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Avengers of Earth .5 WIP by SpiderTrekfan616 Avengers of Earth .5 WIP by SpiderTrekfan616
Row 1: Andrew/Andrea "Andy" Saljarez AKA The Impossible Spiderman/Impossible Spiderwoman
- Andy as bitten by the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker, knowing the responsibility that comes with these powers he became this universe's Spider-Man with the Blessing of Stan Lee himself. Recently Andy Regenerated into a woman after being killed by Morlun but due to intervention by the Tenth Doctor he was granted a 1-Up in the form of a Regeneration via a meteor fragment he was carrying.

Row 2: Domenic Oranzi AKA The Green Ranger
Born with Asperger's Syndrome Dom's life has been a bit hard for him, his escape from Reality during his Childhood was watching Reruns of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and is a big fan of the Original Green Ranger, he always had trouble socializing in school and had a hard time expressing his emotions, After Graduating High School in 2011 Dom left Pennsylvania to find himself as the passing of his grandmother was still fresh on his mind, After training to become a certified SCUBA diver did a Dive into the San Francisco harbor and found an icon of his Childhood, The Dragonzord. inside it was the Power Morpher, Power Coin and Dragon Dagger, knowing that where there's Power Rangers Tech, villains aren't too far behind he adopted the powers of the Green Ranger and began fighting evil while sticking to Zordon's Three rules, Never Use the power for personal gain, never escalate a battle unless the enemy forces him to and keep his identity a secret. Recently he became one of the dAvengers and finally got the Dragonzord up and running thanks to some help from Andrea, Hank Pym and Iron Maiden.

Row 3: Brian Wang AKA RiderB0y
Brian Wang is a big fan of Kamen Rider and always dreamed of being a rider himself, one day he came upon an injured person who gave him the Unity Buckle to protect his reality. This Buckle contains a broken Kingstone that allows him to link to any Kamen rider or Dark Rider's attributes or weapons for an half an hour, however he cannot connect with Kamen Rider Decade or Dieno due to Unexplained Parallel world Reasons.

To Do list
- David/The Bleached Mr Grimm

Credit goes to

Update as of 5/1/17 at 6:24PM: Added RiderB0y

Earth .5 and all related elements (c) AJ-Prime
RiderB0y and all related elements (c) RiderB0y
Spider-Man and all related elements (c) Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Marvel Comics
Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, Power Rangers and all related elements (c) Toei Company and Saban entertainment respectively
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