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Me and my Favorite Power Rangers by SpiderTrekfan616 Me and my Favorite Power Rangers by SpiderTrekfan616

This will have the reason I like the particular Ranger as well as a brief bio. Going from left to right

Jason Lee Scott as portrayed by Austin St. John
- Reason I Like This Character: Austin's portrayal of Jason is my Favorite because he portrays him as an excellent Leader who puts other people's concerns before himself.
- Quick Bio: He was Selected by Zordon to become the First Human Red Ranger and served his role well, he eventually passed on his Red Ranger powers to Rocky DeSantos when he Trini and Zack left Angel Grove to be ambassadors at a world Peace Conference but he later came back as a temporary replacement as the Gold Ranger While Trey of Triforia was out of Commission, he was later kidnapped by Divatox and briefly turned Evil until the spell was undone, Several Years afterward he Teamed up with 9 other Red Rangers to destroy Serpentera and the Machine Empire once and For all.

Billy Cranston as Portrayed by RJ Cyler
- Reason I Like this Character: RJ's portrayal of Billy really hit home for me because Like Him I am on the Autistic Spectrum, so I can relate very well to what he goes through.
- Quick Bio: Billy Cranston is a High School Student who is on the Autistic Spectrum. He got sent to detention for Blowing up his lunch box (A Bit of a Noodle Incident since we have no clue what caused his lunchbox to explode) He Later Met up with Jason Scott and helped with disabling his ankle monitor in exchange for getting Billy to the local gold Quarry, when they got there Kimberly and two other kids Trini and Zack were also there. When Billy Blew up the Rock face the teens found strange coins in the rock, Billy picked up the Blue one and ended up becoming "Insanely Strong", Long story short He and the teens discover a crashed alien ship and become the next generation of Power Rangers, he is killed by Rita but resurrected by Zordon and they Defeat Rita and end up as the local heroes of Angel Grove.

Trini Kwan as portrayed by Becky G
- Reason I like this Character: I'm pretty much one of those few who were more attracted to the Yellow Ranger than the Pink Ranger But I do like that Becky's portrayal brought something new to the role in that This incarnation of Trini is a Lesbian
- Quick Bio: The Perpetual New Girl, Trini Kwan often keeps to herself as she hates being labelled so she dresses her own way, She was practicing Martial Arts when she heard an explosion at the Quarry when there shouldn't be any, she then warned off the teens there but ended up grabbing one of the coins that they found and like the others gained superpowers, The rangers fought Rita who ended up killing Billy but after Zordon Resurrected him they Morphed and went after Rita and ended up Defeating her.

Tommy Oliver as Portrayed by Jason David Frank
- Reason I Like This Character: He was the OG Green Ranger and had the longest continuous Tenure of any Ranger.
- Quick Bio: After moving to Angel Grove he entered a Martial Arts Tournament and tied with the Champion Jason Scott, Rita noticed this and decided to make him her Evil Green Ranger, After a few days of serving Rita the spell on him was broken and he joined the side of Good, this wouldn't last though as Rita created a Candle that drained his Powers Near Dry, He gave his Coin to Jason to prevent Rita from regaining its power, He was called upon to once again become the Green Ranger accepting a Major power boost from Zordon to sustain his Morph in  mission to retrieve the other Rangers' power coins but then his Green Ranger powers ran completely dry and so he took a vacation to his uncle's cabin, after a few weeks Zordon and Alpha Chose him to be the new White Ranger and Leader of the Power Rangers but after a Year the rangers powers were damage beyond repair necessitating the acquisition of new Ninja powers but then those powers were destroyed after a year of use, After retrieving the Zeo Crystal fragments Tommy Became the Red Zeo Ranger and it was his idea for Jason to take on the Gold Ranger Powers, After the Threat of the Machine Empire was over he became the first Red Turbo Ranger but eventually stepped down to attend college majoring in Paleontology, he was called upon to once more Become the Red Zeo Ranger alongside Jason and 8 other Red Rangers to stop the Machine Empire from recovering Serpentera and using it to destroy the Earth. Later after Graduating he Became the Mentor to the Dino Thunder Rangers and eventually the Black Dino Thunder Ranger fighting Mesogog and eventually at the cost of the team's powers. He later joined up in the Legendary War with his Clone's Green Ranger powers to fight back a Massive invasion, this culminated in a Ranger Victory.


Super Sentai, Power Rangers and all related elements (c) Toei Company and Saban Entertainment.
Dom Oranzi and al related elements (c) Me

Commadore-Shuey Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny how you like Billy because you can relate to him.  I hate the fact they were trying to get me, someone in the Autistic Spectrum myself, to relate to him.
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