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Castaways TNG Era Crews by SpiderTrekfan616 Castaways TNG Era Crews by SpiderTrekfan616
These are the Crews from the Three TNG era Series as seen in Castaways and my ideas for how the series would play out in the Castaways Universe

Starring the Voices of:
Grant Gustin as Domenic Oranzi
Unknown as Robert Slezak
Jason Ritter as Aiden Whynot
Also Starring the Voices of:
Stephen Amell as Bob Oranzi
Halston Sage as T'Lin
Unknown as Justin St. Esprit
Unknown as Korvok*
Unknown as Neeva

For the Enterprise-D which survives the Events of Star Trek Generations while Grace is the one that crash Lands on Veridian, Me, My Brother and my Girlfriend offer our services aboard the Enterprise until The Stargazer's refits are complete. And Yes Janeway is the First officer aboard the Enterprise, In The Voyager Episode "Death Wish" Q said he expected Riker to take command instead of Janeway, What happened was Janeway accepted a demotion to Commander after a diplomatic mission went horribly wrong resulting in the death of several crewmembers and the destruction of the U.S.S. Billings. In Skin of Evil Tasha doesn't die but is very close to Death with Armus torturing her while she's unconscious. In Preemptive Strike Ro Doesn't Defect to The Maquis because she's come a long way since she was reinstated by Captain Picard when he first got the Enterprise, Instead she is outed as a spy. Selar is CMO instead of Doctor Crusher as Crusher is assigned to the Excelsior under the command of her husband Jack Crusher who lives instead of the Guy who Picard saves in the Prime Universe. Data will be somewhat Amalgamated with Lore in that he will have emotions but he has no way to externally express in his everyday life, He Still "Sees things with the wonder of a Child" and still has the "Quest to become more human" as part of his arc only the reason he's doing this is to learn how to express himself better than he can currently.

For Deep Space Nine, The Crew is prepping for a Dominion Invasion by Arming the Station, Robert and Justin offered their assistance to help prepare for the Inevitable War and even took assignments on the Defiant to be able to Visit the Gamma Quadrant, at least until the Stargazer Refit is Complete. Not a lot has Changed regarding the Crew except for the Fact that Worf served on the U.S.S. Excelsior NCC-2000-B which was destroyed by an Uber-Extremist Group of Maquis in a Suicide run like that of the U.S.S. Odyssey in DS9's "The Jem'Hadar" Episode.

For Voyager, They'll Go Through the Season long Year of Hell Story Arc resulting in the Death of Hudson (I Know It's Bad taste but I had this in mind before Bernie Casey who played the Character passed away) as well as Damaging Voyager to the point that It can barely sustain her crew, It's afterwards that they Run Into Borg Space and Liberate Seven of Nine whose De=assimilation process will take half a season due to how hardwired her anatomy is with the Borg Technology, Speaking of Which Borg Technology will be used to Repair Voyager after Seven is brought into the Crew resulting in the Borg patches staying on the hull as a way to reinforce structural integrity instead of just being weapons arrays. Also the Ocampan race now have a lifespan of 25 years but still grow to humanoid Physical and mental maturity very quickly during the first year.

*: Korvok is a placeholder name unless we decide we want it to be the Klingon's Official name.

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September 22, 2017
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