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Castaways Voyager Crew Lineup concept by SpiderTrekfan616 Castaways Voyager Crew Lineup concept by SpiderTrekfan616

On Stardate 48315.6 the U.S.S. Voyager Vanished From Known Space, it was thrown 70,000 light years across the Galaxy to the Delta Quadrant while attempting to locate a missing Maquis raider that starfleet planted a spy aboard. There Without Aid from Starfleet the crew of both Starfleet and Maquis were forced to work together to find their way home all the while attempting to find a way to coexist with each other. After a few away missions that went awry Captain Riker and Lieutenant Foster felt it was tie to create an elite force of security officers to handle the more violent situations which resulted in the story of Voyager changing from how it was portrayed in the legend.

Captain William T. Riker
After holding the position of First officer on the U.S.S. Hood (He was never transferred to the Enterprise, Janeway takes his place there) Will was offered command of one of the new Intrepid Class Starships which was under construction, He supervised her construction and was to conduct her maiden Voyage in 2371, Things went Quite Awry when Voyager was thrown 70,000 light years across the Galaxy to the Delta Quadrant, Using what he was taught by Captain DeSoto he'll get his crew home by any means necessary short of violating starfleet regulations.

Lieutenant Commander Cal Hudson
A former Starfleet Commander who defected to the Maquis, he was the Starfleet liaison to the demilitarized zone colonies and reported to his friend Benjamin Sisko on Deep Space Nine, When he saw the conditions the Colonists were living in he resigned from Starfleet and joined the Maquis to help them fight the Cardassians, betraying Sisko's trust in the process.

Lieutenant Veronica Stadi
A Betazoid who took the science track in the Academy, she was assigned to Voyager as Chief Science Officer and Occasionally took over as Conn officer when no one else is available, She formed a very good working relationship with Captain Riker who would would often go to her for advice.

Lieutenant JG B'Elanna Torres
A Starfleet Academy Dropout, The Half Klingon B'Elanna Torres is an engineering genius with her only flaw being her mother's temper, She joined the Maquis to let out her aggression in ways Starfleet wouldn't allow. Now that she is Voyager's Chief Engineer she needs to set an example for the engineering staff and endeavours to keep her temper under control.

Cadet Ezri Tigan
A First year Cadet, Ezri is an unjoined Trill who went on Field studies aboard Voyager as part of her counselor's training, After Voyager was trapped in the Delta Quadrant she used her expertise to hep out those who were feeling homesick as well as helping to integrate the Maquis crew into Voyager's crew.

A member of the Ocampan Species who are native to the Delta Quadrant, she always dreamed of travelling the stars and with the arrival of Voyager via the Caretaker she was able to make her dream a reality, She serves as a nurse due to Voyager's lack of medical staff.

Lieutenant JG Sean Hawk
In 2368 Sean made a Major mistake that got him kicked out of Starfleet, He covered up an incident of pilot error in a shuttle accident got everyone including his lover killed, he was the sole survivor was was so grief struck that he couldn't even admit to himself that it was pilot error. When the deception was uncovered He was court Martialed and sentenced to the New Zealand Penal Colony, In 2371 Captain Riker had Hawk released to allow him to redeem himself in the Eyes of Starfleet.

When Voyager First arrived they discovered Neelix hiding in an asteroid belt thinking that Voyager was a new Benthan ship design but was quickly proven wrong due to the multitude of species he didn't recognize, they asked his for his help in getting around the Delta Quadrant in exchange for better living conditions aboard Voyager, he quickly proved himself useful in deceiving the Kazon on Ocampa and rescuing Kes who was revealed to be an old flame of his. He then became a Guide and Ambassador for Voyager. He also trains under Lieutenant Foster to be a security officer.

The Doctor
Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram, He was designed for short term use to supplement the medical staff however since the Medical staff was killed in transit to the Delta Quadrant he was all they have in the way of a Doctor, after a few days he was given the ability to shut himself off since his patients were forgetting to do so after they were done. He also took Kes under his wing as a nurse to help him out around sickbay. He may lack good bedside manner but more than makes up for it with his medical skills.

Lieutenant Lester Foster
Chief of Security aboard Voyager, After a few away missions that resulted in several fatalities, Foster Petitioned Captain Riker to create an elite force of security officers to handle away missions too hot for traditional away teams, This idea was accepted and implemented and two squads of Hazard Teams were created.

Lieutenant Tuvok
The Vulcan Chief tactical officer of Voyager, Tuvok provides the voice of reason in potential combat situations, he is not well liked by the Maquis crewmembers due to his being a spy on Hudson's Maquis Raider.

Seven of Nine
Assimilated at the age of 6 years old, Seven of Nine FKA Annika Hansen only ever know the voices of the Collective in her life, she was forcibly separated from the Collective when they reneged on a deal they had with Voyager and attempted to assimilate the ship. Now a member of Voyager's crew she is slowly regaining her humanity with each de-assimilation operation and therapy session, she serves as Voyager's Chief of Astrometrics.

Ensign Harry Kim
Harry was fresh from the Academy when he was assigned to Voyager, when Voyager was thrown to the Delta Quadrant he was forced to replace the Operations manager who was killed in transit, Being the ensign he is the most naive but will grow into his role eventually.

- The Lineup is mainly inspired by Bry-Sinclair's Voyager lineup but with the backstories changed up to prevent any confusion between our versions
- I've altered the lifespan of Ocampans to grow to be 15 years old just so that Kes can stay on the crew and not age dramatically over the course of Seven years.
- The Doctor will not keep his mobile emitter after "Future's End" due to the fact that Captain Braxton will detect it and want it returned before Voyager is returned to 2373, instead the ship will be equipped with holo emitters similar to "the Killing game" but the Doctor prefers not to leave sickbay unless it's absolutely necessary to prevent overtaxing the makeshift hologrid throughout the ship.
- Foster is a character that was first mentioned in the Episode "Waking Moments" as a crewman but was seen as a lieutenant in the video Game "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force" so he is for all intents and purposes Canon.
- Seven will slowly lose the Borg Exoskeleton over the Course of Season 4 and will have her post "The Gift" appearance from season 5 onwards but with the ocular implant stump, This is due to the limited tech Voyager has at their disposal along with the increased wear and tear on Voyager's systems as a result of being in an unknown region of space with only secondhand repairs to patch up the damage done during their trip.

I may add the Hazard team at a later date with a Female Munro to even out the Gender diversity.

Credit goes to

Star Trek and all related elements (c) Gene Roddenberry, Paramount Pictures and CBS Studios
Star Trek Castaways and all related elements (c) SpiderTrekfan616, :devcaptnoviousftw: and The6thNightguard

Bry-Sinclair Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A very nice line up :)
Knight3000 Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty cool So in this, Janeway serves with Picard and is offered command of the Titan yes?
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