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Marisa White AKA Wicca by SpiderTrekfan616 Marisa White AKA Wicca by SpiderTrekfan616
This is Just the Beginning...
I've Come up with a sort of offshoot of Star Trek Castaways but instead of getting stuck in the 23rd century we get stuck in a universe where All DC and Marvel Comics Characters are real people, in addition to being stuck there we're thrown back in time to the early 90's. This is SecretsX13 as a premade character called Wicca who was made for a previous project that CaptnObviousFTW/dantrekfan48 came up with. More Characters will be coming, One of them you already know.

During the first few months of being caught in the comics4Reelz universe, Marisa somehow manifested strange abilities not unlike those of Raven and Scarlet Witch. When her boyfriend Rob took her to Dr. Strange it was revealed that she was turned into a sort of conduit for dark magic that gave her the abilities that emulate those of Raven and Scarlet Witch, How she got these abilities has yet to be determined but has decided that although these abilities may be dangerous she'll use them to help protect her friends and family, She will need to train with Dr. Strange to control these abilities as well as learn more about how she suddenly got them.

The Bio may be changed in the event :iconsecretsx13: doesn't like it.

Credit goes to the following
EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015
I've gotten really into Scarlet Witch's character recently, but this right here boosted my interest tenfold.
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July 28, 2015
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