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Commadore-Shuey Star Trek TNG Season 3 WIP by SpiderTrekfan616 Commadore-Shuey Star Trek TNG Season 3 WIP by SpiderTrekfan616
Season 3 of me and :iconcommadore-shuey:'s TNG Revamp (This deviation is currently a Work in Progress as I haven't made the Excelsior and Laertes crews yet.)

With a new year came new missions and new adventures.  Working together, Admiral Ranor and Captain Picard were able to get Ro promoted to Full Lieutenant.  On top of that, many of the crew from all three ships were promoted.  Tavara of the Laertes became a full member of the crew as a Counselor.  K'Etarya went from being part of the Officer exchange to also being a full member of the Laertes crew.

The three ships had a multitude of adventures that took them all across the quadrant.  

Wesley had an adventure with Nanites on the Excelsior. 

Lore has to convince a planet full of people to move before being killed by another species.  

The Laertes discovered a planet with only two survivors on a colony world where one is revealed to be dead and the other is a super powerful entity.  

Picard had to help the Mintakans believe he was not a god.  While this is going on, Jack and Selar go to visit Vulcan.  Their relationship over the past two years has developed greatly.  The couple bring along Selar's adopted Andorian daughter, Thala to Jack's slight annoyance.  She was blind since birth and used her antennae to see as well as a special shirt embedded with a sensor web similar to Miranda Jones' which helped her see outside the visible light spectrum, a lot like Geordi's VISOR.  Her father was killed when he was taken by the Borg a year ago when Q first introduced them to the Enterprise.

Worf adopts Jeremy Aster as a brother when his mother is killed on an away mission for the Excelsior.  

The Enterprise gets trapped in a 1000 year old booby trap and Geordi has to work with a representation of the designer of the Engines, while Admiral Reginald Ranor tries to help keep the ship together.  

While on an Away mission for the Excelsior, O'Brien is temporarily blinded while on a planet looking for a downed Romulan space craft.  Worf refuses to help one of the survivors who also refuses to get help from him.  It is soon revealed that the Romulans and the Federation have been working together since the attacks on the outposts along the Neutral Zone to gather as much information on the Borg, discovered by the USS Enterprise, as possible.

The Laertes represents the Federation in trying to control the Crystalia Wormhole.  Andrew is able to determine that Devinoni Ral is one quarter betazoid and uses his talents for personal gain rather than to help others.

The Excelsior then tries to mediate a dispute between a pirate band and a ruler of their home world.  Mark McHenry falls with the Sovereign's handmaiden only to find out that she's seeking vengeance on those that destroyed her clan.

Romulan Admiral Jarok tries to convince the Enterprise and her crew that his people are setting up an incursion that could bring about a war.  It was an elaborate trap set up by the Romulan people using him as bait to capture the Enterprise and it's secrets.  Thanks to Jack and Laren, they were able to make it out safely, but the Admiral ended up killing himself.

Genetically altered Veterans flee to the Laertes and then try and capture it to show that Angosia is not ready to join the Federation.  Andrew discovers who the and Mike convinces them they must work out their problems before they are ready.

Doctor Crusher is captured by Terrorists who use a folded-space transporter that is killing them.  Jack is also captured, and the Terrorists try to blow the Excelsior up.  Thanks to Mark, Zak, Soleta, Tania and Worf, they don't succeed and many of the terrorists end up getting killed when the five got to rescue the Crushers.

The Enterprise is visited by a powerless Q.  He is powerless because he took the Enterprise to meet the Borg before Humanity was ready to face a threat of this magnitude and the continuum didn't like that.  It is also revealed, especially by Q, that the Borg are on their way.  To gain his powers back, Q had to attempt to sacrifice himself for the crew of the Enterprise.  He succeeded and warned Picard that the danger was still coming.

O'Brien of the Excelsior is accused of murdering a scientist, but it is soon discovered that an accident during transport caused the death of the scientist and not O'Brien.

Everyone knows that the Enterprise-C fought at Narendra III and survived.  What many don't know is that during the battle it had traveled through time.  It went forward thirty years and found out that the Tucker and the Excelsior-A never came to help like Guinan said they had.  What the crew of the Enterprise-C found was a war between the Klingons and the Federation with the Federation losing, just like the other Picard had mentioned before.  The crews of the Enterprise-D, Excelsior-B and Laertes banded together to put time back on track and sent the Enterprise-C home with a boosted distress signal that let the Excelsior-A and Tucker come to the Enterprise-C in it's time of need.

In an effort to create a "daughter" Lore creates Lal and allows her to try and grow like he did.  However, there was a problem in her development and he and Chip race against time to save her.  An Admiral by the name of Haftel wants to take her away to study her but upon watching the brothers work hard, he decided she was more of a child to Lore and a niece to Chip than a machine.  They are able to save her, but just barely and have to find a way to help her grow again without having a cascade shutdown.

Worf's brother, Kurn, comes aboard the Excelsior to inform Worf of their father being accused of collaborating with Romulans.  Worf, who had been in correspondence with Jonathan Satchel of the Enterprise, asked him to come represent him as his Cha'DIch. Though he would have preferred his other brother, Zak Kebron, it was decided that Jonathan, who had served in the Federation/Klingon exchange program, would be the best choice.  When Kurn asked why not him, Worf responded that if anyone was out to silence the Cha'DIch, they would never suspect a human to do as well as any Klingon.  For political reasons, Worf took the discommendation, but he knew, one day, he would return to glory.

