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If I like it it will be shown here.


So just as I'm about to turn a corner while walking to my local comic book store, what do I hear? THUNDER, As soon as I heard it, I hauled ass back home, I wasn't even out of the house for 5 minutes.
Top 5 Spider-Man PS4 Alternate Costumes I want in the game

5. Alex Ross Spider-Man (Earth-TRN006)
-- This Spider-Man suit was designed by Alex Ross for the First Sam Raimi movie, The reason I want this suit in the game is because I find it to be an interesting variation on Spider-Man's outfit and a nice callback to when Steve Ditko first designed the suit as he used a red and black color scheme in Amazing Fantasy #15 for the first Spider-Man suit.
4. Quick Change Outfit (Earth-616)
-- To quote Stan Lee "When his loved ones are in danger, sometimes there's no time for the full suit!" Although Peter allegedly hates the quick change suit I personally like it, probably because Ben Reilly rocked the look first as far as I know, What I would do to make this suit work in game is put a limit on the abilities that can be used to make the game that much more challenging.
3. Classic Scarlet Spider (Earth-616 and Earth-91101)
-- Ben Reilly first put this suit together when he heard that Venom was in town, using a blue hoodie with the sleeves torn off, a red bodysuit and some heavily modified web shooters, he fought Venom and won saving the life of Donna Diego AKA Scream in the process, The In Game powers I'd give him are Impact webbing and Paralytic Stinger Darts.
2. Sensational Spider-Man (Earth-616, Earth-91101 and Earth-94)
-- With a Baby on the way, his powers gradually fading and under the impression he's a clone, Peter decides to hang up the webs and pass on the mantle to his "Brother" Ben Reilly (Who himself has been led to believe he's the original Peter Parker but kept his chosen name) The Costume powers would be the same as the Classic Scarlet Spider but with the Gadgets seen on the default Spider-Suit. A Fun little easter egg to add for the Peter Parker Gameplay in this costume would be to dye his hair blonde
1. Spider-Man Unlimited (Earth-751263)
-- Created for the animated series of the same name in 1999, In Universe This costume was designed by Reed Richards and used by Peter Parker for his mission to Counter Earth to rescue John Jameson and clear his name. The In Game Powers would be the Same as the Classic Scarlet Spider along with Sonic Devices and a stealth mode.

What do you guys think of this top 5 I put together
frustrated Why the hell Can't I find any sort of Tutorials on how to build what I want to build Star Trek Interior Sets in Blender, All I can find are videos of the completed sets. What gives people!frustrated   If anyone knows where to find tutorials for this specific subject matter please let me know.
Fellow Marvel Fans, I just had the Dumbest Thought, Knowing that Phenethylamine (A Chemical found in Human Brains and Processed Chocolate) is a vital chemical for Keeping A Symbiote/Klyntar healthy, is it possible for a Symbiote to get high off of chocolate if it consumes too much of it?
Well, we need to get a new microwave because the one we have is making a bad buzzing sound.


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Real Life Me:
There's Nothing special about what I do, I'm an amateur 3d artist, Moderately good with pencil and paper and near-pro level microhero maker, I also have Asperger's Syndrome…, It's made my life somewhat of a living nightmare, I'm also a big fan of Marvel comics like Spider-Man Because I can relate to him.

An now for something completely different:…

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Domenic Oranzi, Time Lord of Gallifrey, is now known as The Bishop.
Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK :MS Paint: by Minty-Hippo aspergers stamp by otakulottie No TV No Beer make Homer crazy by ilaaaria Procrastinator by fear-the-brilliance
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What if among the power coins that were discovered, there was a prototype coin that had no specific power set and Zordon and Alpha eventually refine the coin's powers and finish the work that Ninjor Started by turning it into the Tigerzord Power Coin? At first the Coin could only be used for an hour before it needed to recharge (which takes a few weeks) Without Drawing on any prior or successive Super Sentai suits How do you guys think a prototype-Mighty Morphin suit would look compared to the "Finished" versions used by the Core team? Leave your suggestions in the Comments down below. For now here's what I have for the idea though it will change due to the Fanon Nature of this power set.

