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Commadore-Shuey's Power Rangers Dino Storm WIP by SpiderTrekfan616 Commadore-Shuey's Power Rangers Dino Storm WIP by SpiderTrekfan616

In this universe this is the 16th team of Power Rangers. They were all Chosen by Zordon to become Rangers for their unique abilities, A lot of them are actually children of former Rangers themselves.

In the grand scheme of things, Zordon, Ninjor, Dimitria, Reginald Ranor, Sentinel Knight and Solar Defender knew this day would come.  It would not be brought about by some evil, but rather two humans from NASADA.  While NASA was doing missions in space and planning on building something big in space to orbit the Earth, NASADA, funded by private investors, continued missions to the moon.  Two scientists discovered Rita's trash can container, opening it.  Rita and her minions escaped and made plans to take over the planet.

Zordon realized he would have to choose new champions, but this time, he's had a decade and a half to understand how to choose Rangers and this time around, decided to choose the children of HIS first all human team, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Reginald decided it was time to find a replacement for his coin and he did from the second all human Ranger team, Royal Flush.   However, his experience in the past and his Zord being damaged badly, he made two more Zords and chose two more Rangers.

After that, Rita chose two people to be her dark Rangers, but the rest were able to return them to the side of good.  After that, when getting weapons to defeat the Super Putty's two new Rangers and Zords joined the team, but the new super clay cause a new set of Rangers to be chosen, all in all, a team of fifteen Rangers in the war against Rita.

Styracosaurus - Farkus "Bulk" Bulkmeier
Farkus "Bulk" Bulkmeyer, was the son of Royal Flush's Augustus Bulkmeyer.  He had taken up bullying to protect himself from being bullied because of his size.  However, his heart was never into it, which is why, many times, his bullying backfired.  Sometimes he tried hard to improve his body by being strong.  He ended up having only one friend because of his attitude, that being Eugene Skullovich.  However, Eugene, also know as Skull, had changed a little after he started wearing the color Navy more often.  But Skull never made Bulk feel alone.  Then one day, Bulk and a girl were brought to the Command Center and told of his father's history.  He was given the Styraco morpher and told to test Tommy and Jason as they went for the Super Slingers.  From that day forth, Bulk stopped being a bully and he had a group of friends.  Anytime someone picked on him for his weight, his new friends came to defend him.  Bulk served as a Ranger with distinction and joy.

Dragonzord - Thomas Erik "Tommy" Oliver
Thomas Erik Oliver, nephew of Mighty Morphin's Clark Oliver, was the new kid in town.  On his first day, he took Jason on in a Martial Arts Tournament and it ended in a draw.  Then Rita chose him to be her evil Ranger, The Dragon Ranger.  He fought the Rangers until Jason was able to free him.  He then worked alongside him until Rita tried taking his powers using a Green candle.  However, while fighting the Cyclops monster, Tommy was found by a hooded man who held out his hand.  Energy surrounded Tommy as power surged through him.  After helping the Rangers defeat the Cyclops monster, he found out that the Green Candle that was supposed to take his power exploded in the Dark Dimension while Jason fought Goldar.  From that point on, Tommy continued fighting alongside the Rangers.

Velociraptor - Amy Davis (Created by Commadore-Shuey and his friend Kate)
Amy Davis, daughter of Royal Flush's Charles Davis,  was a friend of Jason's who learned early on that he was a Power Ranger.  She had spent much time at his home and became close friends with his sister Andrea.  Intelligent, kind and beautiful, she didn't realize that someone else had designs on her.  Rita kidnapped her to help Tommy as a white Ranger, unlocking the power of the Dragon coin and making a suit of her own.  Giving the power to Amy, she sent the both against the Rangers until Trini was able to save her when Jason saved Tommy.  Kitana, somehow gaining a small portion of her mother's Morphing Grid Power, was able to help sustain Amy so that Rita couldn't steal her powers.  When Adam joined the team, she had a crush on him and gravitated towards him.

Mastodon - Zachary "Zack" Taylor
Zachary Taylor, son of Mighty Morphin's Russell Taylor, loved music and used it in his martial arts, creating a new style called Hip Hop Kido, based on Hapkido.  When Zordon needed teenagers with attitude, he was one of the first chosen.  He was also chosen, like his father before him, to act as Jason's second in command (though some would joke later on that Zordon made the black guy the Black Ranger, which just wasn't true).  He had a hard time accepting his role at first, he soon became a strong member of the team, even finding ways to use his enhanced strength to help the team.

Wooly Rhino - Adam Park
Adam Park, son of Kamen Rider Cinder's Andrew Park, Adam was a quiet and humble man who came from a family with long standing traditions.  He had moved from Stone Canyon with his three friends and learned early on of the Ranger's identities, especially when he started dating Amy.  A little while after the Super Putties became major enemies and the super putty was used on the monsters to make them stronger, did Reginald decide it was time for New Rangers.  This included Adam and his two best friends.  He was surprised that an army had been created to fight Rita, but then soon learned that one was needed, especially fighting her.