Jack Crusher is abducted by aliens and taken to a lab for study.  He is replaced by a duplicate who acts out of character.  While Jack and his three captives try and find a way out of their predicament, Kestra begins to question the Captain's sanity.  Soon, working together, Jack is able to prove that one of ones captures is actually the keeper and they escape back to the ship.

Picard is conned into taking a vacation on Risa by Counselor Deanna Troi and his first Officer, Commander Calhoun.  There he runs into a charismatic archeologist by the name of Vash.  She is searching for the Tox Uthat and being trailed by a former partner, a Ferengi named Sovek.  Picard is also asked to look for it by two Vorgons from the twenty-seventh century.  Picard and Vash finally find it but to keep it out of everyone's hands, Picard destroys it.  He still considers it a great vacation.

The Laertes is asked by the federation council to take a very skilled telepath named Tam Elbrun, to make contact with a living space vessel nicknamed Tin Man.  He is impressed with the conn officer, Karone, since he cannot read her like he can others.  It was because of training from her parents, Reginald and Kitana, that she was able to shield her mind so successfully.  But the one person Tam enjoyed visiting with was Chip, who was visiting the Laertes to get updates from Talina Kem, the Laertes Chief Scientist, on a joint project they were working on.  During the mission, the Romulans came and tried to stop the Laertes from taking Tin Man.  Tam was able to convince Tim Man to leave and while it did so it also sent the Romulans and the Laertes back to it's respective sides of the neutral Zone.

The Enterprise soon gets a new crewman, an introverted man by the name of Reginald Barclay.  The man would frequently retreat into a holodeck world because it was difficult for him to handle real life. Geordi tries very hard to make him feel as part of the crew but it is difficult.  All this, while the crew investigates a mystery that involves the Enterprise almost tearing itself apart. Barclay is able to reason why and they save the ship which gives him more confidence in himself and he is willing to try reality.

Next, Chip is abducted by an alien, Kivas Fajo, who tried to turn him into a museum piece, thinking him rare and valuable.  When Chip finally escaped and stole a shuttle, he learned that there were times when it was necessary to kill even though he didn't like it.

The Excelsior was privy to Ambassador Sarek needing to finish negotiations and then retire as an Ambassador.  Also, his friend, Jean-Luc Picard was visiting from the Enterprise, while that ship mapped out a new pulsar.  Picard had wanted to meet a man he considered a hero of sorts.  Unfortunately, the ambassador is suffering from a disease that was not only slowly killing him, but also making him lose his emotional control.  His assistant, Sakkath tried to help by passing on his emotions off to others, but it ended up endangering the rest of the crew.  It wasn't until Jean-Luc volunteered to take them all while Sarek completed the negotiations, that things calmed down.  But because of the meld, Picard was able to learn many things about Sarek, and Sarek gained Picard's control.  Picard was grateful to his old friend for allowing him this as well as to Sarek for joining their minds.

Lwaxana Troi, mother of Deanna and Kestra Troi decided to take both of her girls on vacation.  She wanted them to find a man.  Kestra hid a secret from her mother and Deanna did all she could to keep it.  While heading to their vacation destination, the three women are captured by DaiMon Tog.  He wanted Lwaxana for her mind and not just her body.  He is soon pursued by the Enterprise, Excelsior and Laertes to get the women back.  (Andrew felt it was his duty to protect the wife of the man he was named after.)  Tog is willing to turn over Kestra and Deanna to the ships, but not Lwaxana.  Because it was his three ladies who were captured, Ian came in his ship, the USS Pythagoras, to rescue them.  He was able to convince DaiMon Tog that Lwaxana was the love of his life and had her returned to him.

An Amnesiac alien dubbed John Doe is saved from certain death by the Laertes. Doctor Rhea discovered he was undergoing an evolutionary process while also having to deal with the affectionate attachment she has for him.  Though he can perform many miraculous feats, in the end, he transforms and heads on to his new existence.

Lieutenant Commander Shelby, Calhoun's ex-girlfriend,  comes aboard the Enterprise as an expert on the Borg.  She hopes to become the next XO of the Enterprise thinking Calhoun will soon be taking his own command.  Also visiting the Enterprise is Picard's nephew Rene.  Shelby had been following the Borg attacks since the Romulan Neutral Zone two years previously, so when the attack  on Jouret IV happened, she was excited to prove her skills.  Also Shelby and Picard come up with a plan to try and destroy the Borg with a weaponized deflector.  The Borg soon confront the Enterprise and kidnap Picard leaving Calhoun in command.  They announced their intentions to take over Earth and the enterprise tried to rescue Picard.  The away team consisted of Shelby, Lore, and Yar.  They find out that Picard had been transformed into a Borg himself.  Rene had heard about what happened to his uncle and rushed to the bridge.  Once the away team returned, Calhoun gave the order to fire without remorse.  The question is, did he succeed...?

Jonathan Satchel Junior and many elements in this summary created by SpiderTrekfan616
THE rest, developed by Commadore-Shuey.
Thanks to artists MFD and Bry-Sinclair for inspiration and help.
Star Trek and All Related elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios.
Credit for microhero parts go to :iconmicromaned::iconbailey2088::iconthemicroman247::iconabelmicroheroes::iconhernan20x:
Fun Fact: I based the appearance of Lt. Cmdr. Rhoda sh'Aqabaa and Major Yavil th'Kasant off of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper respectively just because they filmed "Silver Linings Playbook" in my hometown.
I finally have Jack revealing his annoyance towards kids during the Satchel/Selar storyline of "Who Watches the Watchers" which he usually keeps very well hidden.

To gain more information about the crewmembers themselves see :…
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