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Future Imperfect Enterprise-D Senior Staff by SpiderTrekfan616 Future Imperfect Enterprise-D Senior Staff by SpiderTrekfan616
This is the Senior Staff of the Enterprise-D in the Illusory future created by Barash. The year is 2383 and it's been sixteen years since the mission on Alpha Onias III and Calhoun has lost all of his memories since the original mission. This would prove to be inconvenient as he is to negotiate a Peace agreement with the Romulans which is four years in the making ever since a Romulan vessel was saved from from a Breen attack that drained it's power and nearly destroyed it if it weren't for Calhoun's quick thinking.
I gave the uniforms the "Yesterdays Enterprise" cuffs so that the uniform didn't look like it was just the regular uniform with a different badge and no pips.

Admiral Jean-Luc Picard
- Admiral Picard is working to help prepare Calhoun for the Peace agreement and has enlisted Troi as his political advisor.

Captain Mackenzie Calhoun
- Captain Calhoun has just woken up from a four day coma and has lost his memories of the sixteen years between the Alpha Onias III Mission and Present day to find himself in Command of the Enterprise and a widower father. He however feels as though something isn't quite adding up.

Commander Lore
- The first officer of the Enterprise, He gives the Romulan Ambassador a tour of the ship while Calhoun is occupied with attempting to regain his memories from the past sixteen years.

Commander Geordi La Forge
- In the intervening sixteen years since the Alpha Onias III Mission he has received cloned eyes granting him normal vision thus eliminating his need for the VISOR. He's helping Captain Calhoun get reaquainted with his ship due to the sixteen year leap in technology.

Lieutenant Commander Natasha Yar
- Still the chief of security, she accompanies Lore while he gives the Romulan Ambassador the Enterprise tour. She received a scar above her right eye during the sixteen years that Calhoun lost.

Lieutenant Commander Jack Satchel
- Jack has matured over the intervening sixteen years and has become a seasoned Tactical officer, however he has lost his easygoing attitude in the process when he was nearly killed during the Breen attack four years ago.

Commander Selar M.D.
- She was the first person that Calhoun laid eyes on when he woke up from his coma, She kept some information from him such as being a single father in the hopes that the shock would stir some memories of the past sixteen years.

Commander Deanna Troi
-  She is working as Admiral Picard's political advisor and adjunct for the upcoming peace talks with the Romulans. She also helps Mac Cope with the sudden stresses of being a Father.

Lieutenant Commander Rhoda sh'Aqabaa
 - Still working as the Chief Science Officer, she was one of the main contributors to saving the crippled Romulan Vessel four years ago when she discovered a way to deflect the Breen's energy dampening weapon and turn it against them.

Lieutenant Orshana
- Since Lore's promotion to first officer, she has taken up her mentor's role in keeping the Enterprise's operational allocations correctly managed, she had a tough time at first but Lore helped her through it.

Lieutenant Commander Ro Laren
- Ro has been promoted twice in the past sixteen years and is still working her normal station at Conn while at the same time she acts as Jack's relief when he is off duty.

Star Trek and all related elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios
Star Trek TNG revamp (c) Commadore-Shuey and Yours truly.
Credit goes to:
:iconabelmicros:(Don't bother clicking here, he has deactivated his account)

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Commadore-Shuey Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I would like to add that Ro and Yar would be married with a couple kids by this time.
The9thNightguard Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Cool dude!
EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
Kendrick "Hero" Urgena Mk III: The only thing I have to ask is who portrays Commander Picard in your world? (Yes, I'm aware that Patrick Stewart was in the Star Trek series. lol)
SpiderTrekfan616 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Since it's not really canon he still has the appearance of Patrick Stewart just as Lore still has the appearance of Brent Spiner and Tasha has Denise Crosby's appearance and so on.
EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015
Kendrick "Hero" Urgena Mk III: Makes sense.
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