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If I like it it will be shown here.


As much as I like Back to the Future I just realized something, The Bolt of Lightning that Doc Brown channeled into the Flux Capacitor in the first film should have killed him, In all technicality he was grounded and he was holding the wire with both hands, that means the current would've gone across his chest and stopped his heart resulting in a premature demise before he could invent the DeLorean Time Machine, Of course we have no clue what kind of shoes he was wearing at the time but he still had a hold of the wire when the energy from the lightning was passing through it. It's just something to think about.
So just as I'm about to turn a corner while walking to my local comic book store, what do I hear? THUNDER, As soon as I heard it, I hauled ass back home, I wasn't even out of the house for 5 minutes.
Top 5 Spider-Man PS4 Alternate Costumes I want in the game

5. Alex Ross Spider-Man (Earth-TRN006)
-- This Spider-Man suit was designed by Alex Ross for the First Sam Raimi movie, The reason I want this suit in the game is because I find it to be an interesting variation on Spider-Man's outfit and a nice callback to when Steve Ditko first designed the suit as he used a red and black color scheme in Amazing Fantasy #15 for the first Spider-Man suit.
4. Quick Change Outfit (Earth-616)
-- To quote Stan Lee "When his loved ones are in danger, sometimes there's no time for the full suit!" Although Peter allegedly hates the quick change suit I personally like it, probably because Ben Reilly rocked the look first as far as I know, What I would do to make this suit work in game is put a limit on the abilities that can be used to make the game that much more challenging.
3. Classic Scarlet Spider (Earth-616 and Earth-91101)
-- Ben Reilly first put this suit together when he heard that Venom was in town, using a blue hoodie with the sleeves torn off, a red bodysuit and some heavily modified web shooters, he fought Venom and won saving the life of Donna Diego AKA Scream in the process, The In Game powers I'd give him are Impact webbing and Paralytic Stinger Darts.
2. Sensational Spider-Man (Earth-616, Earth-91101 and Earth-94)
-- With a Baby on the way, his powers gradually fading and under the impression he's a clone, Peter decides to hang up the webs and pass on the mantle to his "Brother" Ben Reilly (Who himself has been led to believe he's the original Peter Parker but kept his chosen name) The Costume powers would be the same as the Classic Scarlet Spider but with the Gadgets seen on the default Spider-Suit. A Fun little easter egg to add for the Peter Parker Gameplay in this costume would be to dye his hair blonde
1. Spider-Man Unlimited (Earth-751263)
-- Created for the animated series of the same name in 1999, In Universe This costume was designed by Reed Richards and used by Peter Parker for his mission to Counter Earth to rescue John Jameson and clear his name. The In Game Powers would be the Same as the Classic Scarlet Spider along with Sonic Devices and a stealth mode.

What do you guys think of this top 5 I put together
frustrated Why the hell Can't I find any sort of Tutorials on how to build what I want to build Star Trek Interior Sets in Blender, All I can find are videos of the completed sets. What gives people!frustrated   If anyone knows where to find tutorials for this specific subject matter please let me know.
Fellow Marvel Fans, I just had the Dumbest Thought, Knowing that Phenethylamine (A Chemical found in Human Brains and Processed Chocolate) is a vital chemical for Keeping A Symbiote/Klyntar healthy, is it possible for a Symbiote to get high off of chocolate if it consumes too much of it?


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Current Residence: Pennsylvania, USA
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock
Favourite style of art: whatever catches my eye
MP3 player of choice: Uh, My first one?
Shell of choice: Gold/Titanium Alloy reinforced with Kevlar and Adamantium.
Wallpaper of choice: My Hall of Micros.
Skin of choice: "A little racist wouldn't ya say?"
Favourite cartoon character: Peter Parker (Spider-Man Unlimited)
Personal Quote: "There will be an answer, let it be." John Lennon
Real Life Me:
There's Nothing special about what I do, I'm an amateur 3d artist, Moderately good with pencil and paper and near-pro level microhero maker, I also have Asperger's Syndrome…, It's made my life somewhat of a living nightmare, I'm also a big fan of Marvel comics like Spider-Man Because I can relate to him.