Helmet Design: Should resemble the beginnings of the Tigerzord Helmet but with sculpted lips on the mouthpiece
Suit Color: White
Vambrace and Boot designs: *Unknown at the moment*
Belt: White with Power Morpher for buckle.
Weapon: Sword that should look like a prototype for Saba but without the embellishments, head or AI.
Requests - Friends Only by SweetDuke
For the 25th Anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers I'm gonna take microhero requests, all you have to do is ask the following:
What Color You Want as long as it isn't taken
What Prehistoric Animal You Want

Green Dragonzord taken by yours truly.
Blue Tricerartops taken by AraghenXD
Gold Velociraptor taken by The9thNightguard
Silver Titanus taken by MiracleofEarth
Purple Troodon taken by Naps137
White Tiger taken by CaptnObviousFTW (I forgot to mention He had claim to it before I made this journal)
For Star Trek Castaways I'm looking to include Marvel and DC Superhero comic books in universe, I just need to figure out how to implement the ideas I have, Now having said that, I need to redesign the Costumes of each of the character to fit in with how things might evolve into the 23rd and 24th Century, Specifically when Comics are being written around that time Superheroes won't be wearing Spandex, but they won't exactly be wearing body armor either, each character's design should fit in with established 23rd and 24th Century styles while retaining the feel that was established when they were introduced.

Spider-Man will be the most prevalent Comic in Star Trek Castaways thanks to My Character wanting to catch up on nearly 300-400 years worth of Spider-Man Comics, What I'd like to have done is have Spidey wearing a nano-tech suit not unlike that of the Unlimited suit but far more advanced and armored, In the Interim between 2016 and the 23rd Century his Origin will also be rehashed a few times to keep with the times but eventually sticks with the Genetically Engineered Spider instead of a Radioactive Spider, The Mystical part of his origin would also be retconned as the 23rd and 24th Century have no place for mysticism at least according to Gene Roddenberry, The Design influences of the suit include the Unlimited Suit, Infinity War Iron Spider suit, the Insomniac Spidey Suit and the Mark IV Spider-Armor.

Venom would be the second most prevalent Comic again thanks to my Character for the same reasons. Like with Spider-Man his origin will be rehashed a few times in the intervening centuries, the most recent origin being that symbiotes were sentient scientific experiments that were in cold storage for 300-400 years and were never used due to the side effect of rendering the host violent and susceptible to cannibalism in some cases, Eddie Brock, a reporter for the Federation News Network discovers a bunker that has fallen into a state of disrepair and is attacked by a test subject that was recently unfrozen, infecting him with a Symbiote, Having wanted to be a hero but never really had the guts to do so, he became Venom and set out to protect San Francisco from the dregs of Federation society. The Symbiote suit will look like exposed muscle dyed pitch place with white veins and a giant bone-like White spider on the chest and back but this will appear after Venom's first confrontation with Spider-Man.

What do you guys think?
So the second Major Trailer for the Venom movie dropped this morning and even though she wasn't in her full symbiote glory unlike Venom and Riot, Scream was looking awesome, I'm really excited to see what this movie will be like. And for those doubters out there, Just remember to at least keep an open mind when you go to see it, Just because Spider-Man didn't have the Venom Symbiote first doesn't mean that Venom can't exist without that little detail, just look at Ultimate Venom, Ultimate Eddie used a second sample of "The Suit" to become Venom and this sample had no contact with Peter Parker whatsoever, so if you think Venom can't exist without Spider-Man wearing the Symbiote first, read the Venom Arc of Ultimate Spider-Man, Also for those of you on the edge about the Conspiracy thing, Venom Lethal Protector did the same thing in that comic series when Roland Treece wanted to level a city park which has an underground society underneath it and Venom made it his job to protect them and try to figure out why the presence of a homeless society living underground would be a threat to a seemingly ordinary park renovation project.

Anyway I'm gonna update my Venom movie micros now that we had a good look at Venom in the recent trailer. Speaking of, here it is:
As many of you know me and a few friends are working on a Star Trek Project, Well I have a design for the first Hero Ship Bridge in my head and I want to get it out there.

"Grace's Bridge is based off of the design used on the U.S.S. Shenzhou NCC-1227 but combines the Discovery-style elements with the TOS style, layout wise the Bridge consists of three levels, The uppermost level is the Command platform with the Captain's Chair with the freestanding Science and Tactical Consoles located on either side of it. The Middle level has the Bridge Access Doors, Freestanding Navigation and Operations Manager Consoles and the Aft Corridor. The Lower level is split into three separate areas, the port and starboard sides contain the peripheral workstations while the area in front of the Captain's chair contains the Helm. The Bridge has a satin metallic finish to it and is well lit, but not overly lit like the KT Enterprise was. Being a smaller bridge it would be quite Spartan with the peripheral workstations being easily reconfigurable for any task that is needed."

If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about designing this bridge let me know in the comments, I would really appreciate some feedback on this.


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