Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Awesome, better than mine, perhaps if amalgam with mine... My original idea when I did mine was to he to look like in that game (don't remember right now), I believe it was shattered dimensions, it really feels from the future, especially with that "light waves" that goes through the whole costume.
SpiderTrekfan616 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I just made it as it appears in his first few appearances.
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September 30, 2015
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