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Commadore-Shuey Star Trek TNG Season 1 by SpiderTrekfan616 Commadore-Shuey Star Trek TNG Season 1 by SpiderTrekfan616
Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Former Captain of the USS Stargazer. The Stargazer was lost during the battle of Maxia, the Federation’s first encounter with the Ferengi. Captain Picard was always concerned that he would never be able to handle children until the day his brother-and sister-in-law were killed in a fire leaving him his young nephew, Rene, in his care. With the assistance of a strange woman who somehow knows him. He takes care of his crew and his nephew with equal dedication.

Commander Mackenzie Calhoun: Mackenzie Calhoun was originally known as M’k’n’zy of Calhoun of the planet Xenex. He was a rebel and a leader even at a young age. Picard and the crew of the Stargazer went to his world, met with him, and convinced him to join Starfleet. He did so hoping to find the woman of his dreams. He did in Elizabeth Shelby. However, their relationship became strained when she wished to stay another year to gain another degree. Picard followed Calhoun’s career in Starfleet so when he gained another command, the first thing he did was ask Mac to join him as his first officer, which he accepted.

Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge: Graduating alongside fellow cadets William T. Riker, Lyrinda Halk, and Kathryn Janeway, many weren't sure if Geordi had the ambition to take command. Yet time again he proved himself a capable leader and he had a strong aptitude for Engineering. He was Chief Engineer on the hood before getting his promotion and transfer to the Enterprise as her Chief Engineer. Geordi admits he still has a lot to learn, but he also feels capable of doing the job he’s assigned.

Lieutenant Sita Radou: Radou is a Bajoran who is not very strong in his beliefs. In fact he doesn't even believe the Prophets exist. He doesn't wear the Bajoran earring and prefers the hum of an Engine over a Bajoran chant. His strengths and talents in engineering have led him to the post of Assistant Chief Engineer. It is a position he serves with distinction. He does his best to get along with all the members of the crew, but he usually finds himself at odds with the Conn Officer and that in turn puts him at odds with the Chief of Security. He does his best to avoid them if he can, but his personal feelings towards them never interfere with how he works with them. In that respect, they have a good working relationship.

Lieutenant Selar: Until her posting on board the Enterprise, Selar was content to just serve at Starfleet Medical. However, though this posting came as a surprise, she is content in her role as Chief Medical Officer looking after patients as well as the staff. One of the conditions for joining was taking a young student from the Nursing program so that she could gain more hands on experience. Though many find Selar a typical Vulcan, she has managed to gain associates she feels most comfortable to be around, including the Chief Tactical Officer.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Orlando Stapleton: Orlando is a young Canian that resembles a fox. He recently graduated from Starfleet Academy Medical program at the top of his class and was given the prestigious honor of becoming the Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise. Though some of the older Doctors find it difficult to take orders from such a young “pup”, they all realize he understands what he is going. He also treats the nurses and medics as equals rather than as tools to be used to save a life which had put him on the good side of many of the medical staff. He is a hard worker with a heart of gold, even though it seems as if sometimes he pushes himself too hard to please Selar and the Captain.

Ensign Alyssa Ogawa: Some wonder why Alyssa, still in her fourth year at the Starfleet Academy Nursing Program, could be put in charge of the Nursing Staff so fast including herself. It was Doctor Selar’s wish to have this cadet who impressed her so while she was stationed at Starfleet Medical as her head Nurse. She is a hard worker and gets along great with Orlando. She too works hard to prove worthy and hopes that when she eventually graduates, she’ll have proven herself to her teachers as well.

Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi: Many thought Deanna was following in her sister’s footsteps when she went to Starfleet Academy. However, she proved them all wrong when she decided to learn medicine including mental health to become a counselor. Her mother would have been happier if she took the command track at the Academy, but she preferred helping others using her empathic powers to help patients and protect her crew from alien threats.

Lieutenant Rhoda sh’Aqabaa: Rhoda is an Andorian shen continuing a proud tradition of military service that goes all the way back to the days of the Imperial Guard. Though she is only a scientist, and Chief of Science aboard the Enterprise, she enjoys her work which helps her understand the universe better. She is loyal to her commanding officer and a strong fighter when need be. She has a daughter who is currently spending time studying in the Klingon Empire. Her daughter, Pava, is the one thing she still enjoys from her marriage, while her bond mates are something she tries to get away from; including her bond mate Undieela zh’Noor who, because of writing so many holo novels, can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy at times. However, she loves and dotes upon Pava whom, she hopes, will follow her into Starfleet one day.

