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Kelvin Timeline James T. Kirk by SpiderTrekfan616 Kelvin Timeline James T. Kirk by SpiderTrekfan616

Warning: Spoilers for those of you who haven't read the Star Trek/Green Lantern Crossover Sequel.

-Early Life
James T. Kirk was born on January 4th, 2233 aboard Medical Shuttle 37 to Winona and George Kirk, His father died shortly after his birth resulting in an alternate timeline forming in which Jim became as Christopher Pike called him "The only genius-level repeat offender in the Midwest." Since his father was not there to inspire him to Join Starfleet he never entertained the thought until Pike Dared his to do better than his father.

-Starfleet Academy and Nero's resurgence
He ultimately did so Joining Starfleet Academy, Like in the Primary Reality he cheated on the Kobayashi Maru test and was very nearly expelled if it weren't for a strange attack on Vulcan halting the hearing. Since Kirk was on Academic Suspension he wasn't allowed a posting but his friend Leonard McCoy got him onto the Enterprise by giving him a vaccine of Melvaran Mud Fleas to give him a medical reason for boarding, After Kirk Challenged Spock's Authority one too many times Spock had him marooned on a Delta Vega where he met an older Version of Spock as well as Montgomery Scott. The Elder Spock gave Scotty the formula he needed for transwarp beaming to get them back to the Enterprise and provoke the younger version of Spock into admitting he is unfit for command. Kirk eventually gains command of the Enterprise as a reward for saving Earth from certain destruction.

-John Harrison's Rampage
After a year Kirk gets into major trouble for breaking the Prime Directive and is bumped from Command but kept on as first officer under Admiral Christopher Pike until the latter is Killed during an emergency Meeting, Kirk is given command of the Enterprise once again to hunt down the fugitive responsible, during which his crew uncovers a conspiracy to start a war with the Klingons, After Harrison's motives are uncovered and he reveals himself to be Khan Noonien Singh, a heated battle results in the near destruction of The Enterprise, Starfleet Headquarters and the death of Kirk, however he is restored to life due to being frozen and being injected with a serum derived from Khan's platelets and takes part in the recommissioning ceremony of the repaired and refitted Enterprise and set off on their five year mission.

-The Spectrum War
During their Five Year Mission they encounter a skeleton and a bunch of rings which all activate when Scotty Bathes them in a Tachyon Field, They find that the rings come from another universe when survivors start popping up everywhere, The Enterprise crew then has to fight Nekron, a Being comprised of "Pure Entropy" capable of reanimating the dead and resurrecting planets, after a huge battle Spock Saves the universe by combining all of the lantern's lights and summoning the Life Entity ultimately defeating Nekron.

-Journey to Oa
A few years later Sinestro, one of the survivors from the other universe makes himself a threat and the crew must travel to the center of the universe to Find Oa and establish the Green Lantern Corps in their universe, Things are made more complicated when Khan is awoken from his cryo-sleep and kills Atrocitus gaining his ring in the process, The Guardians of the Universe decide it is time to test their prototype ring and it chooses Captain Kirk as it's bearer--

In 2263 Jim's Birthday was coming up, he dreads his birthday due to the fact that he will be one year older than his father got to be, Meanwhile he attempts to negotiate a peace between the Teenaxi Delagation and the Fibonin republic which ultimately fails, He then orders the Enterprise to Starbase Yorktown for Reprovisioning and for some rest for the crew, however they are pressed into action after an alien woman claims her ship was stranded on the planet Altimid, this was a trap however as a swarm of small ships tears the Enterprise apart with the Saucer ultimately crash landing on Altimid, Kirk and Chekov create a ruse claiming that they hid something the woman is looking for in a locker so they can get the location of her boss, eventually Kirk and his Crew find the U.S.S. Franklin NX-326 and bring her back to flightworthy status and use it to get back to Yorktown to prevent Krall from killing the Entire population and using it to destroy the Federation, As a Reward Kirk is Granted Temporary Command of the U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-1805 until construction of the U.S.S. Enterprise NC-1701-A is completed.

Credit goes to

Star Trek and All Related Elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios
Green Lantern and all related elements (c) DC Comics
MiracleofEarth Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017
Kirk becomes a Green Lantern. I dig it.
dim35 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The actor who played Kirk's father was the same actor that played Thor. 

I always tgought that there COULD BE a good story in there somewhere -- Kirk bring the son of Thor and the grandson of Odin. 

The story where he meets Apollo could have an entirely different soon to it where Apolllo recognizes him as the grandson of Odin or his encounter with Apollo trigger kirk's own godlike powers

I'm not a Science Fiction story teller (my stories deal with the here and now) so I never attempted to do this type of story but you in the other hand seem to have the talent to pull it off :)
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