An now for something completely different:…

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Domenic Oranzi, Time Lord of Gallifrey, is now known as The Bishop.
Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK :MS Paint: by Minty-Hippo aspergers stamp by otakulottie No TV No Beer make Homer crazy by ilaaaria Procrastinator by fear-the-brilliance
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A-Deck Design and arrangement: What I have in mind is taking inspiration from the Nova Class (U.S.S. Equinox NCC-72381) and the Redesigned Constitution Class Introduced in Star Trek Discovery, the Main bridge would be located in the middle of the rounded area and would be surrounded by a corridor and the Senior officers' Quarters however the Rooms and Corridors will end near the front of the module where the Viewscreen and the main bridge viewport is located, Speaking of that the Main bridge viewport is designed out of a polarizing type of Hull Material which can turn either opaque or transparent depending on the ship's alert status, If the Ship is at Yellow or Red alert the Viewport will be Opaque which will grant additional protection to the bridge and make it less of a tempting target, this also means that the crew need to rely on the information being delivered by sensors, in Standard Operating mode, blue alert, Condition grey or otherwise unpowered the Bridge Viewport is transparent making it as strong as Transparent aluminum. For the aft extension of the Module There will be a Small recreation room, the Captain's Ready Room and of course the Crew Head for that deck.

Let me know what you guys think so far of this idea in the comments
Yes it's Festivus once again, I hope you guys have your unadorned Aluminum Pole up in the living room.
Yep, you're unfortunately reading this correctly, Netflix Cancelled Daredevil after three seasons, Disney's greed knows no bounds.
I'm gonna be going in for surgery tomorrow for a pilonidal cyst excision, Look that up at your own risk, anyway After the surgery I'm gonna be staying at the hospital overnight for observation and then I have a two week recovery period ahead of me once I get home. I'm not sure how Long I'll be off for but If I'm off for at least a week while I'm recovering I figured I'd let you guys know what's going on. Also yes I'm anxious as hell.

Update as of 11/26/18: I'm outta surgery and I'm on the road to recovery.

Update as of 11/27/18: didn't sleep well but then again what else is new, it's gonna take a while getting used to the drainage tube which has to stay in for a week, something tells me this is gonna be a loooong week.

Update 2 as of 11/27/18: I'm outta the hospital and resting comfortably (well, as comfortable as I can get anyway) but the important thing is I'm home.

Update as of 11/28/18: another (mostly) sleepless night, it sucks being in pain and being forced to sleep on a donut. So far my drainage has been consistent at around half an ounce give or take.

Update 2 as os 11/28/18: We had a home nurse stop by to show my dad how to replace my medical dressing, the nurse said everything is healing up nicely and my dad even made a comment saying my ass looks a bit like that of Beldar Conehead's. So as you can see, we're keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing.

Update as of 11/29/18: still healing nicely but due to the location of my surgery it makes it difficult to take a shit and I really need to do so, I tried this morning but I couldn't, if there is a God out there, he's probably having a big laugh right now over my suffering.
So here's what I have on my to artistic to-do list:

:bulletred: not started
:bulletorange: on hold
:bulletyellow: in progress
:bulletgreen: nearing completion
:bulletblue: DONE!

Castaways 2351-2367 Uniforms :bulletyellow: I need to work on the Skants, Labcoats, and Admirals' variations
Power Rangers What If?.. :bulletorange: I need to figure out how to redesign the Ranger suits in such a way so as to look like more advanced versions of the suits.
Castaways Crew Lineup :bulletorange:/:bulletyellow: It's kinda in limbo because I'm still trying to perfect the Vulcan redesign


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Merry Christmas Merry christmas everybody Santa fella (Universe) Pika Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) Christmas Classic Sonic Merry Christmas sign Christmas- Plusle Christmas- Minun and Happy New Year too:HappyNewYear: 
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Don't forget Festivus!
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Commissions are always open:  Commission ProcessHi all
So i keep getting asked what is my process for MSD/ Lcars commissions so here is my post explaining everything.
To get the ball rolling just send me a note on here or a message to my email which is
Please include a small message saying what you are looking for and maybe with a short description or even better a picture, it can be a rough sketch, i really dont mind.
If you can include how many decks the ship has that would be really handy, but if you dont know, it can be even the ships measurements and i can work everything out from that.
As this is your ship, tell me if she has any special features you would like me to add to the display.
After that all you have to do is tell me the colour you want it in, please see the new image i have linked below. But if you dont like those let me know what you are looking for.

From today until the end of the year all Commissions are set at £50 per image. For this you get a

Special offer now on:  Special Offer
All new MSD commissions requested from today until 01/01/2019 will be set at the discounted price of £40. This may get busy so i hope you understand this will be done on a first come first serve basis, but as long as i receive a message before the date specified the price will remain the same.
Also i have been asked about making peoples work digital. So for the same price i will offer this new service as well, so if you have a old drawing or anything like that you want made digital let me know, send me the pics and what your looking for me to do and i will get to it.
If this sounds good please send me a note or email to and we can sort the details.
if not Merry Christmas everyone and i will see you in the new year.
Thanks all

SpiderTrekfan616 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem I really enjoy your work.
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Hey man we are about to get our first ever OFFICIAL She Venom in the new Venom movie!
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Forgive my Bluntness but Please, I don't wanna know anything about the film before I see it. The Film doesn't come out for me until the 5th
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alright sorry
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