Lieutenant Tasha Yar: Tasha grew up on Turkana IV amidst drugs, gangs, rape, and crime lords, all the dregs of humanity. At the Age of five, she and her sister were abandoned by her mother. She searched for her thinking she was the only one who could protect her and her sister for a year before seeing her parents gunned down in front of her eyes. The two girls were later found by a woman named Yar who took care of the two girls for several years. When Tasha was twelve, the woman died so she took her knife and started honing her hunting skills. The Federation Starship Tucker came to Turkana IV where Cadet Karone Ranor walked the streets trying to understand the people of this planet since they were no normal humans. Tasha found her fascinating and followed. Karone was attacked by a rape gang, but she fought them off with skills Tasha had never seen before. She followed Karone and impressed her father, Reginald, into bringing the young girl and her sister along. Later she met Ro Laren and the two began training for Starfleet Academy. Since Tasha was older, she entered first. She graduated and was assigned to Reginald’s wife’s ship, the Liberty, where along the way her skills impressed Jean-Luc Picard enough to make her his new Chief of Security.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Ro Laren: Laren grew up on Bajor during the Cardassian occupation. She lost her father and then ran away from home living on the streets becoming an expert at computer hacking and avoiding Cardassian orphan catchers. When she was nine, The USS Tucker, under Command of Reginald Ranor, made a trip to offer humanitarian aid to ailing Cardassians who didn't know what the disease was. While Kitana healed the Cardassians, Reginald and a small team went undercover on Bajor to see the conditions. There they caught Laren trying to steal from them and took her back with them. She met Tasha Yar and had a crush on her. It wasn't until Tasha was about to leave for the Academy did they reveal their feelings to each other. Laren entered Starfleet Academy and passed with flying colors and was assigned to the Wellington where an incident almost had her sent to a federation penal colony, but because of the timely intervention of her guardians, she was allowed to stay in Starfleet with harsh restrictions. When Tasha was assigned to the Enterprise, her one condition was to allow Laren to come with her. The Captain Agreed based on her exemplary record on the Liberty. Though the crew have some difficulty trusting her, she is slowly winning their respect.

Lieutenant Commander Lore: Lore was built by Doctor Noonien Soong to be more than just an android. There were records brought to him about a successful android named Data who had saved the Federation along with several others from a mad time traveler. Lore was built with a personality mimicking humans so he could better interact with them. While Soong was worried about antisocial behaviors, Lore didn’t exhibit them, rather getting along with the people of Omicron Theta. Lore met Starfleet officers three years after his creation and made it his goal to join Starfleet as if to honor Data who fought so hard to save the Federation.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jonathan Satchel Junior: Jack is the son of the famous Big John of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. While still at the Academy, he spent some time learning to work aboard a Galaxy Class Starship, the USS Galaxy. While there he started out as an Away Mission Specialist, but it was discovered that he had a high aptitude for the Tactical Station and was transferred there. His ability to think outside the box helped him graduate. When Captain Picard saw his record, he requested him for the Enterprise at the Tactical Station while Tasha Yar was the Chief of Security. His wittiness and compassion has endeared him to the Chief Medical Officer. On another note, he has a habit of calling the commanding duty officer by the old term "Boss" feeling that term to be more friendly then sir not being one for titles.

Major Yavil th’Kasant (ETA Unknown): Yavil is a member of the Starfleet Marine Corps. It is always recommended to have a Marine unit aboard a Starship, but they are rarely used. However, Starfleet feels that ships should continue to carry a platoon of Marines aboard so his unit was chosen for the Flagship of the fleet, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. He sometimes is at lager heads with the Chief of Security but they soon realize they have the same goal and found ways to work together to attain that goal. Now away missions contain at least one if not two or three Marines as the mission dictates.

Vice Admiral Reginald Ranor, Vice Admiral Kitana Ranor, and Lieutenant General Jade Ranor: Reg, Kitana and Jade have been associated with Starfleet for two hundred years and have been in it for one hundred years. They had began their careers under the Command of Captain James T Kirk and then eventually moved on to the Excelsior and were captured. During their time captured, they saw a future changed by a madman and a war that should never have happened destroy their adopted home. When they were finally freed Reginald was able to right a few temporary wrongs for the savors immediately and with his help and some influence of himself, his wife and other “legends” a lasting peace was established with the Klingons. He has done everything he could to make the future those heroes fought and died for come to fruition as well as his wife and her friend, confidant and body guard, Jade. In doing so, the three of them have now taken a position as Advisors aboard the New Enterprise. They do not try to take over command but help out wherever and whenever they are needed.

TheLastCybertronian Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very very cool, I like the idea of Jean-Luc looking after Rene, and Mac being his XO :D

And Tasha and Laren being a couple, have you got plans for Will Riker?
Commadore-Shuey Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Not really. Still trying to figure him out.
TheLastCybertronian Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah ok :)
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