Pterodactyl - Kimberly Ann Hart
Kimberlry Ann Hart, daughter of Mighty Morphin's Jacquelyn Hart, had what would seem to be the perfect life.  She was a gymnast, former head cheerleader, strong and graceful, and despite having to brush off Eugene Skullovich, whom she had known since she was a kid when they took piano lessons together, her life seemed perfect.  However, her mother had divorced her father and was with another man and they lived in France while she lived in the States.  Despite that, she took to being a Ranger well despite some initial reluctance.  She later became known as the heart of the team, helped Tommy after being evil and the two ended up falling for each other.  She loved being a Ranger and loved helping others.

Tupuxuara - Aisha Campbell
Aisha Campbell, daughter of Royal Flush's Roland Campbell, was a lively and kind girl.  She had become friends with Adam and Rocky in Stone Canyon and when they moved to Angel Grove, she and her family did as well.  Like Adam she learned of the Ranger's identities early, but wasn't called to be one until later when Reginald needed more heroes.  Though not understanding why she was chosen at first, when finding out about her father, she proudly served beside her friends.  Though there was one friend she forgot to keep in contact with back home, but that is a story for another time.

Triceratops - William "Billy" Cranston
William Cranston, son of Mighty Morphin's David Cranston and nephew to Bryan Cranston, was a shy kid who was also very intelligent, almost to perfectionist standards, and learning to be a martial artists to protect himself.  Though bullied at first by Bulk and Skull, when they became Rangers, he was the first one to offer the hand of friendship to Bulk.  Billy was fascinated by morphing and everything involved with being a Power Ranger.  He was best friends with Jason's sister, Andrea, and the two of them loved working in the Command Center, keeping the systems up to date, and helping keep things maintained.  He learned the most from Reginald, who was an Engineer himself, and felt more at home as a Ranger than he was in his own home.

Stegosaurus - Rockford "Rocky" De Santos
Rockford deSantos, son of Zeddic Dereke and Royal Flush's Marcella de Santos, grew up with two older siblings and a younger sibling.  He didn't know his father for a good portion of his life, but his mother always spoke highly of him.  However, he listened more to his uncle, Bio Electric's Ricardo deSantos.  He did, though, though, help his mother at her Restaurant.  By now it had become a small chain along California, having restaurants set up in places like Mariner Bay and Briarwood.  She moved to Angel Grove, about the same time as did his friends', Adam and Aisha's, families did to set up a new restaurant there.  Zedd had been home for some time, so by this time, he was trying to mend relations with what he thought was an absentee father.  He, like his friends, found out the Rangers identities early and later became a Ranger himself.  What surprised him the most was his family knew the moment he stepped through the door after getting his coin that he was a Ranger.  He couldn't explain how, but after finding out his mother was one, it helped him feel a little better.  He served as a Ranger with humor and courage.

Sabretooth Tiger - Trini Kwan
Trini Kwan, daughter of Mighty Morphin's Xao Kwan, was a hard worker and willing to put her friends ahead of herself.  She sometimes acted as a translator for Billy.  She was a practitioner of Kung Fu and soon learned the Mantis style of martial arts from Kamen Rider Mantis's Tao Chong.  Though she had a fear of heights, even that she was able to overcome with her friends' help.  She was one of the first Rangers chosen and never regretted saying yes to Zordon.

Archelon - Andrea Scott (Created by commadore-Shuey and his friend Carly)
Andrea Scott, adopted daughter of Mighty Morphin's Frank and Virginia Scott and sister to Jason Scott, had an unusual childhood.  She started off as a pet turtle bought in New York and named after a friend Jason had lost in a car accident.  When Jason stumbled and lost her container down a sewage drain, a kindly older Chinese man, using a glove, reached in and pulled her up, cleaning a green slime off her.  When they got her home, though, she started growing.  She was only three years younger than Jason, but because she was mutating, her parents decided to adopt her and raise her as their own and Jason had a new baby sister.  When she first met Jason's friends, she was a little worried since she was different, but she was accepted by them right away.  When Reginald was looking for Rangers to take over Zords that would join up with Alligator to form a Hydro Megazord, he picked her for the ancient Turtle Dinosaur, Archelon.  This also came with a holo emitter that would make her look human when she needed to.  She loved her human form because her frame and fingers had gotten big and the hologram used not only photons and force fields, but also phasing technology so people couldn't tell she was a turtle.  She loved both forms and being a Ranger.

