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MMPR4Reelz by SpiderTrekfan616 MMPR4Reelz by SpiderTrekfan616

Red: Season 1
Yellow: Season 2
Blue: Season 3
Green: Tommy Without his Shield, Tommy Without Shield and Armbands, Jason with Shield, Armored Red Ranger, Armored Black Ranger

Alternate Reality Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Summary.

In 2016 a Fan of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger named Dom Oranzi was thrown through time and realities (being reduced to the age of 16 in the process) to 1993 just a few hours before the rangers were teleported to the Command Center for the first time and made it his job to figure out how to get back to his time and reality. As a result of him hitching a ride to the Command Center he created a divergent timeline in which things would be similar but different to the original continuity.

Differences in the Continuity
  • The 1995 Movie Costumes are the suits used in this continuity.
  • Dom becomes the Secondary Technical advisor of the Rangers.
  • There will be a Green With Evil Aftermath saga in which the Trust in Tommy is quite Shaky and he's having hallucinations of Rita Repulsa similar to the Boom Studio MMPR Comics.
  • When Tommy is introduced as the White Ranger he won't be referred to as "The New Leader of the Power Team" but will be referred to as "The New Member of the Power Team" but Jason will teach Tommy everything he knows about leadership in the event that Jason is either Incapacitated or leaves the team.
  • Tommy's white ranger suit is different from the main continuity in that his chestplate has the white diamond surrounding the chest coin and the gold cuffs on the forearms and calves will be have a gold outline of the Green Ranger Gloves and boots, this will be done to give his powers more of a connection to MMPR's original source footage of Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger.
  • There's a lot more buildup to the World Peace Conference with Trini, Jason and Zack studying for the peace conference and the Rangers taking a trip to New York's United Nations building.
  • Rocky, Adam and Aisha are Brought in as replacements after they demonstrated they were willing to risk their lives to save the Rangers from one of Zedd's more Harebrained schemes, One of Jason's last act as leader is to transfer the leadership role to Tommy much to Rocky's irritation later on.
  • Jason, Zack and Trini still retain their powers, The Sword of Light makes a copy of their powers and they are relegated to backups for Rocky, Adam and Aisha.
  • Rocky, Adam and Aisha take a more realistic time to integrate into the team, after a few Episodes Rocky starts feeling like he was cheated out of the leadership when he hears Jason was the leader resulting in some friction with Tommy.
  • In "Rangers Back in Time" The Rangers and Dom retain their memories (Dom retains them due to his Temporal and Dimensional Displacement while the Rangers retain their memories due to the Morphin Grid guarding against temporal regressions.
  • When the Wizard of Deception's Green Ranger Clone gives his Power Coin and Morpher to Tommy, Zordon elects to give the power to Dom so that it can be protected from the forces of evil, His suit will look different from Tommy's suit as his helmet will have  gold and silver accents on the "Brows" and Fin while the shield and armbands have silver accents on them to differentiate him from Tommy's green ranger suit. Since Tommy Has the White Tiger as his Thunderzord, I think I'll create a Nod to the "Create your own Zord" which is part of the legacy Megazord Sets in that the Dragonzord will be upgraded to combine with the Lion, Griffin and Pegasus thunderzords to create the Thunder Dragonzord in Battle Mode.
  • In Ninja Quest it will combine the elements of of the 1995 Movie and the TV Episode such as the Command center being trashed and Zordon's Energy Tube being shattered All by Ivan Ooze, this would result in the rangers having their connection to the Morphin Grid Stripped, As a result a glitch activates the auto destruct sequences of the Zords completely decimating them.
  • Kat will join the team in A Different Shade of Pink but will undergo the same trust issues that Tommy went through in the Green With Evil Aftermath Saga since she almost Killed Kimberly.

Seasons 1, 2 and 3: You are here
Zeo: [Link]
Turbo Team 1: [Link]
Turbo Team 2: [Link]
In Space: [Link]


MMPR, Super Sentai and all related elements (c) Saban and Toei Entertainment respectively

Edit as of 9/16/16 at 5:57AM: Added Seasons 2 and 3 to this picture.
Edit as of 9/25/16 at 10:54AM: Changed Tommy's Season 2 outfit as well as Adam, Billy and Aisha's outfits Added a few more changes to the list of Differences.
Edit as of 10/12/16 at 2:50PM: Added a row in which other rangers the green ranger shield and armbands

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Andruril93 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hm, these aren't bad ideas.  Nice re-write, I like it.
ROYGOKU Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Hobbyist
How about doing a version of the team using the 2017 Power Rangers movie Suits?
SpiderTrekfan616 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I have entertained the idea, but now that you've mentioned it I think I may actually do it but Tommy won't be in it.
EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
For some reason, the suits feel very MCU-ish. :)
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