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MCU Kaine Concept by SpiderTrekfan616 MCU Kaine Concept by SpiderTrekfan616
This is how I envision Kaine appearing in the MCU, He starts out as the first successful Clone of Peter that didn't disintegrate upon "Birth." He is trained by Oscorp to be the ultimate super-soldier but only a few weeks afterward he begins the process of cellular degradation and slowly starts losing his sanity, Oscorp then dumps him into a "Bio Waste" container where he later escapes and starts patrolling the streets at night in a makeshift spidey outfit, Soon word started spreading about a Lethal Vigilante who disfigures his victims' faces. Spidey went out on patrol one night and ran into Kaine. They then began fighting due to Kaine's philosophy that Criminals deserve death, their fight was interrupted by shouting from the docks and they discover that Human Trafficking is taking place there, Kaine impulsively kills the traffickers and he beats Peter to the lone cargo container and find one survivor, a Sixteen Year old Mexican girl. They then take her to the nearest hospital where she's treated for malnutrition, heat stroke and other possible diseases. Soon after she's settled in and they're about to leave a psychotic fire wielding Mexican breaks down the front door wall and asks in Spanish where the girl named "Aracely" is. Since almost no one speaks spanish he starts tearing down the hospital only for the two spiders to take him out. Kaine is about to kill the "Salamander" Peter implores Kaine to spare him since killing isn't the solution to stopping crime. Kaine then backs down and then surprises Peter by webbing up Salamander without web shooters. Now that everyone is safe, Kaine and Peter have a talk about power and responsibility and as such they begin to Bond and Kaine starts feeling like he now has a family thanks to Peter and also took it upon himself to take care of Aracely, Over the next few months Peter and Kaine developed a suit that will slow down the cellular degeneration thus allowing Kaine more time to find a cure for his condition, Kaine formed a Brother-Sister bond with Aracely as they got to know each other, he then goes on the internet and buys a couple of plane tickets to Houston so he and Aracely can start a new life away from the craziness of New York and put their demons behind them.

Aracely will act as Kaine's Conscience, I may make her next.
Kaine in his makeshift Spidey suit
Kaine in his new suit (Yes it's pretty much an inverted version of the Alex Ross Concept suit but with Scarlet instead of Red as a nod to his Scarlet Spider tenure.)
Joey-GB-316 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Crap, that looks cool!
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June 25, 2015
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