Deinosuchus - Jonathan Francis "Jack" Satchel II (Created by Yours Truly)
Jonathan Satchel Jr, son of Royal Flush's Jonathan Satchell, was born with Asperger's Syndrome (Before it was blanketed under the Autism Spectrum) and had difficulty in social situations.  However, Jack made friends with Billy first, then the rest of his friends soon afterwards.  Fiercely loyal to those loyal to him, he proved he had what it took to become a replacement for Reginald Ranor as the Alligator Ranger.  Though reluctant at first, seeing as how Reginald had been the Alligator for Millennia and he felt like he would be living in his Father's shadow, he soon realized he could handle the power and took it.  After his Alligator Zord was joined by two other Zords, Archelon and Megalodon, Jack became even closer friends with Andrea and Skull.  He loved working with them and even trained in martial arts with them, learning new skills so that they could become an effect three man team.

Megalodon - Eugene "Skull" Skullovich
Eugene Skullovich, son of Royal Flush's Anthony Skullovich, was more kind hearted than his partner, Bulk, realized.  But he kept it well hidden under a high pitched laugh and going along with whatever Bulk said.  He had grown up learning to play the piano alongside Kimberly as children, and truly loved it, but could never express it in front of Bulk.  He also had a crush on Kimberly, but found out later that she saw him more as just a friend.  Because of his heart, he was chosen as a Ranger.  It was hard for him at first because he would have to leave Bulk to help Jack and Andrea save the Earth, but he always came back to his best friend.  After Bulk was chosen as a Ranger, he was happy he could share this with him.  He was soon able to be his true self and worked alongside both Bulk and Jack and Andrea as Rangers.

Tyrannosaurus - Jason Lee Scott
Jason Lee Scott, son of Mighty Morphin's Frank and Virginia Scott, was strong, courageous, had a heart of gold, and was a martial arts instructor.  He had a can do attitude that was sometimes infectious and sometimes not.  Jason never wanted to be mister popular, he just wanted to make friends with all those he could and inspire confidence in others.  One of the original six chosen, he was the first to accept right away, and thus became the team's leader.  He has gone up against any enemy weather alone or part of the team.  He had an unwanted rivalry with Goldar, but never back down from a fight with him.  He was even willing to put his life on the line to save Tommy's powers when a mysterious man did it for him.  He loved being a Power Ranger and hoped to inspire others along the way.

Titanus - Sally La Rouke (Based upon Audrey DuBois who was the original Actress who played Trini in the unaired pilot created by Commadore-Shuey)
Sally la Rouke, daughter of Royal Flush's Danielle la Rouke, grew up as best friends with Trini Kwan.  She was fast and strong learning Kung Fu alongside Trini.  She didn't find out the Rangers identities until she was chosen to take over the Titanus carrierzord alongside Bulk getting the Styracosaurus Dino Zord.  She always wondered why she had a Purple suit when her Zord was clearly silver, but she was just told that she was as strong as the so called purple mountains majesty.  She always brought her Zord in last to the party because it was the strongest and you always save the best for last.

The Images at the Bottom are as follows:
Tommy Without the Shield
Tommy Without Dragon Armor
Jason With the Shield
Jason with the full Dragon Armor
Zack With the Full Dragon Armor
Jack with the Dragon Shield (I made this as kind of a reference to the original Green Ranger Action Figure)


Super Sentai, MMPR and all related elements (c) Toei Company and Saban Entertainment
MMPR Revamp by Commadore-Shuey with small contributions from yours truly.

Updated on 4/20/17 at 10:30PM: Added the Helmetless and Fully Morphed forms of the Rangers. Humorously enough it's also the 21st Anniversary of the premiere of Power Rangers Zeo

Updated on 4/13/18 at 1:28PM: Changed Jack's Attire to be something more 90s appropriate and Darkened the green on his Ranger suit, Changed Sally's Skin Color to be a bit darker and Swapped Rocky's helmet out.

Updated on 4/21/18 at 2:50AM: Changed Adam's Helmet to fit with Commadore-Shuey's Story, Added the Character bios while Also Adding to Jack's Bio a bit and Changed Tommy's Middle name to honor Jason David Frank's late brother Erik who played David Trueheart in Power Rangers Zeo but that's just my headcanon middle name for him Commadore-Shuey's version is more official.

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this is awesome mate!
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the designs, the fact bulk and skull finally get what they've always wanted lol and the fact you've managed to fit in all the original rangers (except Kat though)
Joker960317 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Awesome. I love it
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I love the armor look to their outfits as well as the girls look hot.  Though I do wonder why you didn't make Sally a little more dark skin.
SpiderTrekfan616 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I updated it.
Commadore-Shuey Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
cool.  But you may have to update again.  Tell you later when I finish it up.  I just need to do Kamen Rider Black family and then it's these guys.  I just hope you like the story I give Jack.
SpiderTrekfan616 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I just updated it again with the Changes you made and Added a bit to Why Jack would feel reluctant to take on a power set, I'm gonna get to work on Kamen Rider Shin ASAP Andrea's Turtle Form may take a little longer since I need to find the right template.
Commadore-Shuey Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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MiracleofEarth Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
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EarthCenturion Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
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Love the blue jeans on here. It reminded me that I need to make a casual outfit for ranger.
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